March 29, 1990, Rev. 16 Dec 92

The most basic aberrations stem from a time when the individual had capabilities approximating those of a god. To even conceive of those early incidents requires taking the viewpoint of a being that could create and destroy universes at will.

But do not be fooled into thinking that such power solves all problems. Especially as we are only talking about power over MEST or the various equivalents of MEST in other systems of creation. When all men are gods, the problems of interpersonal relations are aggravated rather than lessened.

A being becomes abberated first and then he loses power as a consequence of those aberrations. Therefore, we find that the earliest unabberated period is followed by a period of intense abberated behavior where the individual still wields the power of a god.

When an individual cannot be harmed or trapped by force or emotion, then all that remains is trickery, wrong data, and considerations that will lead him into trouble. And when such individuals come into conflict, and have the power to create universes, they will create universes specifically tailored to trick, degrade, and abberate each other, hence the existence of implant universes.

An implant universe is a universe intentionally designed and used to install aberrations. They primarily existed early on the track at a time when the creation of universes was far easier than it is now.

Before discussing these further, Some background information on the subject of universes in general is needed.