4. The Top of the Penalty Universes

The beginning of every one of these is the same. It is an implanted parody of the Factors (see "The Creation of Human Ability" by L. Ron Hubbard). At the start, you are given the impression that you are the life static at the beginning of time. The first item is TO (goal) IS NATIVE STATE. You go through a series of items that approximately follow the pattern of the factors except that each one is twisted a bit to include the goal. For example, the decision is not "to be", it is "to (goal)". In our made up example, it would be "to wash". Your told that this is the original decision before all time and space and that it is the reason that you separated from native state. It's quite funny really. These items are outlined in detail in the write-up on Penalty Universe Platen 1.

This platen has little charge in and of itself. It has the unusual property of not being very restimulative. It predates all charge and mostly seems funny rather than troublesome. But you can destimulate just about anything by spotting the top of platen 1. This leaves you free to muck about in the detail of the penalty universes and get all stirred up and then simply spot the top of platen 1 to blow the charge you restimulated.

First you run platen 1 which looses up the implant universe. Then you can just scan things off of the later portion of the incident rather than having to single shoot items. If you get too enmired, you just run platen 1 again. After doing a pass over the implant, you just spot the top of platen 1 to ensure that you don't leave anything in restimulation. It lets you build up your muscles at scanning out items without running them in painstaking detail. These penalty universes have an aggregate of close to a million items and this would seem to be the only practical way of handling them.

Terribly heavy late track incidents can be keyed out as well, but you have the difficulty of needing to know which of the penalty goals underlies the charge. Also, many later implants tried to act as groupers on the penalty universes. Just about every universe shifting implant (sentencing to a lower universe) restimulates the complete series in some fashion or other. Also, many late track incidents are based on later goals such as the negative goals that were later appended to the penalty universe goals. You have to blow out a few of the inversions before you can spot through a negative goal to reach the top of platen 1 on the positive goal that's up at basic on the whole mess.

Even so, you can cool down a late track mess up by running platen 1 anyway. You might be groggy and it doesn't read well, but you do it anyway and start to feel better. At a minimum, it should keep you from getting sick on an out list. In this kind of situation, you might also run the top goal (Create) in platen 1 because many goals might have been restimulated and Create is earliest in most of the consecutive implanted restimulations of these things.

Another thing about platen 1 is that it opens up recall both on the details of the remainder of the penalty universe and, gradually, on the rest of your existence as well.