This was the longest period in our history and the most extreme conflict we have ever been engaged in. It took place between beings of awesome capabilities who were invulnerable to anything except for the side effects of their own infinitely powerful postulates and decisions. And it took nearly forever for these immortals to wear each other down and finally get everyone beaten into line.

And there is nobody who did not at one time or another fight on every side of this conflict. And there is nobody who did not occasionally say the hell with it all and go off on their own to build universes only to eventually be sucked back into the conflict again. And the fighting of this war as an interesting game was probably as important to us as the issues being fought over, and so the desire of the majority was always to perpetuate the battle rather than to come to some reasonable compromise. And the flavor of the battle was more like that of kids playing a war game where people only rarely suffered any actual harm rather than the horror of humanoid warfare.

But over the long course of time, people did eventually succeed at abberating and controlling and entrapping each other.

In the final stages of the conflict, the 3 dimensional proponents did succeed in laying in mental blocks that interfered with creating or perceiving things with more than 3 dimensions. They could not block out 1 and 2 dimensional capabilities because these are part of 3 dimensional constructions, but they could and did block the use of 4 or more dimensions.

The 4 dimensional crew could not retaliate in kind because to block 3 dimensions would block 4 as well. Instead, they took the only countermeasure possible which was to implant a craving for 4 dimensional mockups.

A single 4 dimensional coin might remedy your cravings for wealth. Since one can't have that, one wants endless 3 dimensional coins because that approaches the condition of a single 4D coin which consists of an infinity of 3D coins layered together along the 4th axis. Consider having a 2D picture of a coin. If you layered enough of those together, you would come close to having a 3D coin. But you never quite make it, its not really the same. So the 3D never really satisfies and you get abberated on the subject of quantity.

This left us in the strange state of being unable to perceive 4 dimensional mockups while at the same time not only reacting to them but also needing them. There is a 4 dimensional component to things such as sexual ecstasy. The very universe we live in, although built of 3 dimensional mockups, has a 4 dimensional thickness which is what makes it so solid and difficult to manipulate. If you hit the wall with your hand and then do a mental mockup of a hand hitting a wall, you will notice a significant difference in the two experiences. If you then mockup thousands of identical hands striking thousands of identical walls, all in parallel, you will notice that the mocked up sensation comes much closer to the real thing. So our current reality does have a 4 dimensional component. It is a thickness consisting of multiple copies of the 3 dimensional reality all sort of glued together and moving as a unit.

To gain some understanding of how this happened, we must look at the early capabilities and aberrations of the beings in this time period.