Self Clearing is the practice of using mental exercises and processes to clear oneself of barriers and abberations (distortions) which prevent one from operating in an optimum manner.

Processing consists of asking oneself questions and answering them not just once but many times so as to push through surface reactions and find deeper truths.

Mental exercises consists of doing actions repetatively to raise one's awareness and control.

You might, for example, simply look around the room and notice things that you like. If you do this a number of times in a row, you will focus your attention and the room will seem a bit brighter.

Or you might recall a time when you had fun and then recall a time when somebody else had fun, and alternate these two processing commands, recalling time after time until your recall penetrates to something that has been deeply burried and long forgotten.

These are just begining steps. There are thousands of these processes.

It is expected that by using these processes, you will raise your ability and awareness to undreamed of hights.


The goal is to remove all mental blockage and regain full ability.

What that really means depends on what we really are.

The practice of self clearing does not presume to dictate what you will find or what abilities you will achive.

Belief in the theology of self clearing is not a requirement for practicing it.

With that in mind, we will say that the practicioners often discover a number of very incredible sounding things.

Extensive use of the recall techniques might lead to the rememberance of past lives.

Extensive use of the perception techniques might give one flashes of non-physical perception.

Working with things such as problems, one might discover that one creates one's own problems and brings one's own opposition into existance.

And at basic, one might well discover that we are godlike immortal beings who have become trapped within universes of our own creation.

But this is all nothing more than a speculation as to what you might find. In practice, you find whatever you find.

You certainly don't have to believe in past lives to practice the techniques. If you want you can chalk that one up to simply exercising one's powers of imagination. The techniques will still build up your abilities to focus and concentrate and handle situations in life.


This practice has evolved from Scientology which was founded in 1952 by L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology in turn was an outgrowth of Dianetics. It came about when the original Dianetic theories of all abberations originating in the prenatal area failed in practice and the engrams (painful incidents) were found to lead back to past lives instead.

Self Clearing is not sanctioned by the modern Church of Scientology. By their standards (as of 1997), it might even be considered to be sacrilidge.

Since Scientology places heavy restrictions upon its members and upon the uses of the techniques, the non-orthodox Scientologists are known as The Freezone and the two factions are currently (1997) heavily at odds with each other.

The Church of Scientology's own websight is at

Freezone sites can be found by following these links among others -

My own arguments for reforming Scientology can be found on The Scientology Reformer's Home Page which is available on these links among others -

And also on the "Reform Now, The Org's Grades Are Out" webpage which can be found at

Various criticisms of current Scientology practices can be found at these sites amoung others

Unfortunately, modern orthodox Scientology only concentrated on a tiny percentage of the advanced areas that were explored during the inital research in the 1950s, and they incorrectly evaluated the importance of these things and began to specialize in them, resulting in an ineffectual and unbalanced approach which is subject to much ridicule.

Therefore they made these things confidential and have been working tirelessly to launch lawsuits against critics who make these materials available.

The self clearing materials (see below) will put these things in their proper perspective.

It is hoped that orthodox Scientology will eventually reform, recognize their common cause with the Freezone, and support the Self Clearing movement.


The Self Clearing Book has been made freely available on the internet. It can be picked up from the following sites among others:

The techniques can be used by anybody who is willing to put in the time and effort required to work through the book.

The initial version of the book consists of 48 chapters, each of which might be considered to be a stage or level or area that is to be addressed in self clearing. There will probably be more chapters in the future as the research is carried forward.

The book is to be worked through twice, once in a light manner to orient oneself, develop understanding, and handle things which are currently in one's way. And a second time to carry the processes to deeper levels and expand each section to full mastery.

On the second pass, one will be expected to expand the chapters with other materials. Many of these are in the Super Scio book which I previously released onto the internet.

The Super Scio book represents my own research notes on working beyond the levels that were available in orthodox Scientology. It expects that you are already familiar with Scientology or have worked through the Self Clearing book.

It is available on these links among others


I am a secret reformer within the Church of Scientology.

I wish to make the technology freely available to everyone and I wish to see the research continue.

I remain anonymous at this time because the CofS has a reputation for visciously attacking any of their members or ex-members who attempt to do either of these actions.

They currently believe that the technology is inviolate, cannot be revised or extended, and must remain frozen in the form left by Hubbard upon his death.

In the early days, a begining was made towards researching unsupervised self processing at home, as is evidenced by Hubbard's "Self Analysis" book which is still available.

But this was not carried forward, and any attempts at carrying this beyond what is in this beginner's book by Hubbard (which, being by Hubbard is considered inviolate) is sternly attacked.

And yet, a careful examination of the early research and the later discoveries shows that these could be combined with benifit to make the entirety of the technology easily available to everyone on a do-it-yourself basis.

This is abhorent to the current management of the CofS which charges absurdly high prices for a very limited subset of the technology.

That subset represents approximately a third of the areas covered by self clearing.

And many other areas were investigated by Hubbard in the 1950s but were not carried forward to the point where they could be applied in the rote and pedantic manner currently used within the CofS.

This represents another third of the areas covered by self clearing, and the actions necessary to upgrade these to the point where they could be used for this purpose are again in violation of CofS practices because the sacred works must never be altered or extended.

And then there is the remaining self clearing material which is based upon by own research beyond the works of Hubbard, and this is the most abbhorent to the current management because the technology is considered to be complete and nobody besides Hubbard (who is no longer around) may further research or experiment with it.

For this reason I remain hidden. You can visit the critic's sites for stories of what happened to various people who did not remain so well hidden.


There is much ongoing critical discussion going on in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup.

There is much ongoing freezone discussion in the newsgroup.

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freezoneamerica also provides The Pilot's Homepage which brings together the various materials that I have made available. I also occasionally check the guestbook which they provide. The link is The Pilots Home Page at

The road to truth is finally open. The toll bridge that block its use has finally been bypassed. The speed limit signs have finally been taken down.

You need only roll up your sleaves and get to work.


The Pilot


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