Dec 3, 1990, Rev Feb 19, 1993, Rev aug 96


It probably wouldn't kill you to just read this document carelessly, but it might make you feel uncomfortable or irritated for a few days. You also might get very annoyed at me because casually skimming through this will probably stir up things and by pass some mental charge without cleaning it up.

The ideal action would be for you to run platen 1 on each goal first and come up with your own descriptions of what you think happened in each penalty universe. Then look at this list and see what I think was there. Then do some more runs with platen 1 and dig for section 2 ("This Means ...") type items and see if you can get a better view of the real story.

But some people will probably read this anyway. So at a minimum, at least spot the native state item ("To (goal) Is Native State") on each penalty universe and spot being pushed into it and pushing others in. Do this on each one right after you read the description.

Unfortunately, there is also another problem, which is that I'm sure that there are errors in this list and those may give you trouble or make you feel upset when you hit them. You'll just have to make due, either spotting that there was a mistake (which should cool things down a bit) or even correcting the error (if you're up to it) or just blowing off so much charge with platen 1 that you can sail through on a persistent FN despite the occasional flaw.

I'm sorry to be issuing something that isn't perfect, but I've sat on this too long and the only hope of getting it all correct and complete is to have others working through it.


This contains some information on each penalty universe.

The goal is given, followed by the terminal in parenthesis. Then there is some information about the environment of the penalty universe.

Following this are a few key restimulators that were used later on the track including the location in incident 2 where they showed you a false mockup of the penalty universe. A similar mass implant had faces of the terminals in pyramids (this was on a different copy of the original earth, which seemed to include more continents - an Atlantis and a Lemuria) and the locations for those are also given. There is also a price item and a survive item that were used in various later implants.

Then there are a few notes about some of the symbols (especially Time etc.) that were shown to you in section 2 of the implant. Note that these are only a few out of about a hundred or so.

Then there is a brief sketch of what happens in the penalty universe.

Everything here is heavily abbreviated. These are working notes rather than formal writing. I cannot guarantee that it is all correct.

I do have more on these, but I had a terrible time putting even this much together from the jumbled mass of worksheets, working platens, lists, notes, and index cards that I recorded things on at various times. It did not all come apart in a simple and straight forward manner and lots of things kept shifting around as I was getting off charge and digging deeper.

In general they all followed the same pattern of 7 wonderful things at the beginning and then things gradually going wrong and finally being chased around, captured, divided against yourself, and then set free only to discover that you can't survive anymore and ending up dying, trapped in the grave, and then being dragged off to hell.