Besides the lineplot items, there are a number of other things closely connected with the goal which you use throughout the entire course of a GPM's existence.

There will be a basic computation, which we call a "Service Facsimile" (it was originally considered to be a facsimile or picture but now is known to be a computation and the person thinks it is performing a service for him in helping him to survive). This is what the individual uses to make others wrong.

There is a basic underlying Service Facsimile for the entire GPM. It is derived from using the basic characteristic of the Opterm to make others wrong. For me on the goal to be intelligent, the serv fac was "They're Stupid". In the previous GPM to be holy, it was "They're Evil". This is not a lineplot item. It endures for the entire course of the GPM.

In grade 4 processing, we try to get the Serv Fac by listing answers to the question "In this lifetime, what do you use to make others wrong". In some cases, you get the basic service fac which is part of the GPM. In others, you get a lock resting on top of it (maybe "their foolishness" or "other people's ignorance" etc.).

If you have found a basic serv fac by running grade 4 processes, you might be able to derive the basic terminal from it and figure out the goal from that. But sometimes you only you only have a lock rather than a basic one. Also, sometimes the basic service fac of an earlier GPM which is similar to the current one might have locked up onto the current one and show up on grade 4. One of the main actions of implant GPMs was to try and collapse together your actual GPMs so that you get things all tangled up.

Another thing connected to the GPM is a basic object which symbolizes the beingness of the GPM. For the goal to be intelligent, this might be a pair of glasses. For the goal to be holy, it might be a cross. This is a mental mass and the person will use it as his true viewpoint and spiritual body throughout the course of the GPM's existence. It is the token he uses to represent himself in the game, a bit like the player's tokens in a game of monopoly. He carries it from lifetime to lifetime and he will try to have a manifestation of it in the physical universe but this is not always possible.

For the individual, this object is solid as a rock and it is exceptionally pleasing to him. Ron stumbled on this in the late 1950s and labeled it "The Rock" but he did not have the anatomy of the GPM at that time and therefore all the attempts to audit it out failed. It was pretty much abandoned in the research after that, but it shows up here in our anatomy of the actual GPMs. It is interesting to note that this was the original point at which the meter reaction which we call a "Rock Slam" was discovered. The Rock of the current GPM will not produce a rock slam unless you are already into committing horrible unjustified overts against the next GPM that you are falling towards. But the rock of the previous GPM which you have already turned against will generally produce a wild RS on the meter.

You wouldn't have any luck auditing the rock until the GPM has been pretty much taken apart.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that everyone who wears glasses does so because of the goal "to be intelligent". We have always failed when we tried to label specific sources for general kinds of conditions. There are always many possible reasons and which one is correct is an individual matter. One person might wear them because of an engram (an might get rid of them on Dianetics) and another might have them because of an overt (and maybe could handle it on grade 2) and perhaps another has gotten them from implants or whatever. We might not even have all the possible reasons. All that I can say for sure is that if he is wearing them because they are the rock of the current GPM, you have no hope in hell of curing them with Dianetics or any other lower level processing. And you probably can't even get the guy to wear contact lenses.

This is why you never try to cure anything or promise any specific result with any level of auditing. You have no idea where his ailment is coming from and the odds are that it is not on the level you're going to do next. It is likely that you will fix something, but you can't guess in advance what that something will be.