This personal diary has been provided by anonymous contributors based upon the processes and techniques contained in the Pilot's book, Self Clearing.

*** Note: One of the authors of the Self Clearing Diary attained the state of CLEAR while doing the Pilot's 'Self Clearing' book. This is a first and very important indicator that the Pilot's self clearing techniques are not only workable, but can, and do, produce results.


"If we inspire others to do clearing work then we have achieved our aim"




Self Clearing Diary

Index of Chapters

Chapters 1 & 2 (14/3/98-8/4/98) - Beginning Steps/Reach and Withdraw

Say, this really works!; R learns to juggle; T learns to `know' words; improvements in self-esteem

Chapter 3 (11/4/98-26/5/98) - Thoughts, Emotions and Attitudes

An illness prevented; increase in (psychic) ability; upsets restimulated & handled;
Correction List used successfully; suppression detected and handled

Chapter 4 (23/5/98-14/6/98 ) - Subjective Processes

Write it down!!!; What's an EP again?; Correction list results; increased ability to process self

Chapter 5 (23/5/98-14/6/98 ) - Study

T suggests this should be chapter 1; the difference between its and it's; major life improvements

Chapter 6 (22/6/98-23/8/98 ) - Confronting the Past

T recalls past lives for the first time

Chapter 7 (16/8/98-4/9/98 ) - Willingness and Accessibility

On the road to find out; R starts Levitation R/D; the prison planet idea

Chapter 8 (4/9/98-19/9/98 ) - Communication Barriers

T - I realised that past lives, which I haven't touched on greatly, have shaped me now.

Chapter 9 (21/9/98-8/10/98 ) - More on Communications

T - I'm happy with my results with intention and communication.
Two weeks ago my communication wasn't heard in a crowded bingo room. Today it was.

Chapter 10 (12/10/98-24/11/98) - The Duplication Factor

T - my realisation was that myself and others are not willing to have things happen again but are forced into it through implants; R gains the ability to create processes and creates CAUSE-OLOGY

Chapter 11 (2/12/98-24/12/98) - Exteriorization

R - gains the ability to create a viewpoint anywhere in the physical universe and beam healing energy into a body.

Chapter 12 (1/1/99-5/3/99) - Help

T - understands the difference between mind and body R - attains CLEAR on the subject of Help

Chapter 13 (3/2/99-22/3/99) - Change And No Change

I was able to counter T's remark that I sometimes seemed obsessed with the self clearing. I said that anyone not interested in clearing was betraying their own obsession with mest and inability to change.

Chapter 14 (25/3/99-18/5/99) - Protest

R - I felt I'd actually exteriorised just back of the mest universe, or just prior to it. T - The only person I could find who protests about me is R, especially my dress sense,  physical fitness and motivation about Clearing.

Chapter 15 (19/5/99-13/6/99) - Problems

Once again each process `worked' .  We wish you were `here' with us (spiritually) on this incredible journey as it continues to get better and better for us.

Chapter 16 (14/6/99-25/8/99) - Must Have and Can't Have

Sex, drugs, money, blah, blah, blah - it's all here!

Chapter 17 (31/8/99-20/10/99) - Must Avoid and Can't Get Rid Of

T - I realised that my be/do/have is so aberrated that I have to criticise other people's. R - The idea of directly processing `pain' just blew me away.

Chapter 18 (21/9/99-9/11/99) - Cause

T - I realised that people aren't necessarily hiding things, often it's that others aren't seeing things. R - Currently it seems to me our individuality/identity/ego results from an 8th Dynamic psychosis.

Chapter 19 (2/12/99-26/12/99) - Overts, Motivators and Withholds

Processes to resolve one's own `karma' AND that of others

Chapter 20 (27/12/99-30/1/00) - A Step Further Out (under construction)

T - I can see how I am capable of influencing other people just by my outlook/attitude

Chapter 21 (3/2/00-2/3/00) - Affinity, Reality & Communication (under construction)

T - I've really been able to improve, be more accepting and less reactive

Chapter 22 (26/3/00-7/5/00) - More on Upsets

Disconnecting from a `friend'; T attains state of Clear; Handling entities without a meter

Chapter 23 (?-?) - Trickery and False Data (not written up yet)

Chapter 24 (21/5/99-1/6/99) - Suppression

Possibly the most important chapter. `Nothing works' when someone is on your case.

Chapter 31 (Nov 2000 - Jan 2001) - Advanced Incident Running

Dr Hulda Clark's book The Cure For All Diseases and liver cleanse results; Dr Linus Pauling's cure for heart disease;