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(Updated to use "-" instead of blanks to improve the appearance in fonts with proportional spacing)

The Bulletins related to R6 (Routine 6 or level 6 - The research line leading up to the clearing course) were not initially considered to be confidential and therefore the issues were copyrighted individually. The recent posting of the copyright lists on the net makes it possible to build a composite master list of the materials of this period based on the old and new tech volumes, the old OEC volumes, and the master list of currently acknowledged non-confidential materials which is (or was) available at

Note that the GPM materials of this era were originaly labled as Routine 3 (R3), meaning that they were run at level 3 (the highest level at that time). In late 1964, the lineup was extended to 4 levels and most of the R3 processes (except R3R) were moved up to level 4 and renamed R4.

Eventually the bridge expanded again and the GPM materials were moved up to level 6 and the designation R6 came into effect. This eventually led to the R6EW solo process but initially R6 was a co-audited successor to the R3/R4 processes.

When confidentiality was first put in around 1965, the entire GPM research line was treated as confidential. This was soon eased up to allow access to the early R3 materials (processes from R3A up to R3GAXX) and the bulletins on these were included in the old tech volumes (1975 era).

By the time of the New tech volumes (1990 timeframe), the remaining R3/R4 materials (R3M etc.) were declassified and included in the volumes. This included things such as the Helatrobus implant platens which are in new tech volume VII. This was supposedly ordered by Ron back in the late 1970s and at that time the tapes that go along with these materials were put back on the SHSBC.

Although the new tech volumes finally made the R4 materials available, they suffer from a different problem which is that they do not include the historical progression of revisions and replacements which can be found in the old tech volumes. So in the cases where one bulletin replaced another, the older version is not in the new tech volumes, and if it used to be considered confidential, then it is not in the old volumes either even if it is of research interest.

The R6 materials of 1964 remain confidential at this time and appear in neither set of tech volumes. Although the names of the corresponding tapes were in the old tech volumes, the bulletin dates and titles have been unknown until the copyright lists were posted recently.

Note that the tapes of this time period are covered in the tape master list which I issued last year.


COLUMN 1: (old volumes)

O = In old tech volumes (V5 = 1962-4, V6 = 1965-9)
P = In old OEC volumes
> = still confidential (probably)
* = Indexed in old OECs but omitted (limited distribution or
confidential policy?)
? = Not even indexed in the old OEC but included in the copyright list

- = not in old vols but available in the new ones,
(but HCOILs, HCOELs, SecEds, etc. were never collected into
(volumes, so these are blank except for the occasional ones in
(the tech volumes)

: = commentary from the official master list

COLUMN 2: (new volumes)

T = IN NEW TECH VOLUMES (1963-65 = New Tech Vol VII)
M = On the official master list. These might all be in
the new OEC volumes.
- = omitted from new materials, probably because of later
replacements or confidentiality.

COLUMN 3: (copyright lists)

C = appears in one of the copyright lists that were posted
recently to the internet.


$ = posted to the net (scamizdat etc.)

Note that all of old tech volumes 5 & 6, marked O in column 1, were
also posted to the net (these are not marked $ to make the list
easier to read)


HCO = Hubbard Communications Office
HCOB = HCO Bulletin (tech)
HCOPL = HCO Policy Letter
HCOAL = HCO Admin Letter
HCOIL = HCO Info Letter
HCOEL = HCO Exec Letter
TAL = Tech Advice Letter
SECED = Secretarial Executive Directive
BPL = Board Policy Letter
BTB = Board Technical Bulleting

The BPLs and BTBs were only used in the early 1970s. At that time, many HCOPLs and HCOBs that were identified as not being by RON were reissued as BPLs or BTBs respectively. Any that are labled that way here were HCOBs etc. at the time they were issued.

Some HCOBs were left out of the tech volumes for reasons of confidentiality, but a few may have been left out because they became BTBs. They are marked here by adding (BTB?)

r. generally means revised (or reissued). Usually only the last revised date is shown (along with the original date) to avoid presenting a long revision history.

In the few cases where something was issued both as an HCOB and as an HCOPL (to ensure its use in both tech and policy), I have listed it as an HCOB.

In the few cases where an HCOPL appears in the old tech volumes as well as in the old OEC volumes, I have listed it as being in the tech volumes and it can be assumed to be in the OEC as well.

During this time period there was a "reissue" series where older HCOBs, etc. were being reissued as policy. These are listed as Reiss. ## (reissue series number) and the original date will be in parenthesis following the title.

Most series designations such as the KSW Series or FSM series were created in the 1970s and were retrofitted to the older policies, hence there are a few high numbered series designations on these older materials.

What are now called Missions were called Franchises in this time period. Later (after the old OEC volumes were issued) the word Franchise was changed to Mission in those policies.

The HCOIL (Info Letters) were mainly issued in the 1962-4 timeframe. Some ended up in the tech volumes, but most did not. These include the "Ron's Journals" which were informative and give one a feeling for the time period (I read some of them years ago) but do not generally contain any electrifying data. The Info Letteres were discontinued in favor of Executive Letters (HCOEL) in 1964. Those in turn were discontinued in favor of LRH EDs in the late sixties. In all cases the issues are blue on while. There were a set of blue volumes issued around the early eighties, but they only covered LRH EDs and not the earlier ILs and ELs.

There were never more than a handfull of documents issued as oddball types such as Tech Advice Letters.

The notation "canc per OEC" means that they are in the cancelled list at the back of the old OEC volume index but did not have an explicit cancellation reference.

Some titles have been abbreviated.

There may be a few errors, especially in marking C (copyright) on the HCOPLs since there were many in random order in the posted list.

I do not have a complete list of BTBs for this timeperiod, but I believe that there were very few. The OEC provided a complete list of BPLs and there were only a handfull.

There are probably other confidential issues besides those which were copyrighted. I would assume that at a minimum there are grade V and CC materials in 1965. And note that the copyright list also includes registration of packs of materials by year and by level which contained materials in bulk.

Sometimes there is a I, II, III, IV etc. used to distinguish multiple bulletins issued on the same date.

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=================== 1963 ===================

: Scientology: Complete List of Books and Materials of 1963

: While keeping the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course roaring
: ahead, LRH embarked on what he called "the most intense period
: of research I've yet done."
: In addition to his work in the technical line, Mr. Hubbard made
: great strides in the field of administration newly defining the
: activities of auditors and organizations across the world.
: Hubbard British Mark V E-Meter
: A new British Mark V E-Meter became available in 1963 with double
: the sensitivity of the first Mark V. The Mark IV and Mark V were
: both in use from 1963 through 1965. The Mark IV was discontinued
: in December 1965.

OTC HCOB 1 Jan Academy Curriculum, How to Teach Auditing and Routine 2
P-- HCOPL 1 Jan Objective Three Celebrities
OTC HCOB 3 Jan Opposition Lists, Right and Wrong Oppose
-MC HCOPL 4 Jan Pattern of District Office (canc. per OEC)
--C HCOIL 5 Jan a statement by L. Ron Hubbard for the press
--C HCOIL 8 Jan Ron's journal no. 3
--C HCOIL 10 Jan t.v. demonstration of t.r's
--C BTB 14 Jan rings causing "rock slams"
>-C HCOB 14 Jan definition of release (see 9 Aug 63)
--C HCOIL 15 Jan the DC situation
PTC HCOPL 15 Jan Routine 2-12
-MC HCOIL 16 Jan Our Role in the World
P-- HCOPL 22 Jan Reissue Ser 9 Hats & Other Folders (reiss of PL 15 Sep 59)
OT- HCOB 27 Jan Routine 2 Simplified
-TC HCOB 1 Feb Routine 3, Urgent, All Cl III and IV Auditors
--- HCOPL 1 Feb HCO Area 5%s (canc. per OEC)
--- HCOPL 6 Feb HCO Area 5%s (canc. per OEC)
P-C HCOPL 7 Feb Reiss Ser 10 Organization of Corporations (PL 28 Jul 59)
PT- HCOPL 8 Feb Curriculum Change
PMC HCOPL 9 Feb Saint Hill Course Goals
OTC HCOB 11 Feb Current Auditing
PMC HCOPL 11 Feb Auditing Regulations
O-- HCOB 12 Feb R2-12,3-21,and 3GAXX-Tiger Drilling for Nulling by Mid Ruds
PTC HCOPL 13 Feb I V Unit
PMC HCOPL 13 Feb II Academy Taught Processes
P-- HCOPL 13 Feb 10% Due To WW
P-C HCOPL 14 Feb SHSBC Reimbursement Arrangements
P-C HCOPL 14 Feb How to Examine; Theory Examinations
P-C HCOPL 14 Feb The Establishment of Central Orgs Control Areas
OTC HCOB 15 Feb R2-R3, Listing Rules
--C HCOIL 17 Feb Ron's journal no. 4
P-- HCOPL 19 Feb Classification of Central Orgs Control Areas
O-C HCOB 20 Feb R 2 & 3 Model Session (cancelled by HCOB 21 May 63)
--- HCOPL 20 Feb The evolution of a District Office (canc. per OEC)
--- HCOPL 21 Feb The evolution of a District Office (canc. per OEC)
OTC HCOPL 21 Feb Goals Check
-TC HCOB 22 Feb Routine 3M, Rundown by Steps
P-C HCOPL 22 Feb Clear Test 1963
--C HCOIL 22 Feb to magazines
*-- HCOPL 25 Feb South Africa Personnel Directory
PMC HCOPL 25 Feb R2-R3
P-- HCOPL 28 Feb Deputy HCO WW Exec Sec
OTC HCOB 4 Mar Routine 2-10, 2-12, 2-12A
PM- HCOPL 6 Mar Selling Techniques Forbidden
-TC HCOB 6 Mar Correction to HCO Bulletin of February 22, 1963
PM- HCOPL 6 Mar R3M, HCO WW Form G3, Revised, Fast Goals Check
--C HCOIL 7 Mar Ron's journal no 5
OTC HCOB 8 Mar Use of the Big Middle Rudiments
--C HCOAL 8 Mar operation of British mark V E-meter
-TC HCOB 9 Mar Routine 2 and 3M, Correction to 3M Steps 13, 14
OTC HCOB 10 Mar R2-10, 2-12, 2-12A (Also applies to R3M), Vanished R/S or RR
PM- HCOPL 12 Mar Staff Personnel Allowance, Saint Hill
PMC HCOPL 13 Mar Amnesty
>-C HCOB 13 Mar urgent routines 2 & 3M addl. correction to 3m steps 13, 14
-TC HCOB 13 Mar II The End of a GPM
OTC HCOB 14 Mar Routine 2-Routine 3, ARC Breaks, Handling Of
PMC HCOPL 15 Mar II Checksheet Rating System
P-C HCOPL 15 Mar Org Despatch Routings To/From USA/Canada
-TC HCOB 17 Mar R2-R3, Corrections, Typographicals and Added Notes
OTC HCOB 18 Mar R2-R3, Important Data, Don't Force the Pc
--- HCOPL 18 Mar District Office Testing (canc per OEC)
PM- HCOPL 20 Mar I HCO WW Electric Stencil-Cutting Machine
PM- HCOPL 20 Mar II Self-determinism in Central Organizations
OTC HCOB 23 Mar Clear and OT
PMC HCOPL 23 Mar I Clear Test 1963, Issue II
PM- HCOPL 23 Mar II Policies in Force, Org/Assoc Secs, HCO Secs
PTC HCOPL 23 Mar III Classification of Auditors, Class II and Goals
P-C HCOPL 25 Mar Reiss Ser 11 A Model Hat For an Executive (PL 19 Sep 58)
PMC HCOPL 29 Mar Clear Requirement
>-C HCOB 29 Mar Summary of Sec Checking (BTB?)
-TC HCOB 30 Mar Routine 3M Simplified
PM- HCOPL 2 Apr Construction Information
P-- HCOPL 2 Apr Food & Cleaning Regulations Students
-TC HCOB 2 Apr Diagrams Illustrating Tape of 28 March 1963
PM- HCOPL 4 Apr II Director of Training Weekly Student Interviews
P-- HCOPL 4 Apr Important Changes in Tech Reports to WW
P-C HCOPL 4 Apr District Offices Tech Reports To WW
P-- HCOPL 4 Apr HCO Tech Sec WW Disbanded
PMC HCOPL 5 Apr Organization Students on Saint Hill Course
P-- HCOPL 5 Apr Audit of Organizational books (canc 21 Jan 68)
-TC HCOB 6 Apr R3M2, What You Are Trying to Do in Clearing
-TC HCOB 8 Apr I Routine 3M2, Listing and Nulling
-TC HCOB 8 Apr II Routine 3M2, Corrected Line Plots
P-C HCOPL 10 Apr Reiss ser 12 What an exec Wants on His Lines (PL 26 May 59)
P-- HCOPL 11 Apr Org Despatch Routings USA/Canada
PM- HCOPL 11 Apr II Emergency Library
P-- HCOPL 11 Apr Goals Finding and Goals Finders
P-- HCOPL 11 Apr Tech Dir's Weekly Report
P-- HCOPL 11 Apr Appointments
P-- HCOPL 11 Apr Memberships
PMC HCOPL 13 Apr Policy of HGCs
OTC HCOB 13 Apr R2G, Original R2, 3GA, 2-10, 2-12, 2-12A and Others
P-- HCOPL 16 Apr HCO Execs Current Lists
>-C$HCOB 17 Apr R3M2 Redo goals found on this pattern
-TC HCOB 18 Apr Routine 3M2, Directive Listing
P-C HCOPL 22 Apr Hat of Course Administrator (canc 16 May 69)
-TC HCOB 23 Apr Routine 3M2, Handling the GPM
-TC HCOB 24 Apr Routine 3M2, Tips, The Rocket Read of a Reliable Item
PM- HCOPL 25 Apr RRev. 29 Aug 90 Duties of a Staff Member
OTC HCOB 25 Apr Meter Reading TRs
-TC HCOB 28 Apr Routine 3, An Actual Line Plot
-TC HCOB 29 Apr Routine 3, Directive Listing, Listing Liabilities
O-C HCOB 29 Apr Modernized Training Drills using Permissive Coaching
PMC HCOPL 30 Apr The Saint Hill Staff Co-audit
-TC HCOB 30 Apr Routine 3
P-- HCOPL 2 May Reiss ser 13 How To Do a Staff Job (reiss PL 11 Apr 61)
-TC HCOB 4 May Routine 3, An Actual Line Plot No. 2
-TC HCOB 5 May Routine 3, R3 Stable Data
P-- HCOPL 5 May Sec ED; Staff Member Enrollments
-TC HCOB 8 May The Nature of Formation of the GPM
*-- HCOPL 8 May Squirrel Process Investigation
P-- HCOPL 9 May International Council
--- HCOPL 9 May Change in Report Line (canc. per OEC)
--C HCOAL 10 May the pattern for an HCO area secretary
--- HCOPL 10 May Student Rates for HGC Auditing in SA Org (canc per OEC)
--C HCOIL 10 May The E-Meter
--C SECED 10 May Maids HAT
>-C$HCOB 11 May Routine 3 Heaven
-TC HCOB 12 May Routine 3, RI Form (GPM RI Form Corrected)
-TC HCOB 13 May Routine 3, R3N Directive Listing with New R3 Model Session
--C HCOPL 13 May supplies of books to scientology organizations (canc per OEC)
PM- HCOPL 15 May Instructor Hats
OTC HCOB 15 May The Time Track and Engram Running by Chains, Bulletin 1
-M- SECED 20 May Scientology Missionary Hat
-TC HCOB 20 May Routine 3N, Proper Programing, Fast Blowing RIs
O-C HCOB 21 May R3R Model Session (cancelled - HCOB 19 Nov 63)
PM- HCOPL 24 May Changes in Basement Student Facilities
--- HCOPL 25 May Press Relations (canc 11 Oct 65)
-TC HCOB 26 May Routine 3, Line Plot
OTC HCOB 27 May Cause of ARC Breaks
P-- HCOPL 29 May Reiss Ser 14 How To Handle Work (Reiss of HCOB 19 Aug 59)
P-C HCOPL 31 May Training of Clears
-T- HCOB 1 Jun Routine 2, New Processes
>-C HCOB 4 Jun checking out the Joburg, tips to sec check instructors (BTB?)
-TC HCOB 4 Jun Routine 3, Handling GPMs
OTC HCOB 8 Jun R 3 Oct 77 The Time Track and Engram Running by Chains, #2
PM- HCOPL 10 Jun Scientology Training, Technical Studies
>-C HCOB 13 Jun New Training Drills
PMC HCOPL 17 Jun Staff Clearing Program
*-- HCOPL 17 Jun Ray Kemp & San Diego
PM- HCOPL 18 Jun Tape Release
*-- HCOPL 18 Jun Suspension of Certs
P-- HCOPL 18 Jun Students Blowing (canc per OEC)
P-- HCOPL 18 Jun Policy Checks (canc per OEC)
PM- HCOPL 24 Jun Review of Departments
OTC HCOB 24 Jun Routine 3, Engram Running by Chains, Bulletin 3
OTC HCOB 25 Jun Routine 2H, ARC Breaks by Assessment
P-- HCOPL 26 Jun Reiss ser 15, Routing of Comm (Reiss of HCOB 25 Feb 58)
--- HCOPL 26 Jun Resume of Franchise Policy
OTC HCOB 1 Jul Routine 3R, Bulletin 4, Preliminary Step
P-- HCOPL 3 Jul Change of Routing Org Tech Reports
P-- HCOPL 5 Jul Sales of Lifetime Memberships or Shares
OTC HCOB 5 Jul ARC Break Assessments
O-- HCOB 5 Jul CCHs Rewritten
OTC HCOB 9 Jul A Tech Summary, The Required Skills of Processing and Why
P-- HCOPL 9 Jul HPA/HCA Certificate Checksheet
P-- BPL 9 Jul Meter Demonstration Booth Hat r. 5 Aug 75
--C HCOIL 9 Jul A treatise on the E-meter
O-C HCOB 11 Jul Auditing Rundown - Missed Withhold - Top be Run in X1 Unit
-TC$HCOB 14 Jul Routine 3N, Line Plots
>-C HCOB 17 Jul errors in running 3N
P-C HCOPL 19 Jul Reiss ser 16 Admin Stable Data (reiss of SecED 4 May 59)
OTC HCOB 21 Jul Co-audit ARC Break Process
OTC HCOB 22 Jul I You Can Be Right
OTC HCOB 22 Jul III Org Technical, HGC Processes and Training
PM- HCOPL 23 Jul Retreads on Saint Hill Special Briefing Course
P-- HCOPL 23 Jul Appointment (USA)
OTC HCOB 23 Jul Auditing Rundown, Missed Withholds, To Be Run in X1 Unit
>-C$HCOB 24 Jul R3N Corrections
>-C HCOB 26 Jul training technology coaching theory (BTB?)
P-C HCOPL 26 Jul Continental Director Hat Write-up (canc per OEC)
OTC HCOB 28 Jul Time and the Tone Arm
OTC HCOB 29 Jul I Scientology Review
-T- HCOB 29 Jul II R3R-R3N-R3T, Cautionary HCOB
>-C HCOB 29 Jul SHSBC Training Drills
PMC HCOPL 30 Jul Current Planning
PTC HCOPL 2 Aug I Public Project One
PM- HCOPL 2 Aug II Saint Hill Course Changes
OTC HCOB 4 Aug E-Meter Errors, Communication Cycle Error
P-- HCOPL 8 Aug Plants in Academies - Introduction of Form B (canc per OEC)
OTC HCOB 9 Aug Definition of Release
-M- HCOIL 9 Aug Public Meetings
OTC HCOB 11 Aug ARC Break Assessments
PM- HCOPL 12 Aug Certificates and Awards
OTC HCOB 14 Aug Lecture Graphs
PM- HCOPL 14 Aug Press Policies (reiss as PR Series 31)
P-- HCOPL 16 Aug Indivdual Auditors Operating in a Central Org Control Area
OTC HCOB 19 Aug How to Do an ARC Break Assessment
OTC HCOB 20 Aug R3R-R3N, The Preclear's Postulates
PT- HCOPL 21 Aug Change of Organization Targets, Project 80, A Preview
--C HCOIL 21 Aug Ron's journal no. 6
OTC HCOB 22 Aug Project 80, The Itsa Line and Tone Arm
PM- HCOPL 22 Aug ARC Break Assessments on Staff
-TC$HCOB 24 Aug R3N, The Train GPMs, The Marcab Between Lives Implants
OTC HCOB 1 Sep I Routine Three SC
-T- HCOB 1 Sep II Scientology Two, Routine 1C
-TC HCOIL 1 Sep Scientology One
P-- HCOPL 2 Sep Staff Changes
PM- HCOPL 3 Sep Status of Auckland
>-C HCOB 4 Sep Assessment TRs
OTC HCOB 6 Sep Instructing in Scn Auditing, Instructor's Task,
PM- HCOPL 7 Sep Committees of Evidence, Scn Jurisprudence, Administration Of
OTC HCOB 9 Sep Repetitive Rudiments and Repetitive Prepchecking
P-- HCOPL 10 Sep Reiss 17 The Credo of a Good & Skilled Mgr (HCOB 22 Apr 59)
--C BTB 12 Sep CCH's Data
--C HCOIL 16 Sep new scientology basic definitions
--C HCOPL 18 Sep Scientology Five Scientology Instructors (canc per OEC)
PMC HCOPL 22 Sep Concerning Committees of Evidence
>-C HCOB 22 Sep Scientology Two Prepcheck Buttons
OTC HCOB 23 Sep Tape Coverage of New Technology
P-- HCOPL 24 Sep Urgent Course Rules and Regulations (canc. per OEC)
OTC HCOB 25 Sep Adequate Tone Arm Action
P-C HCOPL 25 Sep Right to Refuse HPA/HCA Student Application
P-- HCOPL 25 Sep Hats of Student Instructors for SHSBC (canc per OEC)
P-C BPL 27 Sep Training Technology Pink Sheets r. 16 Jun 74
-TC HCOB 28 Sep Actual Goals
P-- HCOPL 28 Sep Student ARC Breaks (canc per OEC)
OTC HCOB 1 Oct How to Get Tone Arm Action
>-C HCOB 1 Oct Training Cycles (BTB?)
OTC HCOB 2 Oct GPMs, Experimental Process Withdrawn
P-- HCOPL 3 Oct Appointment
PMC HCOPL 4 Oct Technical Council
PM- HCOPL 7 Oct Fire Security Doors
PMC HCOPL 8 Oct I New Saint Hill Certificates and Course Changes
*-- HCOPL 8 Oct Doctors of Scientology
OTC HCOB 8 Oct How to Get TA, Analyzing Auditing
OTC HCOB 16 Oct R3SC Slow Assessment
-T- HCOB 17 Oct I R-2C Slow Assessment by Dynamics
-T- HCOB 17 Oct II R-2C Slow Asmt. by Dyn. Dir. for Use of HCOB of Oct 17
PMC HCOPL 23 Oct Refund Policy
P-- HCOPL 30 Oct Reiss 18 Concerning City Offices
-TC HCOB 31 Oct R-2C Slow Assessment by Dynamics, Continued
PM- HCOPL 4 Nov Pay Card
PM- HCOPL 11 Nov Committees of Evidence
O-- HCOB 19 Nov R3R Model Session Revised (Cancelled by HCOB 20 Apr 64)
--C TAL 21 Nov data taken from recent LRH lecture
P-- HCOPL 22 Nov Appointment
---$SECED 23 Nov Ron's Instructions [Kennedy ...]
OTC HCOB 25 Nov Dirty Needles
PTC HCOPL 26 Nov Certificate and Classification Changes, Everyone Classified
OTC HCOB 26 Nov A New Triangle, Basic Auditing, Technique, Case Analysis
PMC HCOPL 4 Dec Org Staff W/H Checks
PM- HCOPL 6 Dec Org Programing
-TC HCOIL 10 Dec The Dangerous Environment, The True Story of Scientology
PMC HCOPL 11 Dec Classification for Everyone
PM- HCOPL 13 Dec Co-audit
OTC HCOB 14 Dec Case Analysis, Health Research
--C HCOIL 17 Dec Ron's journal no. 7
PM- HCOPL 27 Dec The "Magic" of Good Management
OTC HCOB 28 Dec Routine 6, Indicators, Part One: Good Indicators
P-- HCOPL 31 Dec SH Re-organization
M-- MESSAGE late Dec Ron's Journal

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=================== 1964 ===================

: Books and Materials of 1964

: In May, Mr. Hubbard created The Auditor, a new magazine sent out
: regularly from Saint Hill to swiftly carry information on his latest
: technical developments as well as news of Saint Hill and the wins
: of Saint Hill students and preclears.
: Technical progress in 1964 included tremendous achievements in the
: field of education. Combining his own experiences as a student with
: observations made in training others, Mr. Hubbard developed Scientology
: study technology and recorded this revolutionary new tech in lectures
: to students on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.
: In December of 1964, R6EW and Solo auditing were released at Saint
: Hill Manor.
: Azimuth Alignment Meter
: The Azimuth Alignment Meter became available in 1964. It was a
: "see-through" meter -- the dial being glass both front and back.
: This enabled an auditor to look through the dial while writing to
: ensure that no movement of the needle was missed. It is a Mark V
: meter in function.

*-- HCOPL 7 Jan Gradient Scale of Personnel Procurement - Confidential
P-- HCOPL 7 Jan Payment of Monies for Overtime and/or Materiel
>-C HCOB 8 Jan Scientology VI routine VI two actual line plots
P-- HCOPL 9 Jan Org Despatch Routing Canada
P-- HCOPL 10 Jan Address Changes for WW
PM- HCOPL 14 Jan I Continental and Area HCO Finance Policies
PM- HCOPL 14 Jan II Future Continental Officer Status
OTC HCOB 21 Jan Meter Level Warning
PMC HCOPL 24 Jan I HCO (Sthil) Ltd., Course Staff Transfers
PM- HCOPL 24 Jan II Scientology Library and Research, Ltd.
O-C HCOPL 24 Jan Case Supervisor
P-- HCOPL 24 Jan Continental Director Appointment South Africa
PMC HCOPL 25 Jan Department of Enrollment
P-- HCOPL 25 Jan HCO (SH) Ldt Personnel Transfer
PM- HCOPL 26 Jan HCO (WW) Ltd., Central Org Activities
-MC HCOPL 29 Jan HCO (SH) Charts, Routings and Pubs, The Enrollment Dept
*-- HCOPL 30 Jan Comm Ev Findings
PM- HCOPL 31 Jan Corporation Coordinator
PM- HCOPL 3 Feb HCO (Sthil), Ltd., Transport
P-C HCOPL 3 Feb Saint Hill children
PMC HCOPL 5 Feb Founding Scientologist Certificate
--C HCOIL 5 Feb Ron's journal no. 8
--C HCOIL 5 Feb OT course open to all auditors who have good basic training
PMC HCOPL 9 Feb Comm Baskets
PMC HCOPL 10 Feb Enrollment on Self-determinism
--- HCOPL 11 Feb Press Inquires (canc per OEC)
PMC HCOPL 13 Feb Classification
PMC HCOPL 15 Feb The Equipment of Organizations
---$HCOB 19 Feb Scn. V (excerpt of HCOB 28 Sep 63 Actual Goals above)
PMC HCOPL 20 Feb Regulations (Scn Library & Research)
PMC HCOPL 21 Feb I Staff Regulations, Auditing versus Job
P-C HCOPL 21 Feb Dept of Enrollment
>-C HCOB 21 Feb scientology six taught only at Saint Hill
PMC HCOPL 21 Feb III Issuing of Certificates
PMC HCOPL 23 Feb Classification
PM- HCOPL 24 Feb I SLR Ltd., Tape Copying
PMC HCOPL 24 Feb II Org Programing
--C HCOPL 24 Feb rundown of case supervisor hat (canc per OEC)
P-- HCOPL 24 Feb Technical Supervision Changes
P-- HCOPL 24 Feb Nomination of Case Supervisior
OTC HCOB 1 Mar Meter Reads, Size Of
>-C HCOB 1 Mar scientology VI goals recording pain in R6
PMC HCOPL 2 Mar Contracts and Services
O-C HCOB 4 Mar Class II Model Session (cancelled by HCOB 19 May 63)
>-C HCOB 6 Mar goals that begin the series track analysis
--C HCOIL 6 Mar child processing
--C TAL 6 Mar all levels points from LRH lectures to the SH staff co-audit
--C TAL 6 Mar aud. & asmt. basic data from LRH lectures (Feb. 25 & Mar. 3)
PMC HCOPL 7 Mar Director of Enrollment, The Letter Registrar, Administration
-TC HCOB 10 Mar Basic Auditing, Nonreading Meters, Meter Flinch
PMC HCOPL 11 Mar I Auditors Division, New HCO WW Organization
PMC HCOPL 11 Mar II Departmental Changes, Auditors Division
PM- HCOPL 11 Mar III Mission Program (titled Franchise in old OEC)
>-C HCOB 11 Mar scientology VI bad indicators and technical notes
--C HCOIL 13 Mar Ron's journal no. 9
OTC HCOB 15 Mar I Overwhelming the Pc
OTC HCOB 15 Mar II Meter, Everything Reading
--C HCOIL 16 Mar the U.S. saturday evening post article March 14, 1964
>-C HCOB 16 Mar scientology VI goals that begin the series track analysis
>-C HCOB 16 Mar Scientology six- part two track analysis- drills
>-C HCOB 17 Mar track analysis
OTC HCOPL 18 Mar HGC Allowed Processes
P-- HCOPL 18 Mar California Franchise
PM- HCOPL 19 Mar Staff Regulations
>-C HCOB 19 Mar scientology- six. Part one basic auditing- drills
>-C HCOB 19 Mar scientology VI. Goal check outs
>-C HCOB 20 Mar scientology VI- part 2 track analysis the GPM
>-C HCOB 20 Mar scientology VI goals that don't exist as actual goals
-T- HCOIL 20 Mar Postulates
P-- HCOPL 20 Mar Urgent - Technical Reports
--- HCOPL 20 Mar District Office and Org Control Area (canc per OEC)
>-C HCOB 21 Mar scientology VI plots
P-- HCOPL 31 Mar Scientology Orgs Comm System Despatches
PMC HCOPL 1 Apr I New Mimeo Line, HCO Executive Letter
PM- HCOPL 1 Apr II Saint Hill Personnel
OTC HCOIL 2 Apr Two Types of People
PMC HCOPL 2 Apr I To the Saint Hill Student: Instruction Targets
PM- HCOPL 2 Apr II SH Enrollment, Materials, Courses & Use of Cl VI Processes
PM- HCOPL 2 Apr III Use of Recreation Facilities, 1964
--C TAL 5 Apr lower levels summary
OTC HCOB 7 Apr Q and A
>-C HCOB 7 Apr scientology VI- part five R6 auditing
>-C HCOB 7 Apr scientology VI- part five
>-C HCOB 7 Apr scientology VI- part six
>-C HCOB 7 Apr Scientology VI- part five gpm auditing
--C TAL 7 Apr truth and reality case progress at levels I-IV
OTC HCOB 10 Apr Auditing Skills
PMC HCOPL 10 Apr I Balancing -- Income Outgo, Paper, Postage and Printing
PMC HCOPL 10 Apr II Scientology Courses
PM- HCOPL 10 Apr III Domestic Staff
OT- HCOB 13 Apr I Tone Arm Action
-T- HCOB 13 Apr II Glossary of Terms
--C TAL 14 Apr intention
--C TAL 15 Apr flattening processes
P-- HCOPL 17 Apr Food & Cleaning Regulations for Students
>-C HCOB 20 Apr model session levels III to VI session preliminaries
--- HCOPL 21 Apr Org Payments for Tape Recorded Lectures (canc per OEC)
P-- HCOPL 22 Apr Summary of Policies on Class, Grades, Certs, ...
>-C HCOB 23 Apr scientology III auditing by lists
OM- Article The AUDITOR 1 The Workability of Scientology
PT- HCOPL 5 May Summary of Classification and Gradation and Certification
PMC HCOPL 6 May I Accounts Policies
P-- HCOPL 6 May Reorganization
P-- HCOPL 7 May Right to Print or Reprint Scientology Books & Materials
PM- HCOPL 8 May Transport
--C TAL 8 May Auditor listening
PMC HCOPL 12 May Theory Testing, Expiration Dates
PM- HCOPL 13 May I Transport
P-- HCOPL 13 May Info About Your Post Reports
P-- HCOPL 14 May Continental Change
P-- HCOPL 15 May Classifications (Level VI Course)
P-- HCOPL 15 May Accounts Policies
O-C HCOB 19 May Class II Model Session
PM- HCOPL 25 May I Instructor's Conference Report Form
PMC HCOPL 25 May II Press Relations
OTC HCOB 27 May Auditing Assignments
PM- HCOPL 28 May Reorganization
>-C HCOB 31 May level VI arc break assessment for routine 6
-MC HCOPL 2 Jun Data for All Staff Members (not listed in old OEC index)
-M- Article The AUDITOR 2 The Gradation Program
--C HCOEL 4 Jun cycles of action
PMC HCOPL 9 Jun Reorganization (St. Hill staff only)
>-C HCOB 9 Jun scientology six level VI progress
PM- HCOPL 11 Jun I Central Organization and City Office Tape Service
PMC HCOPL 11 Jun II New Students Data, Star-rated for New Students
P-- HCOPL 12 Jun HAS & HQS Training Materials
PM- HCOPL 16 Jun Personnel Records, Admin Certs
P-- HCOPL 16 Jun Franchise, What it is & Who May Have It (repl. 2 Jan 65)
PM- HCOPL 18 Jun New Posts
P-- HCOPL 18 Jun Professional Route Class Requirements
P-C HCOPL 22 Jun Reiss ser 19 Organization Posts - two types (HCOB 24 Apr 59)
--C TAL 22 Jun Starting a franchise centere
P-- HCOPL 23 Jun Reiss ser 20 HCO Theory of Communication (PL 2 Mar 59)
PM- HCOPL 25 Jun Departmental Reports
PM- HCOPL 26 Jun Staff Bonuses
--C HCOEL 26 Jun a new pattern of organization
OTC HCOB 29 Jun Central Org and Field Auditor Targets
P-- HCOPL 1 Jul Certification and Classification
PM- HCOPL 2 Jul Bulletin and Policy Letter Distribution
OTC HCOB 7 Jul Justifications
OTC HCOB 8 Jul I More Justifications
-TC HCOB 8 Jul II Good Indicators
OTC HCOB 10 Jul Overts -- Order of Effectiveness in Processing
-T- Article The AUDITOR 3 Ron's Journal No. 10
OTC HCOB 12 Jul More on O/Ws
OTC HCOB 24 Jul TA Counters, Use Of
OTC HCOB 29 Jul Good Indicators at Lower Levels
PMC HCOPL 30 Jul Gradation Program, Revised
-MC HCOEL 6 Aug Accounts Unit
PMC HCOPL 10 Aug Good Workers
PM- HCOPL 12 Aug Policy on Technical Information
OTC HCOB 14 Aug Prepcheck Buttons
O-C HCOB 14 Aug Model Session Levels III to VI
OTC HCOB 17 Aug Clay Table Work in Training and Processing
PM- HCOPL 17 Aug Technical Info for Continental Mags
>-C HCOB 17 Aug R6 co-auditing the processing of end words only
OT- HCOB 18 Aug Clay Table Work, Covering Clay Table Clearing in Detail
PMC HCOPL 21 Aug Staff Auditors (rev 7 Jun 67)
OTC HCOB 23 Aug HQS Course
OTC HCOB 24 Aug Session Must-Nots
PMC HCOPL 26 Aug PE Course
-MC HCOEL 1 Sep Technical Lectures by Other Personnel
*-- HCOPL 4 Sep ? (not to be remimeod per PL 8 Sep 64)
P-- HCOPL 4 Sep Congresses (canc per OEC)
PMC HCOPL 5 Sep Examinations
OTC HCOB 7 Sep I Clay Table Levels
OTC HCOB 7 Sep II PTPs, Overts and ARC Breaks
P-- HCOPL 8 Sep Rush Important Correction (cancels PL of 4 Sep 64)
OTC HCOB 8 Sep Overts, What Lies Behind Them?Word Clearing Series 11
OTC HCOB 9 Sep I Clay Table Healing
OTC HCOB 9 Sep II Clay Table Clearing
PM- HCOPL 9 Sep Purpose of Ad Comm
P-- HCOPL 9 Sep Putting Personnel on the Job (reiss of PL 18 Oct 59)
OTC HCOB 12 Sep Clay Table, More Goofs
PMC HCOPL 16 Sep I Understanding and Tape Lectures
PM- HCOPL 16 Sep II Terminations
P-- HCOPL 18 Sep Final Classif. Termination from SH (canc. by PL 13 Nov 64)
PM- HCOPL 23 Sep Policies: Dissemination and Programs
P-- HCOPL 24 Sep Changes of Addresses to HCO WW Founding Scientologists
OM- HCOPL 24 Sep Instruction and Examination: Raising the Standard Of
OTC HCOB 27 Sep Clay Table Clearing
OMC HCOPL 28 Sep Clay Table Use
PM- HCOPL 30 Sep HCO Corporations
-T- Article The AUDITOR 4 Ron's Journal No. 11
OTC HCOPL 4 Oct Theory Checkout Data (rev 21 May 67)
PMC HCOPL 8 Oct Artistic Presentation Art Series 12
-M- HCOEL 12 Oct Congress Organization and Increasing Interest and Attendance
OTC HCOB 17 Oct I Clay Table Data
OTC HCOB 17 Oct II Getting the Pc Sessionable
OTC HCOB 17 Oct III Clearing, Why It Works, How It Is Necessary
P-- HCOPL 19 Oct Pricing Formulas (canc. by PL 18 Apr 65)
PM- HCOPL 20 Oct Stickers for PABs Wanted
>-C HCOB 22 Oct What an r6 auditor should know
>-C HCOB 22 Oct scientology VI arc break assessment--livingness list L6L
PM- HCOPL 27 Oct R 15 Nov 87 Pol. on Phy. Healing, Insanity and Sources of Trouble
P-- HCOPL 30 Oct Mailing Lists for Franchise Holders (canc. by PL 18 Apr 65)
P-C HCOPL 31 Oct Current Pols. Orgs & Franchise HQS course (canc PL 18 Apr 65)
PMC HCOPL 31 Oct Addressograph Equipment Warning
-T- Article The AUDITOR 5 Gradation Program Reviewed
OTC HCOB 1 Nov More Clay Table Clearing Goofs
>-C HCOB 1 Nov scientology VI provisional cl. auditng requirements
P-C HCOPL 5 Nov Corrections to PLs of 27 & 31 Oct 64
P-- HCOPL 6 Nov Corporate Status
P-- HCOPL 6 Nov Corporate Structure Western Hemisphere
OTC HCOB 6 Nov Styles of Auditing
P-- HCOPL 9 Nov Corrections to PLs of 19 & 31 Oct 64
OTC HCOB 12 Nov Definition Processes (Word Clearing Series 26)
PM- HCOPL 13 Nov Provisional Class VI Classification
PMC HCOPL 15 Nov I Transport Arrangements
PM- HCOPL 15 Nov II Traffic Regulations Saint Hill
OTC HCOB 16 Nov Clay Table Label Goofs
-T- Article CERTAINTY VOL. 11, NO. 11 Nov Socialism and Scientology
PM- HCOPL 17 Nov I Off-Line and Off-Policy, Your Full In-Basket
PM- HCOPL 17 Nov II Bonus
P-- HCOPL 20 Nov Correction to PL of 17 Nov 64
P-- HCOPL 21 Nov Discounts Central Orgs Books
P-- HCOPL 26 Nov Pricing Formulas
PMC HCOPL 30 Nov RB Rev. 2 Feb 91 HCO Book Account
P-- HCOPL 3 Dec Pricing Meetings Final Policy (canc. PL 18 Apr 65)
-M- HCOPL 3 Dec R 7 Jul 83 Booming an Org Through Training (not in old OEC)

: R6EW Materials - The materials for this Solo-audited level were
: released 8 December 1964.

>-C$HCOB 8 Dec scientology VI solo auditing and R6 EW solo auditing
OTC HCOB 10 Dec Listen-style Auditing
OTC HCOB 11 Dec I Curriculum for Level 0 HAS
OTC HCOB 11 Dec II Scientology 0 Processes

: The Scientology Pin(or Membership Pin)
: Worn by members of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International,
: a gold lapel-sized pin of the Scientology symbol.
: Following the release of the Classification, Gradation and Awareness
: Chart of Levels and Certificates in 1965, a series of insignia
: became available that could be worn to show an individual's training
: level and grade of release.
: Auditor Blazer Badge for Class IV Auditor
: This is a shield with two horizontal stripes across the top. The
: top stripe is yellow with the Roman numerals "0-IV" in red. The
: second stripe is black with the word "auditor" in gold. The bottom
: of the shield is green with a gold Scientology symbol. Below the
: shield is a gold banner with the words "Standard Tech" in red.

PM- HCOPL 11 Dec Full Table of Courses and Classification, Classification Correction
P-- HCOPL 12 Dec Correction to PL 6 Nov 64 Corp. Structure W.Hem.
PM- HCOPL 17 Dec Tape Prices
PM- HCOPL 18 Dec I Saint Hill Org Board
P-- HCOPL 18 Dec Staff Appointments
P-- HCOPL 18 Dec Reiss 21 Administrative Traffic Trend (PL 30 Jun 60)
PM- HCOPL 18 Dec IV Re: OIC Data
PM- HCOPL 21 Dec Address Lists to City Offices
P-- HCOPL 23 Dec Field & Public Programming (canc. PL 18 Apr 65)
OTC HCOB 26 Dec Routine 0A (Expanded)
--C BTB 28 Dec E-meter electrodes: a dissertation on soup cans
P-- HCOPL 30 Dec Arrangements During Absence of Exec Dir & Org Sec
P-- HCOPL 31 Dec Tape Availability
PM- HCOPL 31 Dec I Certificates
PMC HCOPL 31 Dec III Use of "Dianetics," "Scientology," "Applied Philosophy"
>-C HCOB 31 Dec scientology VI arc break assessment ---session list l6s

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=================== 1965 ===================

: Books and Materials of 1965

: Great advances were made in Scientology technical and administrative
: technology in 1965.
: Mr. Hubbard codified the organizational technology he had developed
: in building Saint Hill into a big, rapidly expanding organization and
: released it in a flood of new HCO Policy Letters. In fact, 1965 was
: one of the richest years in Scientology history in terms of policy
: advances and releases.
: 1965 was also marked by spectacular progress in auditing and training
: technology. The route to total freedom was fully codified, and the
: first Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart of Levels and
: Certificates was released in May. Power Processing was also begun in
: May, and in September, the Clearing Course was made available to
: students who had completed the prerequisite auditing steps.

OT- ARTICLE My Philosophy
-T- Article The AUDITOR 6 Healthy Babies
P-- HCOPL 1 Jan Franchise Application & Agreement
P-C HCOPL 2 Jan Franchise, who May Have It, How To Maintain It
PM- HCOPL 18 Jan Financial Management, Building Fund Account
P-C HCOPL 19 Jan Finance Org Accts, Building Fund Acct (canc. 26 Apr 65)
P-- HCOPL 20 Jan Finance Currency Regulations and 10%
PMC HCOPL 21 Jan R 5 Apr 65 Vital Data on Promo., The Fundamentals of Promo.
P-- HCOPL 21 Jan Addressograph Equipment
-NC HCOB 25 Jan Definition of "Terminal"
PM- HCOPL 28 Jan How to Maintain Credit Standing and Solvency
PM- HCOPL 31 Jan Dev-t
OTC HCOPL 7 Feb Keeping Scientology Working r. 15 Jun 70 & 28 Jan 73
PMC HCOPL 8 Feb Dev-t Analysis
PMC HCOPL 10 Feb Ad and Book Policies
PM- HCOPL 13 Feb I1 965 Saint Hill Objectives
PMC HCOPL 13 Feb II Politics
OTC HCOPL 14 Feb Safeguarding Technology (KSW Series 4) r. 7 Jun 67
PM- HCOPL 20 Feb Appointments and Programs
PMC HCOPL 22 Feb I Inspections
PM- HCOPL 22 Feb II HCO Area Secretary Saint Hill
PM- HCOPL 22 Feb III Executive Director Comm Lines (includes SO 1)
PMC HCOPL 24 Feb Add. to HCOPL of 7 Sep 63, Comm. of Evidence, Scn Jurisprudence
PM- HCOPL 27 Feb Course Pattern
PMC HCOPL 28 Feb I Deliver
PMC HCOPL 28 Feb II Course Checkouts, Twin Checking
PM- HCOPL 1 Mar General Amnesty
P-- HCOPL 1 Mar The Fair Game Law (repl. by PL 23 Dec 65 & BPL 16 Aug 75)
PMC HCOPL 2 Mar Purchase Order Filing
-M- HCOEL 3 Mar II What's Coming Next
PMC HCOPL 4 Mar I Reserved Payment Account
PM- HCOPL 4 Mar RA II Rev. 7 Jul 83 Technical and Policy Distribution
PM- HCOPL 4 Mar III HCO Secretary WW (Hat)
>-C HCOB 4 Mar level 0 materials (BTB?)
>-C HCOB 4 Mar scientology VI gradient scale for solo
PMC HCOPL 5 Mar I New Status of Honorary Awards
PMC HCOPL 5 Mar II Policy: Source Of
OTC HCOB 5 Mar II Book of Case Remedies, Application of Tech
--C HCOEL 5 Mar building fund account
PMC HCOPL 6 Mar Amnesty Policy
PMC HCOPL 7 Mar RA III Rev. 10 Jan 91 Offenses and Penalties
PMC HCOPL 7 Mar II Certificate Cancellation
--C HCOEL 7 Mar current plans
-MC HCOPL 8 Mar Board Decisions, Data Eval. Raw Data, Judging ...
*-- HCOPL 9 Mar Purpose of SO 1 line
OTC HCOB 10 Mar Words, Misunderstood Goofs (Word Clearing Series 14)
PMC HCOPL 13 Mar I The Comm-Member System
PM- HCOPL 13 Mar II The Comm-Member System, Routing Policies Section
PM- HCOPL 13 Mar III The Structure of Organization, What Is Policy?
-M- SECED 13 Mar Registrar Success
PMC HCOPL 15 Mar I Registrars, CF and Address
P-- HCOPL 15 Mar Only Accounts Talks Money (rev 15 Sep 65)
P-C BPL 16 Mar Further Material On Study - Examinations r. 12 Aug 75
PMC HCOPL 17 Mar I Clearing and Training
PMC HCOPL 17 Mar II Rights of a Staff Member, Students and PCs to Justice
PMC HCOPL 17 Mar III Administering Justice
PMC HCOPL 17 Mar IV Organizational Suppressive Acts (fair game law)
P-- HCOPL 17 Mar Faculty Meeting Report
-MC HCOEL 18 Mar Justice
-MC HCOEL 21 Mar PE Comes After They Have Read a Book
PMC HCOPL 21 Mar Staff Members Auditing Outside Pcs
PM- HCOPL 22 Mar Current Promotion and Org Prg. Summary, Membership Rundown
P-C HCOPL 22 Mar SH Services Prices & Discounts (canc. PL 18 Apr 65)
P-C HCOPL 26 Mar Dept 15 Field Auditors (canc 9 May 65)
PMC HCOPL 26 Mar R 8 Nov 84 Field Staff Member I/C Hat, FSMs
-M- HCOEL 27 Mar Confused Presentation Denies Service
PMC HCOPL 27 Mar The Justice of Scientology, Its Use and Purpose ...
PMC HCOPL 28 Mar Emergencies and Accounts Personnel
PMC HCOPL 29 Mar I Routing Despatches
PMC HCOPL 29 Mar II Flows and Expansion, The Fast Flow System
PM- HCOPL 29 Mar III Staff Regulations (Staff Hats)
OTC HCOB 29 Mar ARC Breaks
P-- HCOPL 30 Mar Field Auditors Become Staff (replaced by PL 9 May 65)
PMC HCOPL 31 Mar Justice Policy Letters Corrections
PMC HCOPL 1 Apr HCO Comm. HAS Program Checking Hat LRH Comm N/W Series 21
PMC HCOPL 2 Apr I False Reports
PMC HCOPL 2 Apr II Meter Checks
PMC HCOPL 2 Apr III Heed Heavy Traffic Warnings
PMC HCOPL 2 Apr IV Star-rate Checkouts for Process
PMC HCOPL 2 Apr R V Rev. 14 Dec 80 Administration Outside Scientology
OTC HCOB 2 Apr The Road to Clear
-MC HCOPL 3 Apr Organization of a Scientology Org
OTC HCOB 4 Apr ARC Breaks and Missed Withholds
OTC HCOB 5 Apr A Conditions Test, Process I-X Registrars
PMC HCOPL 5 Apr I Handling the Suppressive Person, The Basis of Insanity
PMC HCOPL 5 Apr II The No-Gain-Case Student
PMC HCOPL 5 Apr III Scientology Makes a Safe Environment
PMC HCOPL 5 Apr IV Legal and Promotion
P-- HCOPL 5 Apr Vital Data On Promotion (rev. of PL 21 Jan 65)
-M- SECED 5 Apr Registrar, Your Orders
PM- HCOPL 6 Apr Letter Reg Hat
PMC HCOPL 7 Apr I Book Auditor
PMC HCOPL 7 Apr II Healing Policy in Field
PMC HCOPL 7 Apr III Amnesty, Cancelled Certs, Justice Comments
PMC HCOPL 7 Apr RA IV Rev. 23 Sep 89 Book Income
--C HCOEL 7 Apr Ron's journal no. 11
OTC HCOB 7 Apr Premature Acknowledgments
PMC HCOPL 8 Apr I Justice Codes-HCO, Org Exec and Div. Secretaries ...
PMC HCOPL 8 Apr R 7 Jul 83 Cancellation of Mail Lists to Field Auditors
PMC HCOPL 9 Apr Correction to Policy Letters on Certification and Awards
PMC HCOPL 10 Apr Dismissals, Transfers and Demotions
PM- HCOPL 12 Apr I Justice
PM- HCOPL 12 Apr II Classification Pass Marks
P-- HCOPL 12 Apr Scientology Pins (canc. by PL 17 Jun 65)
P-- HCOPL 13 Apr Course R6 Auditing (canc by PL 28 Jul 65)
PM- HCOPL 14 Apr I Organization GPM Unit (corrected 23 Apr 65)
PM- HCOPL 14 Apr II Classification on GPMs
PM- HCOPL 14 Apr III Field Auditor Rates
P-- HCOPL 14 Apr "To LRH Daily Reports" (corr 12 Jul 65, canc. 4 Sep 65)
>-C HCOB 14 Apr scientology (gpms) materials of the gpm unit reorganized
PMC HCOPL 16 Apr I The "Hidden Data Line"KSW Series 22
PMC HCOPL 16 Apr II Drills, Allowed
PM- HCOPL 16 Apr III Handling the Public Individual r. 13 Oct 70 r. 15 Dec 72
PMC HCOPL 17 Apr Additional Mag Policy
PMC HCOPL 18 Apr I Contests and Prizes
PM- HCOPL 18 Apr II Prices Lowered Because of New Organization Streamline
OTC HCOB 18 Apr How to Apply Level Processing
PMC HCOPL 19 Apr Training and Proc. Regulations, ... Students' Questions
PM- HCOPL 21 Apr I Basic Certificates, Uncertified Personnel
PM- HCOPL 21 Apr II Membership Attestations
PMC HCOPL 22 Apr II Level 0 Comm Course
PMC HCOPL 22 Apr III Booklets, Handouts, Mailing Pieces
P-- HCOPL 22 Apr Ethics corr. to all Justice PLs (chg. Justice to Ethics)
PM- HCOPL 23 Apr I Clarification, Auditing of Org Executives
P-- HCOPL 23 Apr corr. to PL 8 Apr 65 - canc of mail lists to field aud.
PMC HCOPL 23 Apr III Problems
P-- HCOPL 23 Apr GPM unit (corr to PL 14 Apr 65)
PMC HCOPL 24 Apr Review
PM- HCOPL 26 Apr Sec ED Issues NO. 5
P-- HCOPL 26 Apr cancels PL 19 Jan 65 Finance org accts
OTC HCOB 27 Apr Clay Table Healing Goof
P-- HCOPL 27 Apr HASI Ltd Shares
PMC HCOPL 27 Apr II Price Engram
PMC HCOPL 27 Apr III Book Promotion Design
--C HCOEL 27 Apr Ron's journal no. 12
PM- HCOPL 28 Apr I Color Flash System
PMC HCOPL 28 Apr II Technical Personnel
PMC HCOPL 28 Apr III Power Processes
PMC HCOPL 29 Apr I Bonuses
PMC HCOPL 29 Apr II Petition
PM- HCOPL 29 Apr III Ethics, Review
P-- HCOPL 29 Apr Mimeo Distribution Changes SecEd Distribution
PMC HCOPL 30 Apr Emergency, State Of
PMC HCOPL 1 May I Staff Member Reports
PMC HCOPL 1 May II Order Board and Time Machine
PMC HCOPL 1 May R 29 Aug 90 Organization, the Design of the Organization
P-C HCOPL 4 May Release Award (canc. 23 May 70)
OTC HCOB 5 May Application, More on the Application of Scn to Children
OTC HCOPL 5 May I Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart r. 4 Jul 70
PMC HCOPL 5 May II Supervisors
P-- HCOPL 5 May Grounds (SH)
-M- SECED 5 May "Free Memberships for Six Months..."
-T- CHART Class., Gradation and Awareness Chart of Levels and Certificates
PMC HCOPL 7 May Canc., Mimeo Distribution Changes (Sec ED Distribution)
PM- HCOPL 8 May I Cancellation of Assorted Directives
PM- HCOPL 8 May II Results of HCO Technical Investigation
PM- HCOPL 8 May III Flash Colors and Designations
PMC HCOPL 9 May R 8 Nov 84 Field Auditors Become Staff (FSM Series 1)
PMC HCOPL 9 May II Auditing Fees, Pref. Treatment of Pcs, Scale of Preference
--C HCOEL 9 May Ron's journal no. 13

: Power Processing Materials
: The issues covering this new level were released on 10 May 1965 to the
: auditors LRH was personally training to deliver it.

-M- SECED 10 May Get Your Tech Division In, Fully Manned and Functioning!
OTC HCOPL 10 May Releases, Vital Data r. 19 Sep 67
PMC HCOPL 11 May I Ethics Officer Hat
PMC HCOPL 11 May R 7 Jul 83 HCO Book Acct PL, Receipt and Use of Membership Monies
>--$HCOB 11 May Scientology VII The Power Processes
PM- HCOPL 13 May I Sale of Bulletins and Tapes Forbidden
PMC HCOPL 13 May II SHSBC Unit Graduation
>--$HCOB 13 May LIST 6 EW
PMC HCOPL 16 May I Important Explanation, Auditing Restrictions
PMC HCOPL 16 May II Indicators of Orgs
PMC HCOPL 16 May III Hubbard Recognized Scientologist
-M- SECED 17 May Clarification of Sec ED 27
PMC HCOPL 17 May II Academy Processing
PMC HCOPL 17 May III Free Scientology Center
P-- HCOPL 18 May Canadian Mailings From Toronto Only
OMC HCOPL 20 May Power Processes
PM- HCOPL 21 May Memorandum of Agreement (corrected 5 Jul 65)
>-C HCOB 22 May scientology III auditing by lists
PMC HCOPL 23 May II Rebates
P-- HCOPL 24 May Student's Guide To Acceptible Behavior
-M- SECED 24 May Examinations
-M- SECED 26 May Re: Sec ED 29 (Tech Div)
PMC HCOPL 26 May I Petitions

: Auditor Blazer Badge for Class VI Auditor
: This is a shield with two horizontal stripes across the top. The
: top stripe is yellow with the Roman numeral "VI" in red. The
: second stripe is black with the word "auditor" in gold. The bottom
: of the shield is blue with a gold Scientology symbol. Below the shield
: is a gold banner with the words "Standard Tech" in red.
: The Power Release Pin
: For the preclear who has attained Grades V, VA or VI, a release pin
: with the S and double triangle (Scientology symbol) with the red R
: encircled by a gold wreath.
: The Release Pin
: A small lapel-sized pin. It is the Scientology symbol in gold with a
: red R (for Release) mounted on it. It signifies a release, Grades 0
: through IV.

PMC HCOPL 26 May II Communications, Registered Mail
PMC HCOPL 26 May III Courts of Ethics
PTC HCOPL 27 May Processing KSW Series 31
PMC HCOPL 28 May I Some Allowed Ads, Book Ads
PM- HCOPL 28 May II Mission Courses (orig title Franchise Courses)
PM- HCOPL 31 May I Noise, Session Interruption
PM- HCOPL 31 May II Mission Summary of Policy (Franchise summary of policy)
--C HCOEL 1 Jun TR goofs
PMC HCOPL 2 Jun I Writing of an Ethics Order
-M- HCOPL 2 Jun II Org Ethics and Tech
O-- HCOB 4 Jun Class II Model Session (canc. by HCOB 3 Jul 60)
-M- SECED 4 Jun "All Pcs Undergoing Power Processing..."
PMC HCOPL 7 Jun I New Org Board Design
PM- HCOPL 7 Jun II Entheta Letters and the Dead File, Handling Of
-M- SECED 10 Jun PE and Lectures
PMC HCOPL 11 Jun I The Foundation
PM- HCOPL 11 Jun II Corr to HCOPL 26 May 65 Communications, Registered Mail
--C HCOEL 11 Jun Ron's journal no. 14
PM- HCOPL 12 Jun The Foundation, Forming the Foundation
PM- HCOPL 14 Jun I Folders, Marking Of
PMC HCOPL 14 Jun II Six Power Processes
-M- HCOPL 14 Jun III Politics, Freedom From (in old OEC as 10 Jan 68)
OTC HCOB 14 Jun II Summary Report
OTC HCOPL 17 Jun I Staff Auditor Advices
PM- HCOPL 17 Jun II Scientology Pins (canc. 12 Apr 65)
PM- HCOPL 18 Jun I Grounds Regulations, Staff and Students
PMC HCOPL 18 Jun II Areas of Operation
OTC HCOB 18 Jun Clear and OT Behavior
--C HCOEL 19 Jun how SH went from fin. crisis to affluence in 13 1/2 months
PM- HCOPL 21 Jun I Orgs Are Saint Hill FSMs
PMC HCOPL 21 Jun II Distribution Division (Div 6)
OT- HCOPL 26 Jun HGC Pc Review Auditing Form
OTC HCOB 28 Jun Releases, Different Kinds
--C HCOEL 28 Jul Ron's journal no. 15
OTC HCOB 30 Jun Release, Rehab of Former Releases and Thetan Exteriors
PM- HCOPL 30 Jun Ad
-M- Article The AUDITOR 9 Org Staffs to Release
PMC HCOPL 1 Jul I Ethics Chits
OTC HCOPL 1 Jul II Comm Cycle Additives
PMC HCOPL 1 Jul III Hats, the Reason For
PMC HCOPL 1 Jul IV Letter Reg, Body Reg
PMC HCOPL 3 Jul The Foundation Data
O-C HCOB 3 Jul Model Session Revised
PMC HCOPL 4 Jul Pc Routing, Review Code
P-- HCOPL 5 Jul Memorandum of Agreement (corr to 21 May 65)
P-- HCOPL 5 Jul Assignment of Tech Personnel (can. 11 Jul 65)
PMC HCOPL 6 Jul Releases
PMC HCOPL 7 Jul Photos, News and Statistics for Mags and Auditor
P-- HCOPL 7 Jul Releases, Policy on
--C HCOEL 8 Jul Issue II muzzled auditing
PMC HCOPL 9 Jul Qual Goofs
PMC HCOPL 10 Jul Lines and Terminals Routing
PM- HCOPL 11 Jul Assignment of Tech Personnel (replaces 5 Jul 65)
P-- HCOPL 12 Jul LRH Daily Reports (corr. to 14 Apr 65)
PMC HCOPL 12 Jul I Release Policies, Starting the Pc
OTC HCOB 12 Jul States of Being Attained by Processing
-M- HCOAL 13 Jul Congresses
P-C HCOPL 13 Jul Testing
--C HCOIL 13 Jul Issue III former release queries
--C HCOEL 13 Jul HCO Exec Sec Hat
PM- HCOPL 16 Jul Continental Magazines to Model After Certainty
PMC HCOPL 19 Jul Policy, How to Handle People Who Quote Policy to ...
PMC HCOPL 19 Jul II Separation Order
PTC HCOPL 19 Jul III Release Checks, Procedure For
PM- HCOPL 19 Jul RA IV Rev. 7 Jul 83 Discounts, Central Orgs, Books
OTC HCOB 21 Jul Release Rehabilitation
P-- HCOPL 22 Jul Home Addresses
PM- HCOPL 22 Jul II Dissemination Materials to Saint Hill
PM- HCOPL 23 Jul Priority of Power Processing
PMC HCOPL 26 Jul Release Declaration Restrictions, Healing Amendments
O-- HCOB 27 Jul Auditing by Lists
PM- HCOPL 28 Jul I Handling of Photographs
PM- HCOPL 28 Jul II Case Supervisor, Special Attention
*-- HCOPL 28 Jul Course R6 Auditing (cancels PL 13 Apr 65)
PM- HCOPL 30 Jul Preclear Routing to Ethics
PMC HCOPL 31 Jul Purposes of the Qualifications Division KSW Series 12
>-C HCOB 31 Jul releases r6 ew note
--C HCOEL 1 Aug personnel wanted
PMC HCOPL 2 Aug I Executive Division
PMC HCOPL 2 Aug II Chaplain
OTC HCOB 2 Aug Release Goofs
OTC HCOB 3 Aug Auditing Goofs, Blowdown Interruption
PMC HCOPL 5 Aug Release Checkouts
OTC HCOB 5 Aug Release Stages
OT- HCOB 6 Aug Qualifications Technical Actions
PM- HCOPL 6 Aug Technical Queries from R6 Graduates
PMC HCOPL 7 Aug I Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics Of
PMC HCOPL 7 Aug II Floating Needle on Former Releases
PMC HCOPL 9 Aug Release Checkouts
PMC HCOPL 12 Aug Council and Ad Comms
PMC HCOPL 13 Aug Foundation, Basic Course Organization
PMC HCOPL 15 Aug Things That Shouldn't Be
PM- HCOPL 16 Aug I Foundation, Basic Course Organization, Correction
PM- HCOPL 16 Aug II Collection from SPs and PTSes
-M- SECED 16 Aug Foundation
PM- HCOPL 17 Aug I Return Address
PM- HCOPL 17 Aug II Certification of Franchise (Mission) Students
O-C HCOB 19 Aug Model Session Revised
PM- HCOPL 20 Aug I General Amnesty
PM- HCOPL 20 Aug II Continuing Pc to Third Stage Release
PMC HCOPL 20 Aug III Appointment of Xerox Officer
PM- HCOPL 20 Aug IV Scientology Org Uniforms, Saint Hill
OTC HCOB 23 Aug Abbreviations and Symbols of Dianetics and Scientology
PTC HCOPL 23 Aug I Classification at Upper Levels, Temporary Measure
PM- HCOPL 23 Aug II Crediting of Auditor in Release Logbook
PT- HCOPL 23 Aug III Deletion of TR 5
PM- HCOPL 24 Aug I Pcs Released Routing
PMC HCOPL 24 Aug II Cleanliness of Quarters and Staff, Improve Our Image
PMC HCOPL 26 Aug RB Rev. 10 Jan 91 Ethics E-Meter Check
P-C HCOPL 26 Aug Scn training Twin Checkouts (excerpts from earlier PLs)
PMC HCOPL 27 Aug Housing-Staff, Students, Preclears
P-- HCOPL 27 Aug Dissem Sec Hat
OT- HCOB 30 Aug R I Rev. 30 Dec 79 Art Art Series 1
OTC HCOB 30 Aug II Release Stages
PMC HCOPL 31 Aug Mail Opening (ammended by BPL 29 Apr 75)
OT- Article The Aims of Scientology
PM- HCOPL 1 Sep II Publications
PMC HCOPL 1 Sep R III Rev. 7 Jul 83 Mailing List Policies
PM- HCOPL 1 Sep IV Some Tech Div Policies
PM- HCOPL 1 Sep R V Rev. 27 Mar 78 Membership Policies
PM- HCOPL 1 Sep VI Saint Hill Services and Prices
PMC HCOPL 1 Sep VII Ethics Protection
P-- HCOPL 1 Sep Current Policy Franchise
PMC HCOPL 4 Sep I Inspection Officer
P-- HCOPL 4 Sep LRH Daily Reports
-M- HCOEL 6 Sep Upping Beginning Scientology Enrollments
PMC HCOPL 8 Sep Supply Officer
-M- SECED 8 Sep Distribution Division Info Packet
-M- SECED 8 Sep Registration Packet
PMC HCOPL 9 Sep Flowers, Care Of
P-- BPL 10 Sep The Franchise Award of Merit r. 1 Jul 75
PMC HCOPL 12 Sep I Foundation Course Change
PM- HCOPL 12 Sep R 4 Feb 91 E-Meters and Books for Academy Students
OTC HCOB 13 Sep R 16 Feb 81 Out-Tech and How to Get It In KSW Series 26
PMC HCOPL 13 Sep II Issue Authority Required for Mimeo
PM- HCOPL 13 Sep III Foundation Course Hours
PMC HCOPL 14 Sep I Classification Is Required Before Moving to Next Level
PM- HCOPL 14 Sep II Units and Bonuses for Org Exec Secs and HCO Exec Secs
PM- HCOPL 14 Sep III New Car Park
P-C HCOPL 14 Sep Only Accounts Talks Money (rev. of 15 Mar 65)
PM- HCOPL 16 Sep I Weekly Secretarial Personnel Report
PMC HCOPL 16 Sep II Foundation
PM- HCOPL 17 Sep Executive Letter Unit
P-- HCOPL 20 Sep Power Processing For The Public (replaced by PL 30 Nov 65)
PMC HCOPL 21 Sep I Cleanliness and Tidiness of Premises
PM- HCOPL 21 Sep II Auditor Estimation Test
PM- HCOPL 21 Sep III Corporate Names, Group Names
OMC HCOPL 21 Sep V E-Meter Drills
PMC$HCOPL 21 Sep VI Purposes of the Department of Registration
P-- HCOPL 21 Sep Memorandum of Agreement (rev. of PL 21 May 65)
OTC HCOB 21 Sep Out-Tech
O-- HCOB 21 Sep Qual Tech Actions correction to HCOB 6 Aug 65
OTC HCOB 22 Sep Release Gradation, New Levels of Release
PM- HCOPL 22 Sep Keys
PM- HCOPL 23 Sep Keeping Stocks Up
PM- HCOPL 24 Sep I Free Release Check
P-- HCOPL 24 Sep Student & PC Reports
PM- HCOPL 24 Sep III Ads and Info Packets
PM- HCOPL 25 Sep Entheta Letters and the Dead File, Handling Of
--C HCOEL 26 Sep Ron's journal no. 16
OTC HCOB 27 Sep Release Gradation, Additional Data
P-- HCOPL 27 Sep Changes of Address for WW

: Clearing Course Materials
: The written materials for the Clearing Course were first presented
: to students at its opening on 27 September 1965.

OTC HCOB 29 Sep I Cyclical and Non-Cyclical Process Conclusions
OTC HCOB 29 Sep II The Continuing Overt Act
PMC HCOPL 30 Sep Statistics for Divisions
-T- Article The AUDITOR 10 The States of Existence
-T- Article The AUDITOR 10 Preclears Should Demand Proper E-Meters Be Used
OTC HCOB 1 Oct RRev. 24 Feb 75 Mutter TR
*-C HCOPL 4 Oct Clearing Course Materials
O-- (HCOPL 11 Aug 71 "Security of data" is excerpted from the above)
PM- HCOPL 5 Oct Routing, Ad Comm Reports and Minutes
--C HCOEL 6 Oct the Melbourne inquiry I
--C HCOEL 8 Oct the Melbourne inquiry
-M- HCOEL 10 Oct Government Conflicts (might be same as below?)
--C HCOEL 10 Oct Ron's journal no. 17
P-- HCOPL 11 Oct Press Relations (rev PL 25 May 63)
P-- HCOPL 11 Oct OIC Cable Change
PMC HCOPL 12 Oct Advisory Committees
PMC HCOPL 13 Oct Dev-t Data, Executive Responsibility
PMC HCOPL 14 Oct I Potential Trouble Source Routing
P-C HCOPL 14 Oct College of Scientology (St. Hill)
P-- HCOPL 14 Oct Course Pattern
PMC HCOPL 15 Oct Rev. 8 Nov 84 FSM Selection Papers and Commissions FSM Ser 3
-M- HCOEL 15 Oct Field Staff Member Commissions
-M- SECED 18 Oct Field Staff Member Program
--C HCOEL 18 Oct single source of blows and lost people, clay table use ...
PMC HCOPL 19 Oct Release Declarations
PMC HCOPL 21 Oct II Bills Payments
P-- HCOPL 21 Oct Release Checks for Franchise PCs
>-C HCOB 21 Oct release rehabilitation
-M- SECED 22 Oct FSM Selection Slips
PMC HCOPL 23 Oct Dissemination Drill
PMC HCOPL 25 Oct Saint Hill Solo Audit Course
PM- HCOPL 26 Oct Low Statistics
PMC HCOPL 27 Oct Grade Award Insignia
--C HCOIL 27 Oct Lecture of Oct. 14, 1965
PM- HCOPL 28 Oct Discounts
PM- HCOPL 29 Oct I Student Auditing of Preclears
PMC HCOPL 29 Oct II Ethics Authority Section, Office of LRH
-M- SECED 2 Nov In HCO Policy Letter..."
-MC HCOEL 2 Nov Your Org-Reply Expected
P-- HCOPL 2 Nov FSMs for St. Hill
PM- HCOPL 2 Nov II Foundation Central Files Officer and Address In-Charge
PM- HCOPL 2 Nov III Fast Line Sec EDs and Admin Orders
-M- HCOPL 2 Nov IV Org Division, Income Dept
PMC HCOPL 3 Nov I Equipment
PMC HCOPL 3 Nov II Pc Scheduling
-M- ADMIN DIRECTIVE 4 Nov Appearances Officer Hat Write-up
-M- HCOEL 4 Nov "I Am Worried about Your Foundation..."
OTC HCOB 5 Nov Five-Way Bracket on Help
O-- HCOB 5 Nov Lecture Graphs (duplicates HCOB 14 Aug 63)
OTC HCOB 7 Nov Release Rehabilitation Error
PMC HCOPL 7 Nov I Reception Log, In-the-Org List
PM- HCOPL 7 Nov II Autographed Copies of Books by LRH
OTC HCOB 8 Nov Suppressives and Hidden Standards
PMC HCOPL 10 Nov The Cramming Section
PM- HCOPL 12 Nov II Paint, Odorless
PM- BPL 12 Nov III Transfers from SHSBC to Solo Audit Course r. 13 Jul 75
PM- HCOPL 13 Nov Release Pins
OTC HCOB 14 Nov Clearing Commands
PMC HCOPL 15 Nov Reporting of Theft and Action to Be Taken
OT- HCOB 16 Nov R I Rev. 22 Feb 79 E-Meter Sensitivity Setting
OT- HCOB 16 Nov II Commands for Upper Indoctrination TR 6, TR 7, TR 9
PMC HCOPL 17 Nov The Basic Principles of Promotion
-M- SECED 18 Nov Field Staff Member Courses
PMC HCOPL 18 Nov I Appointment of Personnel
OTC HCOB 19 Nov Problems Process
OTC HCOPL 19 Nov Auditing Reports
PMC HCOPL 20 Nov R 4 May 85 The Promotional Actions of an Organization
PMC HCOPL 20 Nov II Org Rudiments Section
PMC HCOPL 21 Nov Check Signing (corr. 31 Dec 65)
-M- SECED 23 Nov Organization at Saint Hill
P-- HCOPL 23 Nov Mark V & Azimuth E-Meters
OTC HCOB 24 Nov Search and Discovery
PMC HCOPL 26 Nov Rev. 31 Oct 82 Financial Planning Finance Series 40
-M- SECED 26 Nov Income Data
OTC HCOB 26 Nov Information on Rehabilitation
-T- HCOB 30 Nov Library Record of Levels
PM- HCOPL 30 Nov Power Processing for the Public (replaces 20 Sep 65)
OTC HCOB 6 Dec Low TA Cases
PM- HCOPL 7 Dec Tape Color Flash Code
P-C HCOPL 8 Dec Distribute - To spread out so as to cover something
PM- HCOPL 9 Dec Rev. 7 Jul 83 HCO Income, Memberships-Tape Plays
OTC HCOB 10 Dec E-Meter Drill Coaching
PM- HCOPL 13 Dec Numbering of Certificates
P-- HCOPL 13 Dec Staff on SH Clearing Course
-M- SECED 14 Dec Departmental Actions
PMC HCOPL 15 Dec R I Rev. 25 Jul 87 Student's Guide to Acceptable Behavior
P-- HCOPL 15 Dec Additions to Gros Statistics for Divisions (30 Sep 65)
P-- HCOPL 15 Dec Additions to PL 20 Nov 65 Promo Actions of an Org
PM- HCOPL 15 Dec II Gifts
PMC HCOPL 15 Dec III Ethics Chits
-M- SECED 16 Dec Registration and Service
PM- HCOPL 16 Dec I Copyright: USA
PMC HCOPL 16 Dec II Statistics of the International Executive Division
-M- SECED 21 Dec Accounts Clearance
P-C HCOPL 21 Dec lrh financial relationship to orgs
PMC HCOPL 23 Dec RB Rev. 8 Jan 91 Suppressive Acts
---(orig title: Ethics Suppressive Acts The Fair Game Law)
OTC HCOB 27 Dec Vitamins
PMC HCOPL 27 Dec RA Rev. 7 May 84 LRH Communicator LRH Comm N/W Series 2

: The Clear and OT Bracelets
: A Clear is signified by a silver identification bracelet with the S
: and double triangle on it. The bracelet is sterling silver. The
: underside bears the word "Clear," L. Ron Hubbard's initials, the
: engraved name of the person, the date they were declared Clear and
: their Clear number. An Operating Thetan is signified by a gold
: bracelet of the same design.

PM- HCOPL 28 Dec RA Rev. 4 Feb 91 E-Meters Allowed
P-C HCOPL 28 Dec Enrollment in Suppressive Groups
P-- HCOPL 29 Dec Shipping Material to South Africa
>-C HCOB 29 Dec clearing course successes
PMC HCOPL 30 Dec PTS Auditing and Routing
P-- HCOPL 31 Dec Corr. to 21 Nov 65 Cheque Signing.
--C HCOEL 31 Dec Ron's journal no. 18

=================== end of 1965 ===================

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The only reference I know of where Ron actually mentions someone becoming sick from R6 materials is in old tech volume VI as HCOPL of 11 Aug 71 "security of data" which was ammended and reissued 28 Mar 74 and which was taken from and replaces HCOPL 10 Nov 66 which in turn was an excerpt from HCOPL 4 Oct 65 (see the above list) which was confidential. The latest version in the new master list is again 11 Aug 71 without mentioning that it includes later revisions. This is the one that goes "Issued with a small amount of R6 data, three or four persons promply used it ..." which is around on the net in various versions. And so the only policy where Ron tried to justify making the materials confidential was rewritten numerous times and nobody is supposed to see the original. Isn't that interesting.