My Scientology background

I am a founding Sea Org member, clear #3337, Full OT VII #1000. I am a fully hatted Commanding Officer, FPPO, DofP, SSO, Word clearer, Superliterate, 1st Class Missionare,

Senior Cl IV auditor, done the OEC, Data Series, Establishment Officer, NED auditor, M1 auditor, with demonstrated long term Power Stats on every post I have ever held. I am a power terminal. I am not perfect by any means, but I do command a fluent knowledge of the technology that will eventually result in coming closer to perfection for all of us.

I worked in the Sea org for approximately ten years.

Of course, I have also been on the Rehabilitation Project Force, earned my white and gold arm bands. I was responsible, among other Power Missions for the PAC release of "The Secret of Flag Results" movie. I have read the entire chrono packs of all the HCOB's, the SOEDs, all of the FMO's, in addition to listening to hundreds of hours of tapes, read every LRH book he ever wrote, all done after Superlit. There are many much more well trained than I, and many more much less well trained. During the entirety, my primary drive was to help the staff.

The bridge is mine, I helped build it, I walked it, I held it up for the others, and I am now on the other side, at OT8 and trying my best to get more beings out of the trap we unwillingly found ourselves in.

I left the Church of my own volition. It needed to grow up, and mistakenly I left and waited .

When I looked around 15 years later, the Church was in the hands of the implanters. Auditing and training were a joke, and Scientology was almost a dirty word in the news papers and media.

Attacks were manifold, and the management was becoming criminal, to say the least. And the most criminal part of it was that they were preventing standard Scientology from being practiced by Scientologists.

My purpose here on earth is to help, to undo some of the wrong that I have done along the long , long past track. Scientology auditing and training are the only way out of the mess that we find ourselves in. Some may slander the technology, but they do it out of blind hate and wish for mankind's demise and continual enslavement. It would be too generous to say that they did it out of ignorance.

My purpose here is to help those who would have it, train those who wish it, and befriend all who need one.

None of us would be here right now if not for LRH.

When you know the tech, you think with it, its yours, YOU are source. LRH never claimed to invent anything. Never. Nor did he. The way is the way. . The bridge is the bridge. Ron's is very wide, very stable.

The bridge reaches from human to states far beyond what the brightest of the philosophers have ever postulated in the past. The state of clear alone is worth lifetimes of effort. The state of Operating Thetan is far beyond that, and the upper reaches of a Spirit can only be guessed at by mortal man.

I am responsible for the founding of the first Free Zone Advanced Organization in Los Angeles. It delivers all services from Life Repair to OT8. It is my wish that it become a rally point for those who believe in the Technology, who know that the bridge is real, and who wish to become more able.

I have communication lines to some of the most senior terminals on the planet, including Rons Orgs, and allies in 5 countries. The AOLA is here to stay, we will not back down, and the door will always be open.

The bridge is ours, it was a priceless gift from LRH, and it shall never be taken away by evil as long as there beats a breath in a loyal officer, or for that matter any being who truly wishes to be free. The suppressives have only the power to restimulate. That is all. They deal in shadows and misery, and we deal in truth and light. They can never win, they can only make us believe that we have lost.

Tommy Thompson

Copyright © by Tommy Thompson