After successfully running the penalty universe key-out rundown, you should be ready to handle these in a more thorough fashion.

Continue working through the goals using platen 1 and begin adding in the additional steps described below. At first you are only trying for the lightest keyout. Gradually you start running deeper, getting more and more itsa etc.

Initially we're not going for erasure. We're aiming at greater keyouts and increasing horsepower. As you keep running deeper, your ITSA line gets pretty awesome and you start blowing huge holes in everything. The target is to get up to the point where you can as-is these penalty universes by inspection.


If you get in trouble running a penalty universe, your first handling is to spot the native state item at the top of the goal, also spot being pushed into it, pushing others in, and others pushing others in. Also spot the agreements universe (as given elsewhere). For negative goals, spot the inversion scene and then spot the top of the positive goal.

You can also look for entities of various kinds who are stirred up on it and have them spot the top of it.

Another good rescue process is spotting places where the (terminal) is not.

These are all unlimited techniques that can be run again and again to FN. They are used in normal running but can also be used on an emergency basis even if they have been run before.

Once you feel better, take a break. When you get back in session, check if there was some error in the earlier session (wrong item or whatever) and fix it. Note that the above techniques will even key out wrong items etc., but you want to fix the mistake and make the gains rather than simply feel better. By keying the mass out first, it becomes possible to correct errors even in the presence of sloppy auditing or incorrect platens or worst tangle sort of situations.


These are the basic processes for running the penalty universes.

1. Platen 1.

This is your entry point. Once your running deeply, all items should either read or FN. If an item doesn't read, pause and mockup exactly what the item means and then try spotting it again. If an item can't be made to read, check for and handle overts as described below. If overts doesn't read, you can use any of the other steps below and then return to the current step on platen one (which should now be reading). If you get a big release in the middle of platen I, then go on to the following steps.

2. Overts

Check if you have any overts connected with doing this goal and handle (overt rudiment).

3. Spot the incident 2 location (noticing the false mockup of the implant universe that was placed there during inc. 2).

4. Spot the Pyramid location (this is an earlier mass implant). Spot the face of the terminal within the pyramid.

5. Spot the terminal saying the price of the goal.

6. Spot places where (terminal) is not.

Also, spot places in the penalty universe where you are not.

7. Spot symbol items from the penalty universe (a few are given in the master list, others can be spotted and blown by inspection).

8. Scan the detail of the penalty universe. If anything feels heavily charged and wouldn't blow, look for a symbol item that set you up for the detail item.

9. ITSA any later track restimulation.

10. If any of the above steps stir up heavy charge, run platen I again from the top.

Also, if any entities of whatever sort turn up, have them spot the native state item and being pushed in etc.

When you're fairly far along, you can also run the following processes (you should probably only run these once a particular goal):

11. Spot things that you must not (goal) until the ridge blows.

12. Spot people, groups, etc. that you would permit to (goal) until your willing to have others doing this goal.

13. Spot places where (terminal) would be safe. Run this past the point where you get joy from placing the terminal in "safe" places where it is tortured etc. until you can have it or not have it anywhere by choice.

14. Spot things that the (terminal) does not own.