This is the first of the gigantic agreed upon universes where everybody lived. It was not organized in any fashion except for having an agreed upon set of definitions. It was just a big infinite space into which anyone could project mockups of their choosing.

It was basically a 3 dimensional space and would, of course, contain 3 dimensional mockups, but it was also possible to project additional 3 dimensional spaces sideways of it or to redefine the same location as a number of different 3 dimensional mockups in parallel. For example, let us say that Bill creates a room with a green chair. Steve comes in and agrees with it but then Joe shows up and decides that the chair is blue. Steve and Bill resist this and so the space divides into two parallels separated slightly in a 4th dimension with one space having the green chair and the other one having the blue chair. When a fourth person enters the room, he feels that he can go two ways, either to the room with Bill and Steve and the green chair, or to the room where Joe is sitting in the blue chair.

The basic flaw was in the definitions used. These were definitions of basic things such as good and bad, happy and sad, big and small, etc. The definitions were done as dichotomies - i.e. pairs of opposites. The problem was that, whether due to inexperience or due to more troublesome hints from the jewel, the pairs of definitions did not really line up with each other. For example, there was a definition for good (in the sense of nice) and bad, and there was a different definition for good (in the sense of holy) and evil and the two versions of good did not line up with each other so that it was possible to be good in the holy sense while being quite nasty at the same time. This made for more mis-communication and entrapment.

We designed these definitions ourselves, but we did it in teams. In defining the agreements universe, each team designed one pair of definitions without knowing what the other definitions were going to be. This was considered to be fair since everyone had an equal hand in making this mess. The definition was stated in terms of a simple picture sequence. For example, good/bad was defined by a series of pictures about the good bear and the bad bear. The good bear does this and the bad bear does that. It shows about two dozen pairs of examples of good and bad. Its all very silly and childlike. The charge on these definitions is small but deep and is primarily due to the heavy pressure of enforced agreement and the endless confusions and upsets that occurred during our existence in the agreements universe. The charge on these definitions and their association with childlike mockups is probably why people sometimes have a great distaste for childlike things.

We built these definitions in the mis-aligned spaces and then collected them together. By extreme hard work, we build the definition sequences into a 4 dimensional construction reminiscent of the jewel of knowledge. It was basically a 4 dimensional inverted pyramid golden in color. The inverted pyramid in this case symbolized the narrowing down of many realities into one. Each 3 dimensional pyramid in the 4 dimensional super-pyramid contained one of the many pairs of definitions. Even with true 4 dimensional abilities blocked, it was possible to build a 4 dimensional construction by painstakingly layering together a large series of 3 dimensional constructions. We all promised to agree to and follow these definitions and we all made strong postulates that everyone would be bound by the definitions. This was all done before any of us had seen all of the definitions. Then we all gathered around it and dived into it as a group.

You can spot rushing to get into agreement and going through a golden inverted triangle. There will be a sense of thousands of other beings rushing along with you similar to the sensation of the sperm dream found by early Dianetics. After you pass through the triangle, you get hit with the definitions one after the other beginning with the good and bad bear. When we come out, we are all in a single empty infinite space. The space is light (faintly golden) rather than dark. And then we start creating things.

Death still did not exist, although we were getting pretty good at forgetting things or dropping everything and deciding to go off to the other end of the universe and start over. We were still not interiorized into our creations. But there was a tendency to use the interesting body types created for the agreements definitions as our manifestations rather than using the simple pyramids or spheres that we had used up to this time. But these were not really bodies as we know them now because we flicked them in or out of existence as necessary and were certainly not very bothered if one of them got zapped since we'd just mock up another one.

This time period was long and interesting, but the conflicts gradually got worse and eventually we wound up spending most of our time tricking each other or messing up each other's stuff. Eventually it got so that you couldn't build a complicated aesthetic creation without some practical joker making some weird thing pop up in the middle of it. People got frustrated and began to search for a solution.

The answer was to set up a new universe (since the agreements universe was so messed up) in which each person would have their own separate sub-universe. I.E.. each being would get their own home universe which everyone else was supposed to leave alone.