Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 3, Pre-OT Three. The student should also be a trained Advanced Level Four Auditor.


Handling Correction Lists on
Pre-OT Three and Above



When an Auditor or Solo-auditor gets a read on a correction list on a Pre-OT who is on Advanced Level Three or above, the Auditor should first of make sure the read on the Meter means there is an answer to the question. The Solo-auditor should get a general affirmative answer. Then the ownership of that charge has to be established. Before doing anything with the answer and read the Solo-auditor checks, "Is that charge mine?, a BTs? a Clusters?" The ones that read are then taken up. If the charge belongs to a BT or Cluster the next step is to find out what area is reading. In other words the Solo-auditor finds the exact position in relation to the body of the BT or Cluster on whom that correction list question read and identifies the BT/Cluster.

The theory of this was also covered in 'Flying Rudiments on Pre-OT III and Above' on AL-3.

By finding the BT or Cluster that the read applied to, the  Auditor can now clear the charge on that BT or Cluster. When the BPC is handled the Auditor takes any additional routine Pre-OT III steps to blow.

After handling a line it is rechecked to find any additional charge or additional BTs or Clusters with that charge. 
When no additional charge is found the Solo-auditor moves on to the next line.

Correction Lists for Level Three
LDN is the primary correction list for Advanced Level III. It is done in Review by a qualified Auditor. It covers general errors and by-passed charge from running BTs and Clusters on the Pre-OT III procedure. The principle of finding ownership of charge still applies.

Green Green Form
This form can be done Solo. It can be done over and over. It can be done to find Out Rudiments and to handle other case oddities that don't seem to stem directly from errors in running the Pre-OT III procedure.
The form can be done either by the Solo-auditor on self or by a qualified Auditor on the Pre-OT.

One uses the key words of the list to see if the subject of the word is charged.
Questions can be made up around the key word reading to find the exact point. Use the Meter to narrow it down as needed.
F/N each read by finding what it is, whose charge it is and finding earlier similar incident(s) if it doesn't F/N in the first place. Pre-OT III routines are used to get it to F/N.
Any BT/CL contacted should be handled to blow.

After handling a line it is always rechecked to find any additional charge or additional BT/CLs with that charge. 
When no additional charge is found the Pre-OT moves on to the next line until completely VGIs.

Any other correction list used on Pre-OT III and above is always audited this style even after the Pre-OT has completed Level Three.


Prometheus International, 2004. Plus fair use quotes from Ron Hubbard's published notes and works.