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Who was Prometheus?


Greek Mythology:

Prometheus was the wisest amongst Titans. His name means
"forethought" and he was able to foretell the future. He was 
skilled in healing.

According to the myths, a horrendous headache overcame
Zeus and no healer of the realm was able to help the Lord of the
Gods. Prometheus came to him and declared that he knew
how to heal Zeus. He looked over the god, then he took a 
rock from the ground and tapped Zeus in the head with it. From 
out of Zeus' head sprung the Goddess Athena and the 
headache disappeared.

Prometheus was said to have created the first man from clay,
but the goddess Athena breathed life into the figure.
Prometheus is therefore simply the benefactor of mankind
and not its creator.

Prometheus is credited with bringing enlightenment to humans.
He taught them many important things: astronomy, medicine,
navigation, metalworking, architecture, and writing. Prometheus
took fire from the Gods and gave it to humankind, bringing the
power of warmth and light to the dark and miserable earth.


Prometheus here acted against the express wishes of the Olympian Gods, who wanted to keep knowledge and  the power of fire - enlightenment - for their exclusive use.

Especially Zeus was angered by this. He forbade the Titan from teaching Man the ways of civilization, but, again, Athena crossed Prometheus' path. Athena, the goddess of learning and wisdom, chose to go against Zeus and taught Prometheus so that he might teach Man.

Throughout history, Prometheus has symbolized unyielding strength that resists oppression.

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