The Pilot (A Brief Overview)

This is directed to those who may not be familiar with The Pilot, his works, and his effect on the Free Zone. This page is included only as a method for 'jump starting' the enormous amount of material that The Pilot has produced.

In late February of 1997, The Pilot introduced himself to the Free Zone in quite an unusal manner. He posted to the Internet newsgroup,, his now famous work "Super Scio: The Book of The Pilot", which is an in-depth compendium of clearing material not found anywhere else.

Shortly following that introduction, The Pilot began posting one to two times per month to and alt.religion.scientology, each newsgroup recieving the appropriate type of messages. These messages encompassed topics ranging from in-depth technical discussions, to ground breaking research reports, to humorous tidbits which always seemed to flavor his postings.

Make no mistake about it, The Pilot loves clearing technology and he demonstrates this love not just through his technical discussions and research reports, but in the way he communicates. As you read through this material you will most likely notice the ethical conduct, the morals and ideals of the promise of what clearing technology is and does.

In December of 1997, The Pilot posted another book on the Internet, called "Self Clearing". The Pilot describes this book as "This is a do-it-yourself book that can be studied and used by anybody at home, not only towards clearing themselves of abberations but also towards the development of advanced spiritual abilities." There are a number of people now who have reported great success in using this method of clearing.

The research and technical discussions continued unabated until The Pilot himself ran into trouble in December of 1999, at which point his posting frequency dropped dramatically. For the next year he immersed himself in coming to terms with what was happening, trying to comprehend and understand exactly was occurring and why. Finally, at the end of November of 2000, he bid a fond farewell to those who have followed his writings, hoping that a new turn of events would enable him to break through his barriers.

The Pilot, from an anonymous technical researcher, to a betrayed husband has travelled a road that has provided the Free Zone with the tools of research that enables almost anyone to pick up where he left off. But more importantly, he has created a new respect for clearing technology.

Enjoy the Pilot's materials.