We have come down through a long series of universes. All of the more advanced sources seem to be aware of this, most notably the Tibetan scriptures and L. Ron Hubbard's investigations of 1952. However, no one has ever provided a detailed description of the sequence or characteristics of these universes. If we have indeed fallen from a godlike state, then the universes themselves must follow some sort of a dwindling progression and the mechanics of that decay must reflect, on the whole, how we have come to be in the state that we are in.

This document will attempt to sketch out the broad outlines and provide a context which will hopefully support further research. I cannot guarantee that all the information given here is exactly correct. The best I can do is to say that I think it comes reasonably close. But of one thing I am certain, the picture can be no less complex than that presented here. If I have erred, it is on the side of missing things rather than putting too much there. Nothing less would serve to explain the degree to which we have fallen.

Before embarking on an actual discussion of the history, it is important to define my usage of the word "universe" because it is used in many sloppy ways in the field of metaphysics.

By universe, I mean a complete system of space and time. And for this discussion, I mean specifically those large agreed upon universes in which we all have lived.

There is not a one to one mapping between the points in space within one universe and those in another. A universe can have more than one 3 dimensional plane and can also have other 3 dimensional spaces (bubbles or pockets) tied to it. These are all considered to be part of the same universe because there is a mapping of points and there is a correspondence of time and there is a carry over of physical laws. But truly separate universes do not tie together in a direct manner and do not have identical laws. Note that you can setup transfer points between separate universes, but these are arbitrary points linked together without any correlation.

The current universe is one of very strict physical laws and is best characterized as a highly mechanical MEST (Matter/ Energy/ Space/ Time) oriented creation. The immediately preceding universe was one of Magic where physical laws were not quite as solid. Just as the literature of science fiction hints at the flavor of our life in this universe, the literature of fantasy hints at the nature of the Magic universe. But even the magic universe was quite physical and highly structured in its own context. As we work backwards from this universe, we see that each preceding universe was slightly less solid and more conducive to thought until we reach the earliest ones where the Thetan (Spirit / that which thinks) is senior and the physical aspects are trivial things that can be modified by the merest whim.

Let us now go all the way back and set the stage for the entire procession of universes.