4. The Later Track

Before and parallel to this universe, there is a "magic" universe. The magic universe was an agreed upon universe somewhat similar to this one but things worked a bit differently.

Although everyone was pretty much in this magic universe, we weren't quite as stuck in it as we are here. It was still possible (with difficulty) to shift universes.

These old implant universes were still lying around. Sometimes you find a wizard calling a demon (or genie or whatever) to carry someone off to "hell" so to speak. Here you have the demon blanketing the individual and forcing him into one of these implant universes. The demon gets a bad kickback out of this and, although the wizard knows better than to connect with the implant universe himself, he's got a big overt and becomes very motivator hungry (and sooner or later someone else dumps him in).

So you still find overt and motivator experiences of these implant universes as recent as the magic track (which can be quite recent). We all had our turns at being wizards, demons, and victims in the magic universe.

This universe was built by the inhabitants of the magic universe to get rid of undesirables. They set up the Incident 1 implant universe as a transfer mechanism to shift beings down from the magic universe into this universe. Eventually almost everyone wound up down here. Of course, there were frequent "escapes" from this universe, but they would eventually get caught and be shipped back here again. This is why you may have recent magic track in between MEST universe track.

Eventually, most of the magic universe decayed since there were too few beings left to keep it properly mocked up.

The few remaining wizards (or rulers or powers or whatever) left there decided to invade this universe and come down in style. They'd round up escapees or collect beings from this universe, pull them all up into the magic universe, implant them, and make them up into an army. This seems to have been done 5 times. These are the 5 invader force waves, but that's another story.

Once someone is in this universe, they are generally too pinned down (by repetitive uses of Inc 1) to be put through an implant universe. So you don't generally find these in MEST universe track. However, things out of implant universes, especially items and pictures, were often shot at the person with force. These are the electronic implants (OT 2 etc.). There is also a similar mechanism used in magic track where implant items are laid in with force.

For example, take the Tiger implant universe (one of the penalty universes that laid in the dynamics). The actual experience of being the Tiger and going around eating things (and hearing occasional TO EAT IS ... items coming as intentions (not words) from the space around you) is in the original implant universe. Here you are the tiger and look at other things through his eyes. But if your sitting in a chair in the incident and being hit with force and seeing pictures of a tiger walking around and hearing items in words, it is probably from some of the electronic implants used in this universe. Very recently, in Incident 2, at one point there is a big Tiger face in the sky who says some of the items, and at another point, you're shown a tiger walking around in Kenya going through some of the experiences (and you're told that this is where the tiger universe really is). These are all later restimulations of the original implant universe.