2. The Dynamics

Each dynamic impulse to survive is laid in by a set of 4 implant universes. Each implant universe establishes a goal and then abberates that goal so that it will become a problem in survival. Each dynamic has 4 parts which are the efforts to survive through each of the 4 goals laid in for the dynamic. We are already familiar with some subdivisions such as breaking down the 2D into sex and children. But actually there are more subdivisions. Based on the goals that came out by assessment, the 2D has 4 parts. These are the urge to survive by a) joining with a 2D partner, b)sexual satisfaction, c) reproduction (children), and d) caring for others. The 4 goals are To Join, To Satisfy, To Reproduce, and To Care For.

We could argue a lot about what we think should or shouldn't be in a specific dynamic. But that's beside the point. When I caught on to the structure of 4 implant universes per dynamic, everything fell together in a nice and orderly fashion and things began to run well and easily. Based on that, I would consider that the goals found are the correct definition of the dynamic and if it disagrees with some of our "think" on the matter, I would assume that we didn't get the definitions quite right.

There are also more dynamics that we previously thought. We had a hint of Aesthetics and Ethics being the 9th and 10th dynamics from the PDC tapes, but the full set runs to 16 dynamics. Apparently, the upper 8 dynamics are so submerged in this universe that we hardly can see them as aiding survival. Going back to the magic universe, there only seem to be 12 dynamics in real operation (which is where the 12 signs of the zodiac come from). We have to go way back in the sequence of universes to find full operation on 16 dynamics. See the discussion of the upper dynamics presented earlier.

The upper dynamics are as follows:

9th Dynamic: Aesthetics

10th Dynamic: Ethics

11th Dynamic: Construction. As a child you might have built a model and gotten a pro-survival feeling totally aside from any possible physical universe benefit.

12th Dynamic: Reason. This is survival though logic or constructive thought. Note that this is not the figure figure sort of think. You can experience this as the lift you get out of solving a crossword puzzle or some other abstract problem.

13th Dynamic: Change. I.E., survival though alter-isness or metamorphosis.

14th Dynamic: Games. Just the act of playing a game is survival. It doesn't matter if you win a prize. Kids know this until they're indoctrinated into the rules of this universe.

15th Dynamic: Knowingness. This includes knowingness, understanding, and learned knowledge. I would have lumped this together with the 13th dynamic if the goals hadn't insisted on separating out into two full sets of 4. Once you think about it, the 2 dynamics are quite different. It just goes to show how badly these dynamics have collapsed in this universe.

16th Dynamic: Creation. This is survival as God. The 8th dynamic turns out to be survival through worship etc. Up here is where you find the real thing. This is survival through creation and imagination. Painting a beautiful picture is 9th dynamic, but mocking up the initial concept is 16th dynamic. So is mocking up a universe.

We've been lumping the remnants of these upper 8 dynamics into the 1st dynamic. Once you sort this out, you find that the first dynamic is simply survival as a body and the goals of the first dynamic are things like To Eat. And at the bottom of the 1st dynamic, you find To Endure. It's really survival as MEST.