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Persons Mentioned, quoted and covered in the Prometheus Report.

Karin Spaink, born 1957 in Amsterdam. The principal defendant in the copyright case from 1999.

Karin Spaink is a journalist, writer and feminist. She is known as somebody who will actively, but legally, fight the system in order to right wrongs. She has fought, among other things, new-age writers who claim all diseases are only a psychological phenomenon, the Church of Scientology™, police officers whom she claims sexually harassed teenagers, and American pro-abortionists who got an anti-abortionist site banned because of texts that may be construed as a literal, illegal call for mutilation and murder of medical doctors who perform abortions. She has never been a member of Church of Scientology™ but took up the case of interest to the Prometheus Reports in the name of freedom of speech. (From online encyclopedia, Wikipedia).

The Pilot. Alias Ken Ogger. The Pilot lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. He has done extensive and independent research on the mind and upper Levels. He is however as a scholar firmly based on Ron Hubbard's teachings. He has written two major books on his own research and the subjects: Super Scio, 1997. And Self Clearing, 1999.

"I have been involved in Scientology™ since 1965. I came in with great hopes and high goals, and since they were not entirely betrayed, I kept my mouth shut and hung on despite all of the obvious failings. 

"By late 1968, I had passed beyond the fanatic stage and could see that the organization and the tech had serious flaws. But I would not abandon the truths I had learned just because of Ron's imperfections or the Sea Org's insanities. Instead, I followed Ron's own advice, which was to ignore all authorities, including Ron, and evaluate each datum on its own merits and discover what was true for myself rather than simply believing in the subject."

L. Kin: "L. Kin lived and worked in the Sea Org at St. Hill, U.K. from 1976 to 1983. He left when the Church of Scientology™ management didn't appear to represent LRH anymore and got together with Captain Bill Robertson at the first Free Zone OT conventions in Spain (Marbella and Alicante) and then joined up with Robertson in Frankfurt, Germany, to co-audit NOTs.

The NOTs tech however, was considered unworkable by Robertson. Further study of the materials to unearth the underlying intentions LRH must have had at the time he devised that particular piece of tech (which was then written up by David Mayo, then Senior C/S Int.) ultimately lead to the formulation of the Excalibur materials.

Auditing on this Level resulted in face to face contacts with spaceship crew and Implant operators on other planets. (For further details see "The Pied Pipers".)

L. Kin practices as an Auditor under his real name. He keeps his pseudonym in order to be safe from harassments from the Church of Scientology™."

Geoffrey Filbert: American author and Auditor. Filbert worked for many years in Ron Hubbard's organization, Church of Scientology™. He was at times a close associate of Mr. Hubbard.

Filbert wrote the book Excalibur Revisited in 1982. Here he gives his own full account of the technology of Scientology™ and own original research. He lives currently in the North West of the United States where he has an auditing practice.

Ron Hubbard (1911-1986): L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of Dianetics™ and Scientology™ and the developer of the Scientology™ technology. His research on the spirit, the mind and life is recorded in the tens of millions of words which comprise Dianetics™ and Scientology™. His works cover subjects as diverse as drug rehabilitation, education, marriage and family, success at work, administration, art and many other aspects of life. His 1950 bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health has been sold in millions of copies.

Between 1959 and 1967 he lived at St. Hill Manor in UK where he, among other things, researched the OT Levels. The materials contained in these reports were researched between 1960 and 1983.