Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 3, Pre-OT Three. The student should also be a trained Advanced Level Four Auditor.

Drugs and BTs


BTs and Clusters can become stuck in drug incidents. They can become so stuck that they completely emulate the content of the incidents to a point where they apparently recreate the effects of drugs upon themselves and upon the Pre-OT.

There are a lot of drugs and drug cultures on the Whole Track. Taking drugs this lifetime will thus restimulate all kinds of incidents and conditions.

When a person takes drugs he will not only restimulate his own Bank with its Engrams, but will also restimulate a large amount of BTs and Clusters on his Case.

This tends to become a Catch 22, a vicious cycle. The drugs restimulate the person, the person restimulates BTs and Clusters on the case, who in turn affects and restimulate other BTs and Clusters. They then affect the person and restimulate his personal track with its drug incidents. The composite character of a case makes any such restimulation a mess.

As explained in the previous chapter effects of drugs are very counter-productive to what we try to accomplish in auditing. They make it difficult to see the track or they restimulate terrifying incidents; they make a person dumber and less aware.

Also, drug incidents are Engrams and engramic incidents in their own right. Not only do they form Engrams but they form Clusters as well. You will find many, many Clusters at this Level that are still stuck in drug incidents.

Drug Cultures
You will find drug cultures on the track that were much worse than this current drug culture. David Mayo, Ron Hubbard's research assistant, puts it this way:

"Earlier drug cultures on the track were much worse than this drug culture. In some cultures the psychiatrist, priest and medico were all one and the same person and frequently used drugs. Some implanters used drugs, either as part of the implant incident or to keep a population enslaved thereafter. When BTs and clusters who have Whole Track drug incidents are restimulated by a this lifetime drug incident, there is a multiple restimulation, and if severe enough can form a new cluster composed of the BTs and clusters thrown into restimulation by the drug."

Drugs and Cleansing RD

That is why it is important to keep working on getting charge connected with drugs off the case.

The first approach was of course to do the Cleansing Rundown, this is a Sauna Program sometimes called Purification Rundown™. This program gets rid of physical residues of drugs lodged in the body's tissues, especially the fatty tissues.

Once this heavy present time restimulator is gotten rid of a considerable amount of the charge connected with drugs tends to destimulate.

BTs and Clusters can actually experience that they get unstuck from the drug incidents they are in during the Cleansing RD. They will free-wheel through the incident they were stuck in and be able to blow. This type of free-wheeling is helped along by taking B1 Vitamins and Niacin, both important parts of supplements and vitamins consumed on the Cleansing RD. 

Obviously, this is a good form of free-wheeling; and although it does have something in common with the free-wheeling described on Pre-OT III the incidents are not severe enough to keep the BTs trapped. Instead they, as mentioned, will unstick and blow.

Earlier auditing will also have blown most of this drug charge, of course. This happens first and foremost in the Recall Drug RD and in the Dianetics™ or Engram Drug RD where it is specifically addressed.

General auditing on Pre-OT III will have the same effect.

There will however be a fair amount of BTs and Clusters that won't respond until they are directly addressed as BTs and Clusters and directly on the subject of drugs.

This is what the Pre-OT Drug Rundown is all about.

Structure of RD
The RD is never done Solo. For one thing drug charge is difficult to handle on self and all the folder work and assessing involved is best left to the professionals at this Level. The RD can usually be completed in 10-15 hours of auditing. For a light drug case it may even be considerably faster.

The Pre-OT Drug RD is modeled after the Dianetics™ Drug RD. You handle known drug incidents first and then you go for the emotions, sensations, pains and somatics related to these incidents and drugs.

Next, you handle the somatics that preceded these incidents and most likely were the reason the person used drugs in the first place. He used drugs in an attempt to relieve these unwanted feelings and somatics.

The obvious difference between AL-4 and the Dianetics™ DRD is of course that you don't run Engrams after Clear nor on AL-4.

Yet, you do in a sense. Because a large part of what you audit is to find Cluster-making Engrams that BTs are stuck in and made them into Clusters. It is not the Pre-OTs Engrams, it's the Clusters'.

The basic process used here is Handling of Clusters (using Date/Locate) from Advanced Level III.

The basic steps are:

1. You find a reading Item related to drugs (drug incident or somatic related to drug).

2. You find the exact position of the Cluster that has this charge.

3. You date the incident the Cluster is stuck in to a Blow.

4. You locate the incident the Cluster is stuck in to an additional Blow.

5. If you are dealing with a Cumulative Cluster you go down the Engram Chain that formed the Cumulative Cluster.

6. Finally, when the Cluster is all broken up, you handle individual BTs with Pre-OT III procedure. You run Incident II and Incident I and take care of copying.

Drug Reads on Repair Lists
Many lists, such as C/S 53, have questions related to drugs. Should 'Drugs' read on any such list you will of course handle it per "Handling Correction Lists on Pre-OT Three and Above" and the specific instructions on the list.


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