Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 2, Pre-OT Two. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.

List of Volcanoes

There were 2 zones of assembly (BTs assembled into Clusters) after the Thetan was implanted. Thetans of volcanoes in Asia and the Pacific were taken to Hawaii. Thetans of Atlantic areas were taken to Las Palmas on The Canary Islands.

First the Solo-auditor should find out if the BT or Cluster was being dumped at Atlantic or Pacific Area (Hawaii or Las Palmas). Then what volcano it was placed at.



Asia and Pacific (Hawaii)

North Japan

South Japan


Mount Washington


Mount Rainier

Mount Hood 



Mt. Shasta

San Gorgonio







Atlantic (Las Palmas)


St. Helena

Kilimanjaro (Kenya)


(Las Palmas)





Note: Inhabitants and Loyal Officers of Teegeeack have a slightly different beginning to their Incident Two than other BTs. See 'Sequence of Inc 2.


Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.