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4.3 Redirecting the Somatic Machinery

The OT handling for any pain, sensation, emotion, or even drug effects is to drill placing the feeling or whatever into the walls, floor, ceiling, or large nearby objects.
You can also vary this a bit by occasionally putting the feeling in clouds over distant cities etc. A shallow version of this is still used occasionally in Scientology™. A more comprehensive version was used in 1953 (see the 1st ACC tapes etc.). But even that falls short of what can be done with this technique.

You have machinery and split off pieces of yourself stashed away in various hidden areas, mostly outside of or sideways (in a fourth dimensional direction) of the physical universe. This will be discussed further in another write-up, but the basic idea is that you can only feel what you yourself mockup.

Much of your machinery is intimately connected to the body, and when you stub your toe, the physical action is detected by the machinery which then mocks up the pain for you to experience.

You can also get mentally restimulated and trigger this machinery and experience pain or whatever without any physical impact or damage. This is "psychosomatic", but it is the same pain and the same mechanism which is creating the sensation. The only difference is the trigger. Note that psychosomatic is quite different from hypochondria where the person is worrying about something that isn't there.

This assist can work on both psychosomatic pains and on actual pains coming from a physical source because it addresses the mechanism by which you create the pains so that you can feel them.

If you have a pain, and drill intensively on putting that pain into the walls and feeling it in that location, you will find that you will gradually start feeling it over there instead of in the body and you will dislodge the machinery and redirect it into the locations that you are designating. This restores your control over the machinery. It also gives you the ability to create the pain at will, and if you can create it causatively, then you can also dispense with it if you are not in the mood to feel it right now. Note that this does not leave you numb. It leaves you aware and in control and restores choice about what
you're feeling.

If, on the other hand, you try to suppress the pain, especially with drugs, you are reducing your own ability to create and feel it, and therefore, you keep it there more solidly. This may seem surprising and hard to believe because right now you probably don't want the sensation, but deep down in your subconscious (so to speak) you know better and you wouldn't let yourself loose any sensation no matter how terrible unless you know you can get it back at will.

Unfortunately, this drill is not easy, but it can be done. When you first try it, you might only be able to get a vague imagined idea that maybe there could be a faint bit of the pain in the wall, but the ability grows as you practice it.
Don't grind too hard at a particular spot on the wall. Move from spot to spot fairly briskly, alternating or simply working around the room. Its best to work this in all six directions around you rather than just using the wall in front of you. So use the floor and ceiling and the wall behind your back etc. And then pick some large objects for variety.

If necessary, after this is going well (you're getting a significant amount but not all of the pain or whatever into the walls), you can work near and far from the body, coming closer and then pulling away and then finally putting the pain in the body, but not in the place where the actual pain is. Then you can alternate putting the pain in the body and in the wall. Finally, you can put the pain where its supposed to be and where it isn't supposed to be alternately and have the total sensation move back and forth and this should give you full control over it.

You can do the same thing with emotions such as anger. This gives you control over the emotions.

The same goes for sensations such as sexual sensations. This leads to being able to mockup sensations without needing a body.

This is also the missing step which is needed to really free somebody from drugs. Any mental or physical handling, such as the various drug rundowns or the Purif that are currently used in Scientology™ to help someone get off drugs are only aimed at handling the reasons and the effects. They do not restore the persons ability to create whatever kinky sensation it was that kept them addicted. You handle this by having the person mock up that sensation in the walls and eventually in the body until they can do it at will without taking the drug. Then they will never need the drug again (assuming of course that you also have handled the reasons why they started taking the drug etc.).
Note that all drug effects come from the person's own machinery. Putting chemicals into the body can get his machinery to do all sorts of strange things, but it is still him who is doing it to himself.
The biggest limitation is that this assist (and also the contact and touch assists) are purely objective techniques, and they do not address the subjective reasons, decisions, etc. which are also present when somebody gets in trouble. A momentary pain can generally be handled this way, but a chronic one will require alternating these assists with more subjective techniques such as running incidents, finding overts, etc. See the assist book which includes many subjective techniques.


4.4 Copying the Somatic

This is a more difficult technique, but it is capable of addressing the actual physical structure and is especially good for promoting healing. It is not really an assist for pain because it will turn on buried pains while it is running them out and only brings relief at the end.
This has its origins in the 3rd ACC, and was the key assist used in that course, but I have expanded and improved it considerably.

In running this, the somatics come off in layers. You will blow one somatic only to find another in its place. You must validate yourself for blowing the somatic and then handle the next one in line which is actually an earlier somatic. If, for example, you run this on a decayed tooth, you will find yourself handling each different pain that you got in the area and they will come up in reverse order until you get the first pain you had in that spot in your current body. When that one goes, you will feel better and the body will be much more capable of healing itself. You should take a break at this point, and be careful not to run another command. You can drop it at this point, or check it over later when you're ready to dive in again. If you do push on, you will find yourself running through an earlier series of somatics that you had in that area on an earlier

If you do this on an injured area, or area that has been injured, you will turn on any suppressed pain and need to run through the series of somatics to turn it off again.
The process is done as follows:
Begin by mocking up a copy of the somatic and also the injured area slightly to one side of the area. Mock up another one on the opposite side. Then push the two copies into the injured area simultaneously (like squeezing an accordion).
As you make copies, you need to alter them slightly to exert your control over them and to ensure that you don't just put the mockups on automatic (which wouldn't do you much good). So, each time you make copies, you do something to them. The best things to do are a) make it more solid, b) make it uglier and more decrepit (and maybe alternate with making it nicer), c) change its color. This is not very formal and you don't have to follow a rote procedure on altering the copies, but be sure to do something.
As you make each set of copies, vary the axis on which you're doing it. At a minimum, you can alternate right/left, above/below, and in front/back. If you can get to it, you can even run 4th dimensional directions.

When you first start, just make one pair of copies and push them in. Then start
increasing the number of copies you're mocking up. You stretch them out in a series, one after the other. Try to get it up to at least 5 copies fairly quickly. In other words, you get 5 copies of it on the right side and another 5 on the left side and then push them all into the area somewhat like squeezing an accordion. If you're up to it, get more than 5. The process goes fairly fast if you can run copies straight out to infinity.
Always push copies in from both sides simultaneously.

The somatic should change fairly quickly. Generally there will be a microsecond where its gone. Realize that it has blown and you've got an earlier somatic. At this moment, shift to the opposite side of the body. If there is a somatic in the corresponding spot, then copy that, otherwise, just mockup copies of the area. If you feel good on that side after a few commands, then go back to the other side and copy what is there, if however a somatic appears (where there was none), then change the copies to duplicate it and run it out.

In other words, you keep changing sides and copying what is now there. You will find a continually progressing change in the somatic. Try to copy the physical structure as well. You will find that at first you get very oversimplified mockups which will gradually become more complex as you begin duplicating the real structure in the area. This drill will raise your perception of the area fairly quickly.
Sometimes you will find a vacuum in the area. Try copying this just like anything else, but if it seems to be hanging without change, then get into the center of it and outflow copies. If you do that, the vacuum will usually change into a sharp pain which you can then run with normal copies (in this case don't shift sides but handle it immediately).
Sometimes you will find black masses or energy fields in the area. Copy these just like anything else.
I know this is difficult and complex and it can turn up all sorts of pains you didn't think you had. But at a minimum, it gets the body working to heal itself, and at maximum, you might regain the ability to mockup (and unmock) bodies at will.


4.5 Handling Loss

At this time we do not have very many techniques for handling loss. This is a grave deficiency and more research is needed.
Loss goes back much earlier in our existence than did pains and Engrams.
One thing you can do is to run out the incident of loss (by alternately spotting
something in the incident and then something in the room or by any other incident running technique) with special attention to the moment when you first discovered the loss.

You can look for earlier similar losses and run those, but this is not as useful as it is with handling Engrams. With Engrams, the actual pain of early incidents is long gone, so the earlier ones are easier to look at. But with loss, the item lost long ago is still gone.

For loss, the incidents are easier to confront in the future. One technique would be to spot how far in the future the loss would have to be for you to find it acceptable. In other words, it might be horrible to have your wife die now, but you could tolerate it if she were to die in a hundred or a thousand years. So you find when it would be tolerable and make up an incident of the loss occurring then and how it might happen etc. and get your confront up on that. Then you should be able to confront it happening a little closer to present time, so you repeat the step, gradually bringing the loss in closer until you can confront the real loss which did occur.
In handling a heavy loss, you want the tears to flow rather than suppressing them under a heavy barrier, so don't make people stop crying and consider it a good indicator if they begin to cry after holding it all bottled up.

Realize that if someone starts crying heavily about something that seems insignificant, they are usually crying about something else (or you have really mis-evaluated the importance). In that case, you might like to find what the real underlying loss is, but it might not be accessible. So learn to tolerate what might seem to be foolish causes for upset and handle them with care because there might be some earth shattering thing hidden just out of sight. Kids cry easily at trivial things and its usually because they just died and have lost everything and everyone they cared about in their last lifetime and have even lost their memories and awareness of what happened.
The ultimate mastery of loss consists of being able to recreate anything at will (so that there is no loss of things) and to re-contact anybody no matter where they now are (e.g. total communication so that there is no loss of Beings such as friends and loved ones) and mastery of time (which is the same as the ability to recreate universes at different times in their existence) so that you can replay anything and have it come out differently (so that there is no loss of doing).
Note that many of our aberrations are the fixed solutions that we are holding in place to handle loss. A powerful process I came up with one day was "In this lifetime, what do you use to keep others from leaving". My answer was that I get sick. Other things we do as solutions to loss are forgetting and becoming ARC broken.
On the subject of assists for loss, one (from the first ACC) is to simply mockup the lost person (or whatever) and mentally reach and withdraw from the mockup.
Another thing you can do is to do mockups of destroying the person (or thing) various different ways at greater and then lesser distances. I.E. blowing them up, tossing them in the sun, etc. until you can confront what actually happened to them.
You can also run the PROTECT Button because usually you will feel that you failed to protect the person (or whatever). For this you generalize the relationship (use "a wife" or "a lover" rather than the specific girl who left or died, etc.) and then run "How could you protect ____" alternating with "How could a ____ protect you". Note that we run the positive aspect rather than the recent failure.
There are other kinds of loss. One can lose a group or a country or even one's faith or hopes and dreams. For a Scientologist, becoming disillusioned can be a terrible loss even if one hangs on and remains in the organization. The same will be found in other religions if somebody loses faith after orienting their life around it. This needs to be handled as an incident of loss and misemotion just as if one's house had burned down or a friend had died.

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Besides the usual drug rundown handlings
5.1 Put mockups of the sensations coming from the drug into the walls & (gradiently)
into the body working near then far.
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6.3 The Purif

I'm listing this with the repair techniques because it's done to get a road block out of the way rather than to produce case gain.

You will need something like this if the person has been too heavily swamped with drugs, whether they are of the medical or the street variety.
This was originally developed to handle people who had taken LSD and still had
residual traces of it locked up in their system. The idea was to sweat the stuff out of the body.

The idea that poisons get locked up in the tissues is also proposed by homeopathy and there are a number of good books on the subject.
I have prejudices in favor of vitamins, homeopathy, home remedies, and other
alternative medicines as alternatives to the usual drug oriented treatment that is pushed by the AMA and the drug companies. Unfortunately, a lot of the research money comes from businesses that make money from drugs and so there is a prejudice in their favor within the medical community. You can find doctors who are not slanted this way, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
I am not an expert in this field, but from what I have read of biochemistry texts, its obvious that they are not yet capable of modeling the chemical reactions of the human body as a whole. This means that they are only looking at the direct and immediate chemical reactions and they don't really know what other chemical actions might take place. Hence, the continual worry about side effects. This makes me leery of any powerful medical drugs except in emergencies.

I'm also not in a position to judge whether the Purif is any better than other exercise and vitamin programs. Ron does have one key thing which is to keep doing something as long as it produces change and not to back off because something starts to happen.
An old Scientology™ datum is what turns it on turns it off. In other words, you keep going and push through the reactions. This would improve any such program, so its hard to say if the program itself is better or whether its simply being carried through more effectively.

Unfortunately, with the usual fanaticism, they push everybody to do this thing. Its a body oriented program and has little to do with the mind or the search for truth. Its as bad as the yogis who practice sitting instead of contemplating truth or doing mental exercises. There are people who need this, but for most, its a distraction and a road block. There may be a need for an exercise or vitamin program in your life, but it has little to do with your spiritual growth. I suppose the org could also give driving lessons and teach cinematography, and might even do well at these things, but it would be off their main purpose and is certainly not needed as a prerequisite to Grades or OT Levels.

6.4 Drug Rundown

This is simply a specialized version of incident running aimed at handling the pains, sensations, emotions, or attitudes connected with taking drugs, or that existed prior to taking drugs which caused the person to start taking them.
For a person with an extensive drug history, this probably should be done fairly early in the sequence of Levels.
But the rundown can be fairly lengthy on a beginner because they tend to do incident running slowly and its easy to associate the bulk of his ills in this lifetime with taking drugs, whether as a cause or a cure or whatever. Grades will raise his awareness and ability much faster and eventually lead to his being able to barrel through incidents fairly quickly. So the drug rundown should be left until later if it is not needed urgently.
The big missing step is mocking up the drug sensations and putting them in the walls etc. as was discussed earlier. This action needs to be done after the drug rundown or else you will have problems with people reverting.
Since they don't do this last step, the org has a always had an occasional problem with someone reverting to drugs. Since this can be extremely embarrassing, especially if the person is supposedly an OT, there are times when the org has gone positively fanatical on doing and re-doing endless drug rundowns.


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