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The Goddess 
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web scrap book about the E-meter

An early 1950s Mathison Electropsychometer 
used by a psychotherapist.
Click picture for more historic pictures.


The Web Scrap Book Covers

  • History of the Meter

  • Meter Manufacturers

  • Course Manuals

  • Science behind

  • Critique of Meters

  • Polygraphs

  • Biofeedback

  • Extensive Links

  • FZ Meter Market

  • Hubbard E-meters™

The links below are mostly hosted on this server. Less important ones are however on other websites and may become outdated or broken.

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Other Articles

Alles Uber Das E-Meter
'All about the E-meter'.
German and English.
Freezone, Berlin.
official CoS site


L. Kin: Language
of the E-meter.

Filbert's Excalibur 
about the E-meter

The GSR Meter 
Course Preview - download

CB-Meter Course  
Preview - Download

Dr. Gerbode
on use of Meters

Data about the original inventor of the E-meter, Volney G. Mathison. Quotes from scientists and judges.

Biofeedback defined
(for comparison)

(for comparison)
History of Polygraph
What is a Polygraph?
Skeptic Dictionary
on polygraphs

Video Clip
explains polygraph

Wheatstone Bridge

Patent description
of the E-meter

Technical critique
of the E-meter

Ability Meter

Clarity Meter
with Autosens

C-Meter Mk4
(digital Meter)

Delta1 Meter

e-Pro Interface

Freedom2 Meter

Australian GSR Meter

Model 2 and 
Model 3

Mini Meter

Skill Meter

Other brands
Life Energy Meter, 
Hubbard E-meters™

On History of the Meter
Jung, Mathison, Hubbard
History of Meter
by Peter Shepard
History of the CB-Meter 
from Free Spirit Magazine

The Meter and Medicine 
- critical report.

Historical pictures
and data

Two 1970s court 
cases on E-meter

User's advice on 
buying Meters

Comparison of E-meters,
including CoS' line

Critical site, but  has 
photos, diagrams,
and historical data.

Guided Tour to
CoS' Mark 7 Meter







The Freezone Meter Market
(Linked to full info pages)

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delta1a.jpg (12786 bytes)

Ability Meter 3A

C Meter 
(software + black box)

Clarity Meter

Delta1 Meter

GSR Meter
Biofeedback Australia

Ability Meters Int

Price: £525
Country: UK
Description: Automatic TA adjustment. Excellent 
Warranty: 2 years
Year of design: 2001(?)

Price: 450 Eu
Country: Austria, USA
Delivery: 1 week
Description: Turns a computer into a Meter; laptop or desktop (Windows).
'Black box' size: 'pack of cigarettes'. Excellent reviews. Good support.
Warranty: 1 year
Year of design: 2003
Company: Clarity
Price: $795
Country: USA
Description: Super sensitive needle movement; high quality components. Auto sens.
Excellent reviews.
Warranty: 1 year
Year of design: 1995
Company: Deltronics
Price: 700 Eu
Country: Germany
Description: Super sensitive and well attenuated needle movement. 
Warranty: 1year
Delivery: 4 weeks.
Year of design: 1990
Biofeedback Assoc.
of Australia
Price: US $199
includes shipping.
Country: Australia
Description: A low cost yet very effective Galvanic Skin Response Meter; also good for Solo auditing.
Warranty: 1 year
Delivery: In stock.
Year of design: 1997

Check their websites for details and  latest updates.


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mwpic4.jpg (9811 bytes) 

skillmeter1.JPG (16983 bytes)

Freedom 2 Meter

E-Pro (software only)


Skill Meter

OM Meter

Company: Developer
Sold thru ICause, USA.
Price: $600
Delivered in US: $700.
Country: Russia
Delivery: 3 weeks. 
Description: Full digital meter, TA adder, clock, session time.  Automatic 
TA on/off switch, works either left or right handed.
Excellent reviews.
Warranty: 1 year
Year of design: 2002
Company: Developer
Price: 150 Eu
Country: Italy
Delivery: By e-mail
Description: Software interface. Displays Meter in Windows with additional features. Developed as add-on for Mindwalker 3, C-meter.
Warranty: Infinite
Year of design: 2003

NEW! PalMeter Software.  Use cell phone or Palm as Meter display. see below.
Mindwalker 2 
(picture above)

Price: £300
Description: Small size (less than half of most Meters), high quality auto-reset meter.
Warranty: 2 years.
Year of design: 2001 Mindwalker 3
(picture below)

Country: UK.
Digital. 'Black box'+ software turns computer into E-meter.  Size:  "pack of cigarettes". No battery needed.  Price: £300
Warranty: 2 years
Year of design: 2003
Company: Skill Electronics
Price: 250 Eu
Country: Russia
Description: AutoSet needle motion, Auto-compensation of sensitivity, Timer, Voltage indication, TA-counter

Warranty: 1 year,
Infinite tech support.
Year of design: 2002
Company: O.M. Meters
Price: $450 incl. shipping.
Country: Russia
Delivery: Shipped internationally with DHL.
Description: This meter is a digital programmable meter. It has automatic mode and manual adjustable mode. Some of the functions are shown on OM Meter Page
Warranty: Check Co.
Year of design: 2004.

Check their websites for details and latest updates. 


The MindWalker 3 can be equipped with wireless
transmission. The cans have a built in transmitter
to the aerial for hands-free experience. The 'black
box' the aerial is plugged into is the actual MW3
hardware. Size: "pack of cigarettes". The
aerial is only the plug sticking out.

(Shown with a laptop - not included. A desktop
computer and even Palm device can be used as well)


 Recording set-up, using a MindWalker 2 Meter. The "black box" marked MWR modulates the signal from the meter so it can be recorded to the left channel of CD recorder. The session dialog is recorded to the right channel using the microphone.

MindWalker has developed a simple system for recording sessions. Using a stereo recording device, the session dialog is recorded to the left channel and the simultaneous meter reactions are recorded to the right channel. When played back, you will hear the session dialog and see the reads as they originally occurred in session. This can replace video recording. The digital file containing the recording is relatively small and can be transmitted over the Internet in real time or attached to an email and sent for review anywhere in the world.     (Developer Info)


PalMeter Software
Dr. Cecchi of Italy has further developed his e-Pro software so it can turn your Palm device into a Meter display. The PalMeter Software
is written for the Palm Operating
System to make it possible to  display reads
on the screen of a cell phone or Palm device.
It replaces the laptop used in the setup above.

Click here for
developers  info

A completely wireless version
(wireless between cans-MW3,
MW3-Palm) is currently under
development. Click link above.

Palm device used as
Meter display. You can use a SmartPhone (cell), Palm
device or PDA device.


E-meters used in Church of Scientology™:

Hubbard E-meters™ by Golden Era Productions™

mark5.jpg (5641 bytes) mark6.jpg (6570 bytes)  mark7.jpg (4862 bytes) mark7.jpg (3794 bytes)

Mark V Meter

Mark VI

Super VII

Quantum Super VII

No longer produced.
Price: 2nd hand $100-350
Description: Reliable but older technology. Lacks sensitivity for Solo and upper level auditing. No clock.
Warranty: needs annual certification ($150).
Year of design: c.1965
No longer produced.
Price: 2nd hand $200-600
Description: More sensitive than M5; electronics prone to breakdowns. Has clock, electronic TA counter.
Warranty: needs annual cert. ($150).
Year of design: c.1979
No longer produced
Price: 2nd Hand $300-900?
Description: Good, reliable Meter adapted for Solo as well as upper level auditing.
Warranty: needs annual cert. ($150).
Year of design: c.1987
Price: $4.620
Students, who are IAS members get 25% off
= $3465.-
Description: Top of the line. Very sensitive needle. Electronics gets mixed reviews by some experts.
Warranty: needs annual certification ($150).
Year of design: c. 1996

Hubbard E-meters™ manufactured in USA. Available from Church of Scientology's bookstores. Only 
Quantum is still being produced. The other models are however still shelf items and widely used. Sold 2nd hand 
on eBay and elsewhere. The annual silver certification has to be done at central location in USA.


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The Goddess of Meters?
Click picture  to find out.

  To the actual History of the Meter  


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