Begining of old R&D 10, and also Begining of New R&D 9

(blurb from the scn website "In addition to research, writing and administrative work, Mr. Hubbard responded to continuing demands with a full schedule of lectures and demonstrations to Professional Course students, Foundation staff and the general public.)

> ... 1 Jan A Service Facsimile
... 7 Jan Survival
... 7 Jan Questions and Answers
... 11 Jan Service Facsimiles
... 11 Jan Past Life Auditing: Effort Processing
... 13 Jan Running Regret and the Emotional Curve
... 14 Jan The Impact of Dianetics on Society (orig title
"Some Aspects of Dianetics on Society: the time element required for body to repair after Dianetics")

... 14 Jan The Emotional Curve
... 16 Jan Running the Service Facsimile Chain
(this lecture is in the R&D but not on the master list and might therefore be the omitted lecture of 1 Jan or 29 Jan)

... 17 Jan Effort Processing: Intentions and Overt Acts
... 21 Jan The Anatomy of the Overt Act-Part I
... 21 Jan The Anatomy of the Overt Act-Part II
... 28 Jan The Anatomy of a Service Facsimile
> HDFL 29 Jan Anatomy of Service Facsimiles (evening lecture)
... 2 Feb The Psychogalvanometer
... 2 Feb Mysticism
(the 2 above were also combined as "Psychogalvanometer, Mysticism Groups")

... 6 Feb Dianetics: The Modern Miracle
(alt title "Address by LRH, Arcadia Theatre, Witchita Kansas)

... 8 Feb Summary of the Service Facsimile Chain

(the master list also contains two tapes of 8 Feb 52 titled "Motive of SLP 8" and "Application of Games to Processing" but these are misdated and are actually tapes of the same title given on 8 Feb 56)

... 18 Feb Freedom
... 18 Feb The Code of Honor
(above are 2 separate lectres in old R&D 10 and combined into one lecture in new R&D 9)
... 18 Feb Care of the Body

(HPC = Hubbard Professional Course (of 1952), there is a different HPC in 1955 as well. The following were also sometimes called the HCS lectures meaning Hubbard Colledge Summary lectures, but HCS was also reused for a lecture series in 1960. These have also been called the HCL lectures with the real HCL lectures below begin called the HCL Summary Lectures.)

HPC 1 25 Feb Review of Progress of Dianetics and Dianetics Business
HPC 2/3/4 25 Feb Summary of Aberrative Incidents

(HCL = Hubbard College Lectures. Some are in the R&D and have been issued as the ... cassettes, others are confidential and are omitted. Pubs catalog number 4 included 2 lectures which were made confidential when NOTS was released, these are omitted from pubs catalog #5. I had previously thought that a few of the other HCL lectures on reels from pubs catalog #5 had subsequently dived out of sight but this turns out to be repackageing and date corrections as noted below)

HCL-1 3 Mar Scientology: Milestone One
HCL-2 3 Mar Outline of Therapy
HCL-2A 3 Mar Demonstration of E-Meter
(orig title "Demonstration by Ron of E-Meter, Running Entities)

HCL-3 4 Mar Axioms and How They Apply to Auditing
HCL-4 4 Mar Thought, Emotion and Effort (and the tone scale)
HCL-Spec 4 Mar Discovery of Facsimile One
(orig title "Description of Facsimile One")

HCL-6 Spec 5 Mar Auditing Facsimile One
(orig title "Demonstration of Auditing")

HCL-5 5 Mar Thought and Preclears
HCL-6 5 Mar Emotion
HCL-6A 5 Mar Whole Track Facsimiles
(orig title "Question and Answer Period", this might also be the missing lecture listed as xxxxCxx "Science Fiction" in the master list)

HCL-7 6 Mar Effort and Counter-Effort
HCL-8 6 Mar Attack on the Preclear
HCL-9 7 Mar Facsimiles: How to Handle Recordings
HCL-10 7 Mar Indoctrination of the Preclear

End of New R&D 9

Begining of New R&D 10

HCL-11 8 Mar Effort and Counter-Effort: Overt Acts
(orig title "Resolution of Effort and Counter-Effort")

HCL-12 8 Mar Indoctrination in the Use of the E-Meter
(orig HCL-12 as parts 1 & 2 and HCL-12A as part 3)

HCL-13 9 Mar Thought, Emotion, Effort and the Overt Act
HCL-14 9 Mar Demonstration: Metered Straightwire and Overt Act
HCL-15 9 Mar Training Auditors
(orig title "Training Auditors: The Anatomy of Fac One")

> HCL-16 10 Mar The Anatomy of Facsimile One (cont. demo)
(there is a fac 1 demo at HCL-6 Spec above, maybe the same?)

HCL-17 10 Mar Running Effort and Counter-Effort
(orig title "Three Demonstrations")

(HCL-18 10 Mar Entities (Demo cont.), this tape is transcribed in new R&D 10 as the first section of HCL-27 "How to search for incidents on the track" below.

HCL-19 10 Mar History of Man Series I & II
HCL-20 10 Mar History of Man Series III & IV
(the above were sold as 2 one hour lectures in the 1970s, but have been packaged as 4 half hour cassettes. The scn website says "The last four lectures of this course are available on cassette in a series entitled "The Time Track of Theta: More on the History of Man." The individual titles are:
( HCL-19A 10 Mar Organization of Data
( HCL-19B 10 Mar Theta Lines
( HCL-20A 10 Mar History of the Theta Line
( HCL-20B 10 Mar Principal Incidents on the Theta Line )

After moving his office from Wichita to Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. Hubbard resumed lecturing, covering his startling new discoveries and their application to improve people's awareness and abilities.

> HCL-23 ?? Mar Theta Bodies <in pubs #4, then made confidential>
> HCL-23A 22 Mar Impulses of a Thetan (first morning lecture)

(HCL-24 ?? Mar Demonstration renumbered HCL-6 Spec of 5 Mar above)

> HCL-24A ?? Mar Theta Bodies

( HCL-25 25 Mar An Analysis of Memory, part 1 <in pubs #5>
( HCL-26 25 Mar An Analysis of Memory, part 2 <in pubs #5>
(the above 2 lectures were misdated and are in old R&D vol 9 at
( 26 Nov 51 above. Possibly they were played at this time to
( the HCL students)

... 15 Apr The Success of Dianetics
(orig title "Phoenix talk about Witchita and Purcell")

... 15 Apr Theta Bodies

(the following 4 were originally issued as 5203Cxx meaning an unkown day in March of 52)
HCL-21 16 Apr Anatomy of the Theta Body
(in the master list twice, once as HCL-21 undated and again dated 16 Apr but not in the HCL series)
HCL-22 16 Apr How to Audit a Theta Line parts I & II
HCL-27 16 Apr How to Search for Incidents-Part I
HCL-27A 16 Apr How to Search for Incidents-Part II
(alt title "demo and brief explanation, whole track and bodies in pawn")

> HCL-Spec ?? Apr Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of
the Universes (MSH audits Ron) <in pubs #4, then made confidential>

... 16 Apr Theta Body Demonstration
> ... 20 Apr Goals And Purposes of Theta and Mest
% ... 6 May Anatomy of Thought

(T80 = Tech 80 Lectures. Available on cassette as a series entitled "The Route to Infinity.")

T80-1A 19 May Beingness (orig title "ARC Triangle in relation to Infinity, Beingness along the Dynamics")

T80-1B 19 May Outline of Technique 80 (orig title "Definition of Technique 80, Emotional Wavelengths")

> T80-1C 19 May Tone And Ability
(may be combined in 1B above or 1D below)

T80-1D 19 May Wavelengths of ARC (orig title "Wavelength and tone scale")

T80-2A 20 May Decision
T80-2A 20 May Decision: Cause and Effect
(both of the above are in the master list as a single tape titled "Decision: Maybes, Time, Postulates, Cause and Effect in Relation to Dynamics")

> T80-2B 20 May Early Methods of Dealing with People, Entities

T80-3A 21 May Therapy Section of Technique 80-Part I
T80-3B 21 May Therapy Section of Technique 80-Part II

(T88 = Technique 88 Lectures, these were numbered various ways and sometimes divided into 1/2 hour mini-reels. The simple numbering (T88-2 etc.) is the final numbering placed on the hour long packaging on reels. Per old tech vol 1 page 264, "Nearly a hundred auditors attended the Summer Session in Phoenix, Arizona June 23 to 28". Note that T88-2 is the 1st lecture of the series and it was numbered 1A in old editions.)

T88-2 (1A) 23 Jun Introduction (orig title "Course Outline")
T88-3 (1B) 23 Jun Zero and Infinity
T88-3 (1B) 23 Jun Time
(T88-3 was titled "Matter, Solid Thought, Home Universe", this was then divided into the 2 lectures above, and then in the R&D, the "Zero and Infinity" lecture was tacked onto the end of T88-2 without being marked as a separate lecture)

T88-4 (1C) 23 Jun Obsession (orig title "Mechanics of Abberation")

T88-5 (2A) 24 Jun Attention Unit Flows ("Motion & Maybes")
T88-6 (2B) 24 Jun Attention Unit Running ("Tone Scale of attention unit behavior")
T88-7 (2C) 24 Jun Concept Running
T88-8 (3A) 25 Jun Invalidation ("Validation & Invalidation")

T88-9 (3B) 25 Jun Overt Acts, Motivators and DEDS
(T88-10 is part 2 of the above)

(from here on, all T88 lectures in the master list have a date one day earlier than that given in the R&D volumes, T88-11 is dated 25 June, T88-14 is dated 26 June, etc., and those are the dates given in the identification statement at the begining of the actual reels)

T88-11 (4A) 26 Jun The Actions of Energy (orig title "Abberated thought, Overt Acts, Motivators, Deds" and "Invalidation, simplicity of data, Counter-Effort")

T88-12 (4B) 26 Jun Technique 88 and the Whole Track-Part I
T88-13 (4C) 26 Jun Technique 88 and the Whole Track-Part II

End of New R&D 10

Begining of New R&D 11

T88-14 (5A) 27 Jun Confusions (orig title "The anatomy of Dramatization, The Actions of Energy")
T88-15 (5B) 27 Jun Acquisition of Bodies
T88-16 (5C) 27 Jun Theta and Genetic Lines
T88-17 (6A/B) 28 Jun Questions and Answers (orig title
T88-17 "Confusion, Action of Track as Result of Energy Behavior"
and T88-18 "Symbological Processing", both combined into 1 lecture in the R&D)

T88-19 (7A) 28 Jun Individualism - Q&A period cont.
(this is re-dated as 28 Aug in R&D 11, and the transcript has an additional 2 pages beyond the end of the original reel and that may be the following missing lecture below)
> T88 (7B) 28 Jun Q & A Period (cont)

(T88S = First set of T88 Supplemental lectures given in Phoenix, note that the numbering is confused because of misdating of lectures).

T88S-5(2A) 24 Jul Behavior of Energy as It Applies to Thought Flows
T88S-6(2B) 24 Jul E-Meter Behavior vs Flow Lines and Patterns

T88S (3A) 7 Aug Straightwire Technique 88

( T88S (3B) 7 Aug Standard Processes of 88
( this reel was merged into 3A above, but there seems to be
( some editing and omissions)

T88S-3(1C) 7 Aug Standard Processes of 88, Lecture 1
(some versions dated 8 Jul, possibly due to interpreting 07/08/52 in American vs British dating systems)
(orig title "Standard Processes of 88: Black and White", alt title "A Straightwire Process-Lecture I")

T88S-4(1D) 7 Aug Standard Processes of 88, Lecture 2
(same name & date variations as part 1 above)

(there may be 1 or 2 more of these Standard Processes lectures given on 7 Aug as T88S-1(1A) and T88S-2(1B) or these might be bogus due to repackaging 4 mini-reels into 2 longer reels).

28 Aug Ridge Running
28 Aug Talk to Associates about Fellowships, etc. (20 min)
T88S-7 4 Sep Where We are At (sometimes misdated 4 Jul)
> T88S-8 4 Sep Creation and use of energy (remedy for over
or under abundance) (date might be 4 Sep or 4 July)

(T88SL - Tech 88 Supplements given in London)

T88SL-1A 21 Sep Basis of Scientology and Dianetics - Part I
T88SL-1B/C 21 Sep Basis of Scientology-Stuck Flows
(appears to include both 1B "elasticity of flows" and 1C "Stuck Flows")

> ... 21 Sep Lecture 101-London
T88SL-2A 22 Sep Scientology-Tone Scale Characteristics
T88SL-2B 22 Sep Scientology-Flows, Tone Scale
T88SL-3A 23 Sep The Resolution of the Second Dynamic Case Level V
(in R&D as being given on an unknown date in Oct)
T88SL-3B 23 Sep Blanketing-Exteriorization
T88SL-4A 24 Sep Scientology-The Three Types of Energy Flows
T88SL-4B 24 Sep Activity of the Auditor in Theta Clearing
(in R&D as being given on an unknown date in Oct)

% 29 Sep On The Second Dynamic, Part II
(no known copy per Flag master list, may be another tape misdated)

% Prof Crse 11 Oct Continuation of Definition: Dn & Scn

(SOP = Standard Operating Procedure Lectures of Oct 52. The exact dates of the lectures are unknown. The R&D volume lists these in a different order than the SOP lecture numbers. Also, the last 2 have been re-dated as sometime in November and are in Volume 12 instead of Volume 11. These were included as part of the OT cassettes issued in the late 1970s. The 1st 3 lectures of the SOP series are unknown and unavailable.)

% SOP-1 ?? Oct (title unknown)
% SOP-2 ?? Oct (title unknown)
% SOP-3 ?? Oct (title unknown)

SOP-4A ?? Oct Summary of Technique 8-80
SOP-4B ?? Oct Present Time Use of Energy Manifestations
SOP-5A ?? Oct Theory of Flows-Counter-Elasticity
SOP-5B ?? Oct Flows
> SOP-5C ?? Oct Basics of Scientology - Black & White processing, discharging flows
SOP-6A ?? Oct Basic Summary on SOP of Technique 8-80
SOP-6B ?? Oct Phenomena of the Thetan
SOP-7A ?? Oct Service Facsimile Chain

% ... 30 Oct On Using thetans To Control Other Bodies
(this may be the begining section of Role of Earth (below) which begins in the middle of this topic)

End of New R&D 11

Begining of New R&D 12

(the following 2 SOP lectures re-dated as sometime in November)
SOP-8A 30 Oct The Role of Earth
SOP-8B 30 Oct Illusion Processing and Therapy

> ... 1 Nov Resolution of Effort & Counter-Effort (incomplete)
.. ?? Nov Illusion Processing

( LS = Lecture Series, Also known as the November Lectures. These are now available on cassette as a series entitled "Secrets of the MEST Universe." They were previously packaged in the OT cassettes along with the SOP lectures above)

LS-1A/B 6 Nov Methods of Research-The Thetan as an Energy Unit

( LS-2A 6 Nov Creating Different Space and Time part I
( LS-2B 6 Nov Creating Different Space and Time part II
(the 2 above are transcribed in the R&D at the tail end of
LS-3A/B below (begining on page 65), but there seems to be some editing and omissions)

LS-3A/B 7 Nov Force as Homo sapiens and as Thetan - Responsibility
(orig title "Have as Homo Sapiens and as Thetan")
LS-4A 14 Nov Be, Have and Do, Part I
LS-4B 14 Nov Be, Have and Do, Part II
> LS-5 16 Nov MEST-Self-Mest Universe in connection with creative processing
(the "secrets" cassettes subsitutes LPC-6 (below) which was given on 17 Nov and has a similar title)

LPC-6 16 Nov Self-Determinism and Creation of Universes

(L&A = Logics and Axioms Lectures. Available on cassette as a series entitled "The Perception of Truth.")

L&A 1/2 10 Nov Introduction: The Q List and Beginning of Logics
L&A 3/4 10 Nov Logics 1-7
L&A 5/6 12 Nov Precision Knowledge: Necessity to Know
Technology and Law
L&A 7/8 12 Nov Logics 7-9 and 10-23

(LPC = London Professional Course, these are renumbered in the R&D volume and some lectures are no longer counted in the LPC series but the transcripts are present)

LPC-1 10 Nov Introduction to the Course - Definitions of Dianetics and Scientology,Other Philosophies
LPC-2 12 Nov 8-8008 Continued, Time and Space
LPC-3 14 Nov Time, Create, Destroy, Have
LPC-4/5 ren 4 14 Nov Standard Operating Procedure Issue 2 part 1
LPC-6/7 ren 5 14 Nov SOP Issue 2, Step 5 (cont.) and Creative Processing Assessment

% LPC-8 17 Nov ARC
LPC ren 6 17 Nov Self-Determinism and Creation of Universes (this is not in the master list and might be the missing lecture LPC-8 above under a new name)

LPC-9 ... 17 Nov ARC, Motion, Emotion, Tone Scale, Flows, Ridges
LPC-10 ren 7 17 Nov Creative Processing
LPC-11 ... 17 Nov Ridges, Self-Determinism-Tone Scales
LPC-12 ... 19 Nov Attention, Part I
LPC-13 ... 19 Nov Attention, Part II
LPC-14 ren 8 19 Nov The Control of the Individual by an Unknown, Sound
LPC-15 ren 9 19 Nov Responsibility
LPC-16 ren 10 20 Nov Creative processing - Handling Illusions
LPC-17 20 Nov Creative Processing, Validation of MEST, Have and Agree
LPC-18 20 Nov Creative Processing Directed Toward Breaking Pc's Agreement with Natural Laws of the MEST Universe
LPC-20 ren 11 20 Nov Assessment of Pc-The Dynamics: Be, Have, Do

> LPC-21 21 Nov Creative Processing-How Different Levels of the Tone react in regard to handling illusions
> LPC-21A 21 Nov structure and function as regards mechanisms of processing - clearing by comm & Have.

End of New R&D 12

Begining of New R&D 13

(PDC = Philadelphia Doctorate Course, the scn website blurb is "This series of lectures was delivered to a class of thirty-eight auditors. Covering a wide analysis of human behavior, they gave a complete coverage of the latest auditing techniques and an expansion of the new professional course textbook, Scientology 8-8008") (most of these are on the net)

PDC-1 1 Dec Opening: What Is to Be Done in Course (alt title "Scientology: How to understand and study it")
PDC-2 1 Dec E-Meter: Demo
PDC-3 1 Dec Creative Processing, Demo of E-Meter Auditing
PDC-4 2 Dec Locks, Secondaries, Engrams, How to Handle Them
PDC-5 2 Dec The Gradient Scale of Handling Space, Energy and Objects
PDC-6 2 Dec The "Q": Highest Level of Knowledge
PDC-7 2 Dec A Thetan Creates by Postulates-Q2
PDC-8 3 Dec The Track of the Thetan/GE-Space/Time
PDC-9 3 Dec Anatomy of Processing-Energy, Phenomena/Sensation
PDC-10 3 Dec Specific Parts of Self-Determinism, Spacation
PDC-11 4 Dec Spacation: Energy Particles and Time
PDC-12 4 Dec Spacation: Locating, Space, Time
PDC-13 4 Dec Spacation: Anchor Points, Origin
PDC-14 4 Dec The Logics: Methods of Thinking
PDC-15 4 Dec The Logics: Infinity-Valued Logic
PDC-16 5 Dec Cycles of Action
PDC-17 5 Dec The Tone Scale: Moving the Pc up the Scale
PDC-18 5 Dec Conditions of Space/Time/Energy
PDC-19 6 Dec Axioms and Logics: Further Data
PDC-20 6 Dec Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic
PDC-21 8 Dec ARC/Cycles: Theory and Automaticity
PDC-22 8 Dec More on Automaticity
PDC-23 8 Dec ARC, Force, Be/Do/Have
PDC-24 9 Dec What's Wrong with This Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor
PDC-25 9 Dec Flows: Reverse Vector of Physical Universe
PDC-26 9 Dec Flows: Characteristics Of
PDC-27 9 Dec Flows: The Part Force Bears in Clearing
PDC-28 9 Dec Flows: The Part Space Bears in Clearing

End of New R&D 13

PDC-29 10 Dec Flows: Patterns of Interaction
PDC-30 10 Dec Flows: Rate of Change, Relative Size, Anchor Points
PDC-31 10 Dec Flows: Basic Agreement and Prove It!
PDC-32 10 Dec Flows, Dispersals and Ridges
PDC-33 10 Dec Anatomy of the Genetic Entity
PDC-34 11 Dec 8-8008: Understanding the Phenomena
PDC-35 11 Dec The DEI Scale
PDC-36 11 Dec Structure/Function: Selective Variation Of
PDC-37 11 Dec Chart of Attitudes: Rising Scale Processing
PDC-38 11 Dec Rising Scale Processing
PDC-39 12 Dec Game Processing
PDC-40 12 Dec Games/Goals
PDC-41 12 Dec SOP Issue 3: Postulate, Creative Processing
PDC-42 13 Dec Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
PDC-43 13 Dec On Auditing: How to Succeed/Fail, Assess
PDC-44 13 Dec SOP Assessment (cont.)
PDC-45 13 Dec Development of Scientology: Characteristics of a Living Science
PDC-46 13 Dec Goal: Rehabilitation of Thetan, Case Step I
PDC-47 15 Dec SOP: Issue 5
PDC-48 15 Dec SOP: Spacation
PDC-49 15 Dec SOP: Spacation (cont.)
PDC-50 16 Dec SOP: Spacation Step III, Flow Processing
PDC-51 16 Dec SOP: Issue 5
PDC-52 16 Dec Memory (Not Human Memory)
PDC-53 16 Dec Memory and Automaticity
PDC-54 17 Dec Summary to Date: Handling Step I and Demo
PDC-55 17 Dec Demonstration on Step I (cont.)
PDC-56 17 Dec Discussion of Demo: Above Agreement with Flows
PDC-57 17 Dec Continued Demonstration Step IV
PDC-58 18 Dec About the "Press" Tone Level: Psychometry
PDC-59 18 Dec Chart of Havingness
PDC-60 18 Dec How To Talk About Scientology
PDC-61 18 Dec How To Talk to Friends About Scientology
PDC-62 18 Dec Your Own Case: To You, the Student
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