1. Introduction

Underlying almost every datum that we take for granted, underlying all the consequences that we believe to be natural facts of life, underlying almost every abberative factor we know of whether it be implants or grade material or Nots, and underlying every scale and button discovered in Scientology is a specific series of implant universes which set these things up and laid them in so deep that they are the anatomy of life as we know it. These things are the penalty universes which were part of the home universe matrix.

Conceive, for a moment, of someone who was nearly a god; An individual who was fully capable of creating matter and energy in space and time. A being with but a few aberrations such as a preference for 3 dimensional creation and perception. A being only slightly constrained in that he preferred to create his own universe (a "home" universe) in conjunction with the matrix rather than mocking up and throwing away entire universes off on his own. Such a being does not need to survive (or even conceive of the concept of personal survival). He is indestructible and he knows it. He cannot be affected by any energies or trapped by any walls or barriers.

At first he is only held by a desire to interchange things such as admiration with the other beings in the matrix. Eventually, however, he puts so much work into his own creations within his home universe that he is reluctant to abandon them and he is so entertained by the creations of the other beings that he is reluctant to sever contact with them. As a result, he can be trapped and controlled by his refusal to abandon his own and other's creations.

Besides the many home universes, the matrix also came to include many small agreed upon universes. Groups of beings would create these as comfortable places for beings to meet or artistic creations or whatever. There were also small fixed track universes that told stories or dramas for purposes of entertainment. And eventually, there came to be a series of universes created for the purpose of inducing aberration as a penalty for troublemakers or whatever. These are the penalty universes.