Here is a brief list of the universes:

a. Separation from static

b. Jewel of Knowledge

1. Creation period

2. The Mis-aligned spaces

3. The Agreements Universe

4. Home Universe

5. Games Universe

6. Motion Universe

7. Symbols Universe

8. Thought Universe

9. Conflicts Universe

10. Magic Universe

11. Current Universe

12. Mud Universe.

It is quite possible that I have gotten some of the details wrong. For example, it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that Giliead was in the Magic Universe instead of the Conflicts Universe. And I have intentionally avoided mentioning things which are still highly speculative. So do not take this literal mindedly or assume that it is complete. It is the barest sketch of a framework and further research is needed.

Some of you may think that I have an overly active imagination. In that case I invite you to enjoy the above as an entertaining piece of fiction. I do hope that you will begin to research your past existance and attempt to determine who and what we are. I do not insist that you find the same answers that I did.

Take this roadmap and use it as a suggestion for things to look at. Don't simply swallow it as a matter of faith. Wrong ideas are not harmful unless you blindly insist that they are correct, otherwise you would simply have a good laugh.