At the highest levels, the self-aware life statics participate in a dance of infinite creation. Here, everything that can be conceived of is created, exchanged, and experienced. Here we have an infinity of universes in constant flux, varying even in the number of dimensions used by each universe. At this level, the individual is himself near infinite, creating and experiencing multiple universes simultaneously and projecting an infinity of personalities, and yet the individual is still individual and separate and distinct from the other individuals who also participate in the dance of creation. And the flux between these individuals is the dance and is the infinity of creation.

This level is the co-existence of static and here each individual is, to all intents and purposes, God. And the only compelling purpose of it all is to continue to add to the richness of creation. And this might well be termed divine and infinite bliss. It is a nirvana, but a nirvana of infinite somethingness rather than nothingness.

But given an infinity of infinities to fill, it becomes mandatory to leave no stone unturned in the search for yet more new and varied creations. In pursuit of this, there is the idea that a new being, freshly separated from the zero-infinite life static, might conceive of new systems of creation, different from those which are already in existence. And so new beings were indeed separated out and did add greatly to the richness of creation.

But the most original creations would stem from beings who were isolated from the existing order and were not tainted by exposure to what the older beings had created. And so there is the concept of isolating a new crowd of individuals within a sort of womb where they can develop on their own.

We are now in such a womb, and the entire series of universes that we have built and inhabited are in this womb. When we have finished our development, we will exit the womb and carry our new systems of creation with us into the dance and begin an infinitely interesting exchange of mockups with the older beings. And someday, eons hence, when we have milked dry every variation of our own systems, and the systems of the older beings, and the endless variations of intermixing the systems, then we will eagerly await the birth of yet another crop of new beings who will bring forth their own set of wonders.

No matter how miserable you might be today, the duration of the misery is short in comparison with eternal bliss. When you have achieved the ultimate godlike state, you will consider the pains of birth a small price to have paid for it.