As to abilities, we are now talking about beings who were virtually unlimited in their ability to create and alter matter, energy, space, and time and who were furthermore capable of being in many places at once and tracking and managing many complex operations at the same time.

But the beings were very limited as to both experience and philosophy. Their thinking was almost of the idiot savant style with tremendous mechanical capabilities but little interest in the meaning of things. The use of symbols and abstractions is something that evolved gradually and it only started to appear bit by bit in this early period.

The earliest communications were simply an exchange of knowingness. You would know that someone else wanted you to come over and look at something they had created. You'd go over and look at it and then decide that they knew that you liked it (or didn't like it). Then they would decide that you knew that they were happy (or unhappy) with the judgment and so you would know that as well. This was soon followed by exchanging simple pictures. But exchanging pictures of abstract symbols as a means of communications only evolved on the eve of the reality wars as the universe building work was approaching completion.

It is in the area of communications that the first aberrations developed. This was due to the influence of the jewel of knowledge which hinted continually that completely free communication was not really such a good idea. This hidden purpose behind this was both to keep the new beings from trying to communicate with things outside of the womb and also to lay the stage for the conflicts and entrapment that was necessary to their development, for people do not fight nor do they get trapped if they are in full communication.

Unlike other aberrations, these early communication aberrations were by choice and they are slightly different for each of us, although the mechanics are the same, because each of us made our own decisions about who and what we didn't feel like communicating with. And here is the road out. Since communication barriers are, at basic, created by choice, they can be pushed through by the simple decision to communicate again without having to unravel the entire maze that we have built on top of them.

In modern times, we see long chains of problems and upsets layered upon each other. And we see harmful acts and guilt and retribution. And these all seem to lie on top of a core of incidents of loss and pain.

But the early beings could not be hurt and at first could not even suffer loss because they could create anything again. And the earliest problems, etc. could obviously not be dependent upon yet earlier ones.

The early aberrations all stem from the communication blocks created willfully based on the advise of the jewel of knowledge. Early problems all stemmed from an unwillingness to communicate or from leaving communications incomplete. Early harmful acts and upsets came about because of the misunderstandings engendered by messed up communications. And then these things began to feed on themselves. This happened during the early universe building period, and during the reality wars, and continues to this day.

And since these are the most basic aberrations, it is possible to address them even on someone walking in off of the street without long preparation, and you can undo their everyday problems as is clearly illustrated by lower level Scientology processing.

But taking apart the original problems that occurred during the basic universe building era has its own difficulty. It is not that these early incidents are painful or hard to face, most of them would be a joke to us now after all that we have been through. The real difficulty is that this early period is almost incomprehensible. You might, for example, have someone who is being a near infinite series of golden pyramids spread out among 20 different universes of varying numbers of dimensions deciding, let us say, to trick a being who is an infinite progression of green and orange carrots into thinking that a right handed space (whatever that is) is really left handed.

And that is the basic anatomy of the earliest aberrations, which came about through the predisposition to not communicate. And then we have the reality wars, with everyone working day and night to try and figure out how to further confuse and abberate and control each other.

This could not be done by implanting commands through energy waves or hypnosis or whatever because the beings could not at this time be affected by force or energy. So these early efforts concentrated heavily on showing you very aesthetic little stories that would trick you into weakening yourself. They might, for example, show you how glorious it would be to fight against overwhelming odds and loose. Or they might show you the nobility of self sacrifice. And then they might encourage you to go ahead and experience these things in some sort of a mocked up universe, And often, you would, because you were hungry for interesting experiences and had not the slight concept that anything could ever really harm you. And all the while, they'd be encouraging you to turn off your own abilities and reduce your horsepower.

None of these things worked very well at first. But eventually, what with continually changing sides, we all eventually fell into traps that we had ourselves designed while playing on the other team. And if enough time had passed for us to have forgotten that we had built a trap, then it might be quite effective against us. And we were just too stupid to fix the traps that we built so that they wouldn't trap their creators.

You wouldn't be bothered by these traps now. They didn't have much more punch than our current TV commercials. Its just hard to conceive of this stuff because the weight of the high powered conditioning used in later universes interferes with our ability to think.