This is the only creation we have ever received from "outside" and it is the only contact we have ever had with the older beings.

There have been many false beginnings of the time track that we have implanted in each other during our trap building frenzy. There have also been many true beginnings of track in the various universes in which we have been engaged. But the jewel of knowledge is the actual first experience for all of us. Each being's attention was directed to it as they separated from the ultimate static and it was so fascinating that all were drawn in and by the time anyone might have felt like looking outward for something else from outside, we had already sunk too low to penetrate the walls of the trap that we had been encouraged to build for ourselves.

The experience of the jewel of knowledge does not have a big sign on it saying that it is the first experience or that it is the beginning of track or the start of time. In fact, it is just the opposite. Incidents that yell loudly about being the beginning do so as a means of trickery and are never actually the first incident. Furthermore, you can't find the jewel of knowledge experience by trying to find the first incident, there are just too many falsely labeled first ones. But once you do spot it, all of the "first" incidents always seem to be later.

Another misleading factor, is that the jewel of knowledge is extremely complex. It is quite possibly the most complex thing we have ever had contact with. And our creations become simpler as we look earlier on the time track. So our expectation would be for the first incident to be very simple. And its not, because it came from outside.

The jewel of knowledge is an object in 17 or more dimensions. It has a diamond like structure, but this extends in a huge number of directions and contains endless faces or facets. It is extraordinarily beautiful and interesting. We have a tremendous problem visualizing it because one of our little traps that we used on each other intentionally blocked our ability to visualize or perceive more that 3 dimensions.

But even before we became blocked on many dimensional structures, the jewel was really too complex for a new innocent being to grasp as a whole. It was intentionally created that way so that we wouldn't simply digest it quickly and then look around for more interesting creations made by the other beings.

The jewel was divided into chambers and we went through each chamber sequentially. Each chamber explained something that was interesting and useful to a new being, and most of the data was correct. Only very slyly and subtly did they work in misleading information that predisposed us towards conflict and entrapment. For there was no way to force us to swallow the jewel, we could only be coaxed into accepting it all by a great show of true knowledge and beauty.

There is no language in the experience of the jewel. We did not have any at that time and they certainly would not teach us one for that would have prejudiced our thinking far too much. Instead, it is all demonstrations using very simple objects. These were simple squares, triangles, circles etc. with many dimensions. We refer to a three dimensional square as a cube and a four dimensional square is called a tesseract by the mathematicians but we lack good words for seven or eight dimensional versions of this shape,. However, an eight dimensional square is still a simple abstract object that would not impart very much of a bias into our own creations.

The jewel's chambers also never show anything that looks like bodies or people. They use nebulous clouds or points of light to represent other beings in the chambers that deal with the interactions of beings.

The demonstrations are generally very simple. For example, one of the early chambers demonstrates how to perceive an object. Looking at things with only one eye open is adequate for a flat two dimensional view but true depth perceptions in three dimensions is best done with two eyes. In a similar manner, looking at a 7 dimensional cube is best done by looking at it from 6 points simultaneously. They don't tell you this, instead they show you. It begins with the vague impression of an object in front of you. Then you feel yourself drawn into putting out more and more points from which to view the object. When you finally get six unique viewpoints (and they mustn't be in the same plane), the object suddenly becomes very real and there is a satisfying feeling. Then they have you put out even more viewpoints and the object becomes thin and unsatisfying again. So you learn to synchronize the number of viewpoints that you use with the dimensions of the object that you are viewing.

Many of the chambers are interesting and helpful in this manner. But a few of them are misleading and treacherous. For example, one of the chambers shows many "beings" participating in creating a collection of objects that are moving around in harmony. The sensation is very pleasant. Then one of the beings begins working contrary to the efforts of the others and the sensation is unpleasant, the harmony is destroyed. So the other beings gang up on the disagreeable one and force him back into agreement and the sensation becomes pleasant again. It is actually a false idea that predisposes you to beating up on anybody who is different and implanting people to force them into agreement.

When we finished going through all of the chambers, we were left with the idea that it is necessary to control and trap others. We were also given the idea that we now had to build something of our own in exchange for the jewel before we had a right to look at any more of the older beings creations. But of course before we finished that, we had dug ourselves in so deeply and trapped ourselves so well that we had lost any hope of reaching outside and were launched on our decent into more and more complex traps of our own making.