1. Initial Approach

Before trying to run deeply, it is best to do a light pass on all of the penalty universes, just running platen 1 and perhaps a bit of ITSA to get some charge off. Later implants tried to group all of the goals together. You want to get enough weight off of the top of all of these so that later groupers are unable to pull your attention on to the next goal after the one you happen to be running. Handled this way, you can actually shoot an item out of the middle of an implant without being drawn into the next item. This violates everything we previously knew about implants, but it works because the penalty universe is so much more basic that it undercuts the very existence of the later implant items that were based on it.

The majority of later implant restimulations of these universes begin with Create and run down to Endure. For this reason, it is best to try and run the implant universes in this sequence. It makes it easier to knock out later implant restimulations in the majority of cases. However, on a first pass, the universes might not want to run in this order. So the approach would be to asses the goals starting from create and take up the first one that reads well.

On the first pass over all of these goals, you should not try and run a goal a second time unless your attention is strongly drawn to it. You'll be doing a lot more with each goal later on, so there's no need to try and milk every bit of charge off of it right away. These things are so basic that they seem like a natural part of life (which they are) and you've been dramatizing these things for a long time, so handling them up at the top is actually less restimulative than walking around in this universe and living them for real.

For a light run on the goal, begin by running it in platen 1. In some cases you'll only get one read on each item (or even only on every other item). The read might occur on the description, or the item itself, or both. If each item is not reading on checking it a second time, then don't bother with the second check since it is just needless restimulation. If its running like this, then stop running platen 1 at the first FN. If there's anything to itsa, do so but don't push it. Next, spot the restimulation in Incident 2 at the Inc 2 location (they did a mockup of each implant universe and told you it happened during Inc 2). Then check for and handle any stirred up BTs, Clusters, or overts. Finally, spot the top of platen 1 again (Native State item) and end off. Take a break and then go on to the next goal.

In other cases, the items will read multiple times and each item should be flattened to clean or a small brief FN. Run as above except that you can continue on to a better FN or cog.

Sometimes the goal will really run well. You can run each item to an FN or each item just turns on a wide FN. In this case the platen will often EP after a few items. If you go past this, platen 1 will stop reading and the FN usually turns off; if this happens, then rehab the EP. At this point you should be able to run some more out of the incident. Begin by spotting some of the "This Means ..." symbols that occur right after the end of platen 1. There will be a symbol for Time up at or near the top which is going to be something like the sun swinging over the environment or a watch or clock appropriate to the universe being run. If you knock out a few of these, you'll get an idea of some of the stuff that happens in the universe and can do a bit of itsa.

At first you might only get a paragraph or so about the contents. As you run deeper, you might write a page or more describing the incident. Write this up on a separate sheet of paper as a descriptive platen of the incident. On subsequent passes, you can start from the description you wrote up and make corrections and additions and simply get more charge off just by re-reading it sometimes. If I have more than a few symbol items, I also make up a symbol platen for the incident and just keep noting the symbols on that rather than having them buried on the worksheets of different sessions. For this you can just write them down as TIME = sun swings over valley, ATTACK = the bug eyed monster jumps you, etc. You can also spot detail items in the body of the incident and note them on the worksheets, but I wouldn't bother trying to make up a platen of these because there are about ten thousand of them in each universe. If a detail item bothers you, get the symbol item above it that set you up for the situation in the body of the incident.

Always start with platen 1. On subsequent runs of a goal where platen 1 has already been run extensively, you might just spot the first few items and be ready to dive in. Then get as much off of the implant universe itself as you can (symbol items and ITSA of the body of the incident).

Once your doing well, you can knock off whatever later restimulators you can reach that are locked up on top of the goal. If you have run OT3, you should be able to get charge off on the Inc 2 location where the goal was restimulated because it is already close to the surface by the fact of having run OT3. You might also be able to blow charge on the Price and Survival restimulators, but don't push them if they don't read. Some of these buttons are included on the penalty universe master list.

You can also scan the track very lightly for later overts or other later restimulators that are beginning to be stirred up. I took apart quite a few implants this way, but don't push it, this step is more of a research action. But if you do spot a later implant, go head and ITSA some charge off of it, and be sure to write down any details that you find out. Often a major implant begins to show up gradually on a few goals before you can get enough of it to make out its structure.

Always end off on a goal by spotting the top of platen 1 again.

Perhaps we will someday have complete platens for the entirety of these penalty universes. This may be necessary if we are to take untrained public through these incidents. But a trained auditor can make it on far less. If you can get enough charge off, whether by running platen 1, the subsequent items in the implant, or later restimulators, then you reach a point where you can just look at the incident and all the arbitraries of human life begin to fall away. Eventually the goal just FNs and life will never be as constrained again.