*** end part 1 - notes on part 2 (symbols) ***

This section defines the basic symbols used in the implant universe. At this point, you are in a space with at least 4 dimensions not including time. The symbols are 3 dimensional pictures that seem to be stacked up (in 4 dimensions) like a pile of photographs. You reach threw this deck of symbols seeing each one in turn. As you see each one, you get the intention "THIS MEANS ....".

Each symbol is in the pile twice. The original form is in the first half and the alter-ised form is in the second half. The second half was done in reverse order. I.E., this goes A, B, C, then C, B, A. The meaning and the basic scene are the same in the two copies of the symbol. The alterations in the second half mainly consist of changes in color and direction. I.E., something that's blue the first time might be green the second and the right and left sides of the picture might be switched as in a mirror image. The later version is the alterised one that persisted and it feels more "natural" than the original.

Sometimes you may have to compare the two copies of the symbol and spot the difference

Sometimes they make a minor addition or change to the picture. Usually something uncomfortable such as seeing exactly what it is that is being buried in the second picture only, but this is not common.

The first 4 items are THIS MEANS TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, and MATTER.