4. Penalty Universe - Assessment List

23 Jul 91, rev. 12 Feb 93

These are the penalty universe goals. The terminal of the universe is listed in parenthesis. If any of the goals or terminals are hard to understand or don't make sense, see the description in the penalty universe master list given elsewhere.

16th Dynamic - Creation

1. To Create (Statue)
2. To Cause (god, old man)
3. To Mock Up (Computer)
4. To Imagine (Cartoon Mouse)

15th Dynamic - Knowingness

5. To Understand (chipmunk)
6. To Know (2 headed dodo)
7. To Absorb (greek hero)
8. To Learn (gnome)

14th Dynamic - Games

9. To Play (Chinese child)
10. To Compete (Coach, doll)
11. To Manipulate (Penguin Banker)
12. To Exchange (Spirit Broker)

13th Dynamic - Change

13. To Metamorphose (clay people) [or to shape or be shaped]
14. To Change (magician)
15. To Combine (Siamese twins)
16. To Bring Order (gorilla people) [maybe out of sequence]

12th Dynamic - Reason

17. To Reason (clown)
18. To Orient (wire man)
19. To Guide (pilot)
20. To Compute (toy bodies)

11th Dynamic - Construction

21. To Construct (beavers)
22. To Arrange (blockhead)
23. To Build (snake people)
24. To Structure (Crystals)

10th Dynamic - Aesthetics

25. To Invent (munchkins)
26. To Inspire (muses)
27. To Enhance (ghost people)
28. To Beautify (fairy godmother)

9th Dynamic - Ethics

29. To Purify (fire people)
30. To Judge (bull people)
31. To Defend (little green men)
32. To Strengthen (ball of energy) [to police?]

8th Dynamic - Worship

33. To Enlighten (rabbit preacher)
34. To Convert (fish man)
35. To Commune (female angel)
36. To Worship (knights)

7th Dynamic - Spirits

37. To Predict (soothsayer)
38. To Influence (cupid)
39. To Collect (elves/fairies)
40. To Embody (Pan - goat god)

6th Dynamic - physical universe

41. To Discover (centaurs)
42. To Locate (Leprechaun)
43. To Gather (spacesuit body)
44. To Own (Fox people)

5th Dynamic - lifeforms

45. To Grow (GE) [maybe from an earlier series]
46. To Live (dinosaur)
47. To Heal (tree man)
48. To Adapt (thread man)

4th Dynamic - society

49. To Establish (3eyed giants)
50. To Share (dolphins)
51. To Control (frog king)
52. To Unite (dog soldiers)

3rd Dynamic - groups

53. To Organize (human clerk)
54. To Co-operate (robots)
55. To Participate (mermaid)
56. To Expand (mouse railroad engineer)

2nd Dynamic - sex

57. To Join (cat people)
58. To Reproduce (insect invader)
59. To Satisfy (cavemen)
60. To Care For (bird girl)

1st Dynamic - body

61. To Experience (Bear) [or to feel]
62. To Replenish (old arab) [might be to survive]
63. To Eat (Tiger) [or to consume]
64. To Endure (pyramid)