3. The Decline of Theta

It is possible that there once was a game and that we divided up into teams and each team created an abberative universe that would be used by them on the losers. The agreement would be that the winning team would get to gang up on each of the losers individually and push them through the penalty universe.

It doesn't really matter who won the first game because everyone would have kept on playing more and eventually everyone would have been pushed through quite a few of these and pushed others through quite a few times.

Although each team would have worked as hard as possible to create the most horribly abberative universe, in early runs, it probably only left a slightly sour taste in the mouths of the losers for a short while. Remember that we're talking about beings who could create and destroy universes at will.

If this is the case, then anyone might have either the overt or the motivator side first on a particular universe, however, by the time we had decayed to the point of getting stuck in universes, we all probably had both sides on all of these.

In the overt side, a team blankets an individual and forces him through. You get a little kickback of the incident from the individual your holding in there and sometimes you feel him wiggling around and trying to get out and you are pushing back with postulates and intention.

On the motivator side, you experience the universe. The experience is such that it leads you to make abberative postulates.

In addition to this is the overt of building one of these. There is generally a chief architect who lays out the overall plan. There might also be designers who work out the details of each area. Then, a group effort is done to postulate the track of the universe in detail. Once this is done, it "is" and it floats in its own space and time and can be reached thereafter by connecting to the starting point.

Quite a few of these were built. There are very simple three dimensional ones that just place you in a bad construction that you have to make an abberative decision to get out of. There are also highly complex ones with postulated time tracks that take you from the top of the scale down to the bottom.

Early on, there were no fixed ideas or considerations. These universes laid in fixed patterns and ideas. Every scale in Scientology is an arbitrary pattern of behavior. If a thetan is totally free to postulate, then there is no standard pattern. You can only have a scale if you have a standard aberration that causes behavior in a certain fixed mold. Consider the tone scale. Why should boredom be above anger? This is a fixed pattern that was used over and over again in implant universes until the individual felt that the one emotion should follow the other.

Here also is where all the consequences are defined. I.E., if you do A, then B will happen to you. A thetan can postulate anything. He can have his cake and eat it too. But here he was shown (and showed others) that when the cake is eaten, it is gone and can no longer be had. Even the laws of energy and the very concept of energy itself had to be defined by these implant universes or else they would not be consistent from individual to individual.

A particularly nasty set of these implant universes laid in the dynamics. Each impulse to survive is due to an implant that created a problem in survival. Without the implant universe, the individual can start, change, and stop at will. Only a heavy aberration gives him a need to survive. This series of implant universes appears to have been built by all of us working together during the home universe era for use as a penalty for anti-social behavior. These "Penalty Universes" will be covered in detail later.

Some of these universes have "items". These are thought intentions that one receives as he goes through the experience. The thoughts sort of permeate the space of the universe at particular moments in the track. These postulates were put there while the universe was intended and the individual gets them as he goes through it.

Every abberative mechanism addressed in Scientology can be found being laid in in one or more of these universes. This not only includes aberrations such as interiorization or the overt/motivator sequence but also thing like becoming infested with BTs (for a "good" reason) or making a goal go down a declining series of items.

Besides the aberrations of the grades and OT levels (and aberrations like the impulse to build actual GPMs), there is another abberative impulse which shows up in these. It is the impulse to split off or abandon identities. I.E., one becomes two, or you leave your real self behind etc.

After all of this, you still have someone fairly able. He could disagree and throw this stuff away when he came out of it, but he thereafter had considerations and the predisposition to getting in trouble on these various points of aberration.