5. Context of the Penalty Universes

It seems that we built these things. We did a series of 3 dimensional mockups and layered them together to form each universe. The entire thing is group postulated. You will eventually be able to spot yourself together with other beings in a group working on specific items postulating them into existence. I think that each being contributed a small piece to the design of the items and then joined a group to postulate large numbers of items into existence. But no one individual worked on all of the items in any one penalty universe, so that there were always items that hit you for the first time when you got the implant.

Apparently we all thought it would be a good idea if we had some way to penalize a being if he was making trouble for others.

To implant somebody with one of these, a bunch of thetans would gang up on the victim and blanket him and enforce the start of track agreements of the penalty universe he was being thrown into. You can find this on an overt flow as well as on a motivator flow. You can even find a cross-flow where you watch others throwing another into one of these. There are also some tricky situations where you turn the tables on somebody. A crowd blankets you and you grab one of them and shift him under you so that he gets the implant first hand and acts as a buffer. Or you have the overt intention of blanketing someone and he shifts around on you and you get pushed in instead.

Note that these were originally built and used at a time when we were not fixated on bodies. It was the continual use of the penalty universes which created the fixation on bodies. In the early experiences, the people blanketing each other are more like nebulous clouds, but they would project bodies or symbols or whatever on an as needed basis. The victim might just be a cloud when you jump on him or he might have a body mocked up or whatever. Since he is often in his own universe, the environment is his mockup and will start attacking you as you try to drag him off to the penalty universe. He may manifest in various bodies or try to vanish or throw arrays of symbols at you etc. It usually took a team ganging up on somebody to overpower him in his own universe. Of course sometimes he was in your universe when you attacked him and then you had an easier time of it. And occasionally you failed and he got the better of you and tossed you into the penalty universe instead.

You need to spot the overt side rather than just running these as motivators. Also sometimes you need to spot the overt of contributing to the group creation of these before you can get platen 1 to read on a goal.

It is also useful to spot regretting having pushed someone into one of these. This early on the track, you have very little concern about overts. You don't withhold them or justify them or anything until you've been put through each of these penalty universes quite a few times. But eventually you push someone in and later you see that it had an undesirable effect and you're sorry. It's quite possibly the first regret on the track and the first time something really acts like an overt. Later you build up more considerations and regretted having designed these things and feel bad about pushing people into them and that makes the earlier actions run like overts. But they weren't when you did them. It was just a lot of fun.

It's sort of like kids playing with matches and not imagining that anyone could get burned.