From 'The Road to Clear'. Courtesy Clearbird Publishing:


Engram Drug Rundown


After all the preparatory steps are checked and/or fully done the PC can be started on the Engram Drug RD.

1. Narrative handling of taking each of the drugs that PC listed is done first. All drugs, medicines and alcohols the PC has taken in this lifetime were listed on the Pc Info Sheet.

To run them Narrative, choose the best reading drug, alcohol or medicine from the Pc Info Sheet and run it out, using R3RA Quad Narrative commands. Example: "Return to the time you drank beer and tell me when you are there."

On Drug Items you do not check for interest.

You take each drug from the list in the order of reads. You run each drug Narrative style with R3RA. You run them narrative as you want to run out PCs present lifetime drug experiences and you do not to go way back track before that is handled, which could be very confusing to the PC at this point.

You will go earlier similar if there is no earlier beginning and incident goes more solid. There are usually many incidents where PC drank beer, for example, and you do not want to lock him down to the first incident PC comes up with. So you always check for earlier beginning and if "no" and it has started to grind you ask for earlier incident, such as, "Is there an earlier incident when you drank beer?" 

The PC may of course at some point go earlier than this life. Auditors Code apply, of course, and you take and run the incidents PC is offering. But don't push it. You are interested in this life experiences and this body. So first of all, go earlier cautiously, checking earlier beginnings first of all and only earlier incidents when it starts to grind. 

By doing the Narrative handling, reading drug by reading drug, you eventually complete this step. All this lifetime drugs have been checked/run on R3RA Quad, Narrative. Pc is ready for the next step. 

2. Pre-assessment step. Each Reading Drug, Medicine or Alcohol Taken in This Lifetime.
A) Choose the best reading drug, alcohol or medicine from the Pc Info Sheet and do a Pre-assessment on it. Question used is:
"Are (Pre-assessment Item) connected with taking (substance)? "

B) You take the best reading Pre-assessment Item off the Pre-assessment and ask the PC:
"What ( Pre-assessment Item) are connected with taking (substance)?"

This is the Running Item list question for that particular drug. You write this question at the top of the page and write down exactly what the PC said, noting any instant reads.
C) Take up the best reading Running Item and run it R3RA Quad.
Remember: You do not check interest on Drug Items.
D) This way you handle all reading Running Items from Step B in order of read with R3RA Quad.
E) Using that same Original drug item repeat Step A.
F) Repeat Steps B to E.
F-2) Using the first Original Item continue Steps A. B. C, D, E until the Pre-assessment List simply F/Ns.
F-3) Take the next drug, medicine, or alcohol item that read on the original list and repeat Steps A to F-2 on it until you have handled every item that read on the Pc Info Sheet.
G) When there are no more reading items from the original list to handle and no further items reading, you check any unreading items still left with the Suppress and Invalidate Buttons.
H) Run any now reading items with Steps A to F-2.
I) Exhaust the whole list of drugs in this way, doing the Pre-assessment and Steps B to H on all reading drugs. Reassess the drug list. Handle per above steps any drug that now reads. This is done until the entire drug list F/Ns when called. 

Note: The PC may at any point remember other drugs he has taken in this lifetime. Take note; you add them to the original list, with their reads noted, and handle them in turn according to size of read. Remember to first run any additional drugs with R3RA Quad Narrative procedure.

Prior Assessment 
PCs who have been on drugs and alcohol regularly over a long period of time sometimes suffer from a "somatic turn-off". They sometimes have "nothing troubling them". The reality may be they use drugs, drink, etc. to suppress physical condition, a loss or whatever and that's why they took it up. There is an approach to handle these prior somatics and difficulties which caused their abuse. The person took up drugs or alcohol because of unwanted pain or sensation or misemotion. You can use that to resolve the situation.


Prior to go out and get drunk 
something happened. It's related 
   to the Prior Confusion of ST1. By   
handling the prior somatics PCs 
original reason for taking alcohol, 
drugs or medicine gets 
erased with Engram running.

This is what we use in Prior Assessment. For the person used drugs or alcohol as a cure for unwanted feelings. One has to assess what was wrong before or prior to the cure.

The running out of the Chains of unwanted feelings PC had before going on drugs or alcohol removes the reason he started taking drugs, smoking marijuana or drinking. The compulsion to still use drugs or drink is lessened and they can completely come off the idea.
Prior Assessment can also be used as a working rule to get earlier than any "curative" activity. Almost anything which comes later is a cure for something earlier. It could be said that the present time being is a compound of past cures. To handle, the action would be the same as for drugs or alcohol. Find the unwanted pains, feelings, etc. before the cure and run by longest reads with R3RA.
As there will be more than one Chain involved, you of course take your next longest read and run that next, just as in any Assessment.

The general term for this type of Assessment is Prior Assessment. It determines what the PC was suffering from before he used a harmful "cure".

3. Prior Assessment Step. Here you are handling somatics leading to the use of drugs, etc.

A) Again using the drug list of the Pc Info Sheet, take up the largest reading substance and ask the PC the following Pre-assessment question:
 "Prior to taking (substance), were there (Pre-assessment Item)?"
B) Take the best reading Pre-assessment Item and ask:
"What (Pre-assessment Item) did you have prior to taking (substance)?"
C) Use the Pre-assessment steps and run out all reading Running Items R3RA Quad.
D) Reassess any remaining unrun items found in Step B to see if they now read. If they do, run them. 

E) Also check for any more items the PC has to add to the list, and mark down their reads as the PC gives them.
F) Repeat above steps on any items that now read.

G) When there are no more reading items from the original list to handle and no further items reading, you check any unreading items still left with the Suppress and Invalidate Buttons.
H) Run any now reading items R3RA Quad.
I) Reassess the Pre-assessment List, using the substance in Step A. Follow remaining steps until all reading items are taken to EP and there are no further reads on re-assessment of the Pre-assessment List.
J) Take up the next best reading drug, medicine or alcohol from Step A. Repeat Steps B to J.
The above prior Assessment steps are done on each drug, medicine or alcohol that has read. They are handled in order of largest read.

4. More Objectives.
The final step of the Engram Drug Rundown, when all above steps are complete, is to run another set of Objectives on the PC. The Objectives are part of ST1. If all these are already run, additional Objective processes can be found On-line: This website contains a very complete description of Objective processes.  
Additional Objectives are done to bring the PC fully into present time.