1. BOOKS

Often books were marked as to be read by the end of the course rather than having a specific place on the cheeksheet.


This book is always on level zero because it has so much basic material on communication. The 1987 checksheet has it in the middle of the course and the 1974 checksheet simply says that it is to be read by the end of the course. Sometimes the chapter on communication was star rated. Sometimes basic ideas on communication were to be done in clay.

I would recommend reading it fairly early in the course because the material is very basic.


This book is always on level 0 because it gives basic data on recall processes and is usually used as part of the lineup to produce a recall release. Sometimes the person will have already co-audited it before doing level zero. It runs well solo or co-audited on or off the meter.

1.3 ADVANCED PROCEDURES AND AXIOMS (Axioms section only).

This is on the 1974 checksheet but not the later checksheet. Older checksheets usually included some or all of the Scientology axioms, usually from the smaller axioms book rather than AP&A so as not to tempt the student with all the other chapters that aren't part of class 0.

The 1966 training took all the Scientology axioms and split them across levels 0 to 4, giving about 10 or so per level and then required you to memorize them so that eventually you would know them all by heart.

This was not really ideal for understanding, so by 1967 they changed over to having the student do each axiom in clay.

The 1974 lineup simply had the student study them, but note that he studied all of them at level zero. I think that this is best for a beginning student, and then perhaps have him do them in clay at a more advanced level.

The really long 1967 checksheet even included the 1952 taped lectures on the Axioms. This is also not a bad idea for developing good understanding of the subject.

The modern checksheet drops this area entirely and I think it is a mistake.

1.4 Books on metering

b) E-Meter Essentials
c) The Book of E-Meter Drills

These are on the 1987 checksheet as part of learning metering. The 1974 checksheet omits E-meter essentials and only references e-meter drills 1 to 21. Early level zero checksheets only used drills 1 to 10 as noted earlier.

1.5 Level 0 Checksheet.

At one time there was also a book called "Level 0 Checksheet" that held the various PABs and magazine articles which were on the Level 0 checksheet. But in later times these could also be found in the tech volumes so the book has pretty much disappeared.

1.6 Tech Films

Of course there were no tech films in the early 1970s. The 1987 checksheet has a place where the instructor can write in the names of the films to be viewed, but there is no list of films by name.

This might be because so many were cancelled and then so many new ones were coming out that the film lineup was unstable. Note that David Mayo, for example, appeared in some of the early tech films and therefore these had to be cancelled and that kind of thing may have continued to happen.

1.7 Phoenix Lectures

This book was never on level 0, but older checksheets prior to 1970 usually had the "Scientology Its General Backgrounds" taped lectures which are transcribed in chapters 1 to 3 of this book. The book also has a chapter on strightwire which is good background, and the lectures on the axioms and the 4 conditions would seem to be appropriate for early study.