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Number 24

Nov. 1996

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International Viewpoints is independent of any group or organization.

Magazine's aim:

In 1934 the book Scientologie by A. Nordenholz was published. In the middle of the twentieth century the subject of Scientology was greatly expanded as a philosophy and technology by L. Ron Hubbard and a big band of helpers. This band coalesced into the Church of Scientology, which became a little secretive, restrictive, expensive and slightly destructive. From 1982 on, many left or were thrown out of that church and continue to use and develop the philosophy and technology.

It is this large subject that International Viewpoints deals with, and it is our aim to promote communication within this field. We are independent of any group (sect).



A True Account of Father Christmas

Another Look at Basics -- #5:
The Goal of Auditing

Engraining (An Overview)

Reminiscences of Ron - IV:
More of the 50's

Responsibility - Bottom Line of Case?

Background Notes

Letter to the Editor:
Why I Write

Regular Columns:
Classic Comment:
Bending the rules
Kemp's Column:
Random Thoughts
New Realities:
Belief Changing Procedure

On How to be Creative Without Deviating and Still Make Clears

Letter to the Editor:
Workshop and Cognitions

A View from the Bridge:
Chapter Ten
The Bridge To Total Freedom.

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A Fatherly Talk on Money

Deliver What was Promised

Postulational Terminology

Don't Touch That

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