Our universe was built as a prison 86 trillion years ago. The sentencing process includes passing through a sort of implant universe which tells him that this is the universe of physical force and then lays in the goals that he is supposed to live by in this universe (things such as being successful, popular, intelligent, strong, etc.) but putting them in with a twist so that he will forever get in trouble trying to do them. Of course the implant is at the beginning of time (and says so) but it is only the beginning of time for this stupid little universe and not for our eons long existence.

At first, people would escape and be in the magic universe for awhile and then get sent here again (receiving the implant again). The magic universe remained in existence (and is still there although it is very contracted and almost deserted).

In recent times, the remaining kings and wizards, seeing that most of the action and people were down here, relocated themselves by forming up invader forces and trying to take over this universe.

There are some parts of this universe where we have attempted to recreate magic universe operation and which to some degree imitate the magic universe. One difference is that space in this universe is dark whereas in the magic universe, the space is light (radiant).

Most science fiction contains vague recollections of the history of this universe.

The goal of this universe is "To Survive". The normal emotional tone level (as described by L. Ron Hubbard) is in the 0 to 4 band. There may be a many layered structure of "astral" planes in addition to the physical level in places where someone has taken the trouble to build these using higher dimensional technology carried down from the higher universes.

Again there was a big society which tried to make slaves out of everybody. This was Arslycus. It was a great city in space and was researched to some degree by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952. If you will think about building in three dimensions instead of 2 (on the surface of the Earth), it should be obvious that a space city occupying a spherical volume equal to the size of the solar system would have more "land" area that all the planets of the galaxy combined. And gradually they captured all of the populations of the outlying spiral arms of this galaxy. Their main activity was implanting people to be slaves.

An equally viscous group of religious fanatics, known as Helatrobus, was entrenched in the center of the galaxy busily implanting people to be good. Gradually the Galactic Empire (millions of planets in the center of the galaxy) came under their sway, began using implants to solve social unrest, and ceased to be a nice place.

These two groups came to blows and fought a war that just about wrecked the galaxy a few hundred million years ago. It pretty much resulted in their mutual destruction. You might say that Arslycus won because they collapsed the center of the galaxy into a black hole which formed the next lower prison universe (the mud universe) where the remnants of Helatrobus now rule. But it was a Phyrric victory since Arslycus was also shattered. This ended around 167 million years ago.

Of course there have also been plenty of subsequent little empires that have claimed to be the continuation of Hellotrobus (like having Constantinople and the Holy Roman Empire around long after Rome fell to the barbarians).

Since then, there have only been petty little empires and the usual operations of civilized man. And if you object to calling these later glorious empires "little", please realize that an empire with a thousand planets would hardly be bigger than a dust mote on a picture of our galaxy with its billions of stars.

The galaxy has, to some degree, remained in a dark age ever since, with petty kingdoms fighting wars and buisily implanting their citizens.

Eventually the invader waves started coming in from the magic universe to add a little spice to the action. These invader forces would generally be formed up by a few kings and wizards grabbing entire planetary populations and dragging them back up to the magic universe briefly for advanced training and implanting followed by returning here in a wave of conquest.

The body types in this universe are generally humanoid ( 2 arms, 2 legs, etc.) but not necessarily human. This is in keeping with the penalty universe designs that we have tended to fixate on more and more. The more exotic types of bodies sometimes envisioned by the science fiction writers actually hearken to earlier universes where we had a bit more free thought and our mockups were more diverse.

Things are not really as simple here as they seem. To make things this solid and immune to thought, everything is setup on a very indirect basis. We carry all of our earlier universe experience along as baggage and we hide a good bit of it from ourselves and keep it out of sight.

The real structure of our bodies actually carries our entire "evolution" (or "devolution") with it. The bodies consist of a physical body generated by an astral body (a hidden immaterial version of the old magic universe style body) which is generated by a spirit body (the old conflicts universe body) which is projected by an energy body (thought universe) which is projected by a symbol body (symbols universe) which is in turn projected by a mask (motion universe) which is projected by a basic object (games universe) which is mocked up from one's operating space. I.E.., the people operate through many layers of vias to keep themselves and their stuff from being hit. The higher level forms are very carefully hidden and the being wouldn't even let himself know for fear that someone will read his mind and zap them. The person dies in a physical body and then stupidly runs around in an "astral" body where he can still be hit (and is still carrying around tons of baggage) until he can hook up to a new physical body.

If the person were smart, he would step outside of the whole mess and be like a god again. Occasionally, some people do. Unfortunately, they then proceed to get into even more conflicts and trouble and wind up right back in the soup again. They perpetuate their early aberrations instead of facing up to them. Even the gods fall prey to the early stupid and self-destructive ideas such as jealousy and vengeance. Everyone swallowed the jewel of knowledge hook, line, and sinker and believes it to this day.