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Used by Auditors in session when an upset occurs, or as ordered by C/S.
Handles ARC Broken, Sad, hopeless or nattery pc's.
Questions can be prefaced with "Recently" "In this life" "On the Whole Track" or used without.
It is done Method 3. 
Do NOT use on high or low TA to bring TA in range. Use a C/S 53 List after checking for False TA.

Take All Reading Items or volunteered Reading answers E/S to F/N as they occur (Method 3).

1. Has there been an error in listing?
(If this reads change to L4B at once.)
2. Has a withhold been missed?
3. Has some emotion been rejected?
4. Has some affinity been rejected?
5. Has a reality been refused?
6. Has a communication been cut short?
7. Has a communication been ignored?
8. Has an earlier rejection of emotion been restimulated?
9. Has an earlier rejection of affinity been restimulated?
10. Has an earlier refusal of reality been restimulated?
11. Has an earlier ignored communication been restimulated?
12. Has something been misunderstood?
13. Has someone been misunderstood?
14. Has an earlier misunderstanding been restimulated?
15. Has some data been confusing?
16. Has there been a command you haven't understood?
17. Has there been some word you haven't known the meaning of?
18. Has there been some situation you haven't grasped?
19. Has there been a problem?
20. Has a wrong reason for an upset been given?
21. Has a similar incident occurred before?
22. Has something been done other than what was said?
23. Has a goal been disappointed?
24. Has some help been rejected?
25. Has a decision been made?
26. Has an Engram been restimulated?
27. Has an earlier incident been restimulated?
28. Has there been a sudden shift of attention?
29. Has something startled you?
30. Has a perception been prevented?
31. Has a willingness not been acknowledged?
32. Has there been no auditing?
33. Did you go Exterior?
34. Have actions been interrupted?
35. Have actions continued too long?
36. Has data been invalidated?
37. Has someone evaluated?
38. Has something been Overrun?
39. Has an action been unnecessary?