Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 3, Pre-OT Three. The student should also be a trained Advanced Level Four Auditor.


Pre-OT Drug Rundown
Advanced Level Four


The Pre-OT Drug Rundown is an audited action; the action is never done Solo.

Prerequisites for the RD are:
1. The Pre-OT has completed Advanced Level Three.

2. The Pre-OT should have done the Cleansing RD (the Sauna Program, also called Purification RD™). 
If not previously done this should be done first. It can be done here, after AL-3 and before AL-4

Folder Study 
The Auditor or C/S first of all has to study the folder to see what drug handlings the Pre-OT has already had. The earlier folders are gone through and all lists having to do with drugs are collected and kept handy during AL-4. 
Data of interest include the PC Assessment Sheet (White Form), Lists of drugs and somatics related to drugs made and used in the Scientology™ Drug RD and especially the Dianetics™ Drug RD (Engram running).
Also a fresh Director of Processing Interview should be done and Pre-OT asked about any drugs taken after completing the Dianetics™ Drug RD. If any new drugs were taken and not fully handled by auditing they should be taken up first (see section 'New Drugs' at the end of this write-up).


The Rundown

1. Set-up.
Make sure the Pre-OT is set up for the Level. This may include a C/S 53 handled to an F/Ning list. 
If Pre-OT seems to be doing fine just ensure PC is set up per C/S Series One, Auditor's Rights: F/N VGIs before a Major Action.

2. Handle This Lifetime Drug Incidents
Assess the list of this lifetime incidents with drugs, medicine, alcohol, anesthetic operations, etc., usually gotten from the PC Assessment Sheet. 
Note: On the Dianetics™ Drug RD these would usually have been run as Narrative Incidents. What you handle here are Pre-OT III aspects of the same incidents and experiences. 

Note: You would never take up items just because they read in the past. You are handling BTs and Clusters at this Level and if you can't make an item read, even after using Buttons, you assume that any BT/CLs are not there or already blown. On this whole RD you only take up items that now read (still read). 

You assess this list of already run incidents and some of them will still read.
Put in Buttons to either get a read or an F/N on each.

Take each reading (Cluster forming) incident and ask:

"Did (named incident) also form a Cluster?"

Have PC locate the Cluster in relation to the body and focus his attention on it.

Date and Locate the This Lifetime Cluster forming incident per the Dating and Locating chapter.
(This is the incident already run with R3RA. But it is now taken up from a Cluster's point of view and Date/Located to Blow per D/L data.)

As needed, go earlier per handling of Clusters and Cumulative Clusters Chapter, including the handling of Single BTs from that Cluster when broken up (Inc II and Inc I, copies).

3A. Pressure Somatics. 
Ask Pre-OT for any body part or area with a pressure somatic.

a) Ask if there is a Cluster related to that area or somatic.
b) On a reading Cluster, find or assess for type of incident that formed that Cluster (per Cluster handling chapter).
c) Handle per Cumulative Cluster to EP, including handle single BTs with Inc II, Inc I and Copies - all to Blows and F/Ns.
d) Ask if there is another Cluster related to that area or somatic.
e) Do step (b) and (c) on any new Clusters.
f) Exhaust that area for reading Clusters.

g) Ask Pre-OT if there is any other body part or area with a pressure somatic. 
h) If 'yes' with read do steps (a) - (f) on that area.
i) Keep this up until all body areas with pressure somatics are handled this way.

3B. Lack of Feeling, Numbness. 
Ask Pre-OT for any body part or area with a numb feeling or lack of feeling. Do steps (a) - (i) on that area per above.

Note: on step 3A and 3B it can occasionally be recommended to locate Clusters by somatic. You would make a somatics list and locate and blow all available Clusters by somatic, usually shades of pressure and numbness. This could be applied to a resistive area of pressure or numbness. It is not part of a routine Pre-OT DRD as pressure and numbness can have other causes than drugs and pursuing these causes is our objective.

4. Somatics List by Drug. 
You use the somatic lists from the Dianetics™ Drug RD to begin Step 4. Use old lists or write out a list of all the somatics given during the Dianetics™ D RD, one list for each drug.

4A. Assess the first (original) list, using Buttons to get reads or F/Ns. Then you take up largest read first.
(a) For each reading somatic, ask "Is there a BT or Cluster connected with that somatic?"
(b) Get its relative location and handle with OT III procedure.
(c) Recheck (a) just above and do step (b) on it until no more BTs or Clusters on that question.

4 B. Keeping this up you handle all BT/Clusters connected with that one old list.

4 C. New Somatics by Drug. 
Ask if there are any additional somatics related with the drug taken up in 4A and handle any newly listed somatics per above steps. 
Especially ask for "negative items", lack of emotion, lack of feeling, etc.

4 D. Take up the somatic list connected with the next drug the same way and handle all BTs and Clusters related to the old list and any new somatics items.

Optional: Should you encounter any BT or Cluster messed up by earlier R3RA processing you can sort it out by assessing the L3RG (Engram running correction list) on them. Just indicate the reads you find and do not try to run Engrams at this Level or any time after Clear. Although the BTs and Clusters DO have Engrams it tends to bog to try run them as they are part of a composite. Use Indicate and OT III procedure to handle to Blow.

5. Prior Assessment Items
From previously done Dianetics™ DRD take lists covering somatics "Prior to taking (that drug) was there any sensation?" etc.

You reassess each list, one drug at the time, and handle all reading somatics per #4 above.

5A. Fresh Items
(a) Find out when the person started taking a specific drug or medicine or alcohol.
(b) Do Two-way comm to find any prior somatics, including "negative items". You clearly mark reading items as you go along. Take the Two-way comm to F/N VGIs.
(c) Now take each reading somatic and handle per #4 above.

6. LDN
The above steps should handle all charge connected with drugs on BTs and Clusters. This last step is simply to clean up the Pre-OT for anything missed; any BTs and Clusters restimulated but not blown and so on. The LDN (OT III Correction List) is taken to an F/Ning list. Sometimes, if the Pre-OT DRD has revealed a lot of BTs and Clusters now available, the Pre-OT can be sent back to do more work on Pre-OT III right away. Still, the very last action on the Pre-OT DRD would be to take the LDN to an F/Ning list.

New Drugs
Should the PC have had any anesthetic operations or any drug experiences between he or she completed the Dianetics™ Drug RD and is starting on AL-4 they would be taken up first. Apply Step 2-5 to the situation, but of course listing for new somatics as no lists exists in the folder for that experience.
In a rare instance, if the Pre-OT has a lot of attention on earlier DRDs, you would first repair this using the routine steps described above and then take up new drugs. LDN is always done as the very last step despite of sequence.


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