How is it possible to enclose a group of godlike beings and prevent them from experiencing the vast and interesting body of existing creations? How can you control someone whose mearest whim has the power to create and destroy universes?

Initially, since you are dealing with innocent new beings, you can distract them with an interesting object and channel their attention in the direction that you desire. But this does not work for very long, and soon they will begin to look around and be attracted by the fascinating works of the older beings. And with that, the freshness of new unbiased creation would be lost. So something further is needed.

But a god can only trap or limit himself, and at most, he can be aided by the deception and trickery of others. But even in this, the older beings must not be directly involved or they will eventually contaminate the new crowd.

And so the new group of beings must be tricked into conflict among themselves and into building traps for each other. And each one is trapped, not so much by the traps that others laid for him, but by the traps that he laid for others for sooner or later, he will forget one of his own traps and fall into it by mistake.

The general plan is that the new beings will dig themselves into a trap of their own devising. And will sink deeper and deeper into it and eventually will become the effect of their own creation and even forget who they are and how they built the trap in the first place. But in so doing, they will evolve a new system of creation which will be the anatomy of the trap. And eventually, they will begin to dig themselves out, which will require regaining control over the entirety of their creations.

We lie now at the bottom of such a trap, and it might seem that we could never create even a single atom of the physical universe around us. But these abilities will return as we dig ourselves out. And when we exit the womb, each of us will not only have all of the rich and interesting details of Earth at our fingertips, but we will also have the details of the Star Wars like physical universe and the Magic universe, and the numerous universes that came before. We will bring all of this out into the greater society of beings and our rewards will be great. It has been a hard road and will continue to be rough for awhile, but it has worked before and it is the only way to develop in true isolation.

And the older beings will not and cannot intervene. We must dig ourselves out, for it is this which will give us the power over these creations of ours. If the older beings were to step in and rescue us, so to speak, by pulling us out of this trap, they would be stealing from us our richly deserved reward. These are our creations and it is for us to take command over them.

We have been totally isolated for a long time. There was only one external intervention at the very beginning. This was the absolute minimum possible and there have been no others although we have frequently pretended to each other that we were older or higher beings and have even sometimes imitated the actual intervention with the intent of bedeviling and tricking each other.

This one and only bit of external interference consisted of presenting us with a single ultra-complex object which would prejudice us towards conflict and entrapment. This object was the Jewel of Knowledge.