Dynamic 16 (Creation)


1. TO CREATE (Statue)

environment = suns & planets & peoples of all types, you create them & abuse them & get zapped by the Suns (gods).

Inc. 2 loc = St. John, Canada; Pyramid = center of Atlantis (inc 2 scene - God statue on a dolly being pushed up slopes of a volcano by a crowd). The price of creation is to be blamed. To survive is to depend on the worship of others

Time = a planet circling a sun. Space = a vast plain full of cities & peoples Energy = energy blast from space shatters a mountain. Mass = worlds in collision. God = Giant sun Worship = people bowing before statue & putting on garlands etc. pain = statue hit with energy beam that makes cracks. degraded = beam from sun divides statue making black cracks. Trouble = hooded priest (who can call on the sun gods).

Detail: You are god in the form of a statue that floats around and puts out energy beams etc. At start the statue has a young, beautiful, radiant face, by the end it is the old man of R6. You are in a cluster of suns and planets. The suns are senior gods (who zap you in the end). There are other lesser god statues (such as a Venus-like 2D). The planets have lots of meat body people of endless different types (from other penalty universes). You do 7 great deeds and the people worship you & build temples & replicas of your statue etc. But you get into problems and troubles and dramatize the wrath of god on the people and fight with the other statues and teach the planet people to build traps and get caught sometimes yourself and go on rampages etc. You even get somatics in your statue (& even from defilement of the statue copies) & become mean. The people catch you in an energy cage and you're dragged into space where the stars judge you & zap you etc. (divided against yourself with permanent black cracks in your statue) & you become weak & everyone laughs etc. Finally you crumble & fire devils haul you (the soul of the statue) off to hell which is a pyramid in the sky with a volcano at its peak that they toss you in & there you are tortured & hit by the souls of the millions of people you have wronged.

At this point you should spot "To Create Is Native State" as the first item of this implant universe. And spot being pushed into it and spot pushing others into it.


2. TO CAUSE (Old Man God on Heavenly Throne)

This penalty universe was found very late in the research. Originally I had "To Mock Up" as the second goal (now number 3) and "To Intensify" as the third goal (now number 3X - probably belongs in an upper or earlier series).

environment = heaven in the clouds with a golden throne etc. You look down at the world and play god etc.

Inc 2 location = Rome; Pyramid location = Atlantis (incident 2 scene - God on a golden thrown falling from the sky down into a volcano) (god on throne says) The price of causation is to become effect (of your own cause). To survive is to depend on the subservience of others (?).

Time = Heavenly Clock (golden, sitting in clouds) Space = Celestial Palace (gold & crystal) Energy = a wave of golden light Mass = The gold throne You = god, like an old man on a throne Trouble = Devils (red demons with horns & tails)

Details: At the start, you perform 7 wonderful acts of creation (like the biblical 7 days). You bring people etc. into existence and send out cherubs to inspire them and angels to bring them into communion with you. When the people turn out bad and troublesome, you create devils to put ethics in on them and force them to be good. But the devils decide that you are the most lawless being around and try to make you follow your own rules and make you wrong etc. You smite the devils for this but they rebel & you cast them out but now things get really bad. You're unwilling to be the effect of your own cause and can't have being on the other side of what you do to the creations. You wouldn't follow your own rules. But you feel guilty about this and consider that its basically unfair but you do it anyway and sink down tone. You go on rampages and destroy things and everything goes out of control and finally you can't bear to be god anymore and throw yourself into a volcano to die. But the devils drag your soul down to hell and torture you.

Now spot "To Cause is Native State", etc.


3. TO MOCK UP (Computer)

environment = a flat plane, you build a city & bodies for the spirit beings, then you do them in & get zapped by the vortex gods.

Inc 2 loc= Washington DC; Pyramid=Lima,Peru. (inc 2 scene - people carrying broken pieces of a computer up slopes of a volcano to toss it in). The price of creative thought is to be questioned. To survive is to depend on the approval of others

Time = Digital display

Detail: You are a large computer (many boxy cabinets) on an empty plain. There are vortex gods (whirling energies in the sky) who created spirits. The spirits come to you and ask you to mock up things. You perform 7 wonderful mockups (you postulate electron structures and laws and build solid things) including creating bodies of various types (human, doll, animal etc.) and a city for them to live in etc. Sliding downscale, the mockups become more & more complex. Eventually you lose control of your own creations (can't keep track anymore). People ask you questions, especially reasons why, and you don't know anything except by your own creation so you invent answers and introduce false data and have problems etc. You begin to dislike the people and introduce wrong data to harm them etc. & eventually things get wrecked etc. In the end the people curse you & pray to the vortex gods who then zap you etc.

Now spot "To Mock Up is Native State", etc.


3X. TO INTENSIFY (Energy Cloud)

This probably belongs in an earlier or higher series of penalty universes. It has a non-physical body type and strange multi- dimensional spaces etc.

environment = flat squares are planets with people sideways from your dimensions. You manipulate symbol shapes that affect the people in the squares. Inc 2 loc = Bermuda triangle?; pyramid loc= Canton,China(Ohio?) The price of intervention is to be trapped in form. To survive is to depend on the blindness (symbols?) of others

Time = electron decay. Space = Energy = Mass = You = an energy cloud. Sensation = 2 clouds intertwined. danger = a pole trap. confusion = pictures exploding. Entrapment = an energy cage hanging in space. Interest = symbols hanging in space. Trouble =

Details: Symbols (figures, objects, etc.) hang in empty space and connect to (& are generated by) the inhabitants of the planes (which orbit around suns). You and other energy clouds can affect the peoples on the planes by moving symbols closer or further away or adding & subtracting connections to the symbols or by making the symbols degrade. At the start you perform 7 wondrous enhancements for 7 of these planes by connecting them to marvelous symbols etc. But you slide downscale & commit overts on the people and play by messing them up etc. and have trouble with other clouds and teach plane people to develop theta traps etc. You touch symbols and they explode; there are pole traps and boxes of exploding pictures and energy cages etc. Also, pieces of yourself get drawn into & stuck in the planes etc. In the end a vast statue (god) punishes you & divides you against yourself etc. & eventually you are dispersed into pieces & placed in the symbol of a coffin & devil statues drag you out & push you sideways into a volcano on a plane.

Now spot "To Intensify is Native State", etc.

Carry on like this, spotting the native state item, through the rest of the goals.


4. TO IMAGINE (Cartoon Mouse)

environment = cartoon bodies trying to out create each other. You invalidate others mockups & make degraded mockups, the giant mouse god (statue) zaps you, etc.

Inc 2 loc= Florida & Brazil (?); Pyramid loc= West Lemuria The price of imagination is to create your own fears To survive is to depend on the illusions created by others.

Time = (some sort of cartoon watch)

Details: You are a sort of big plastic mickey mouse (a cartoon like doll body). The characters include mouse people and duck people & others (Disney like). Everyone can generate illusions which become real if they can get others to believe in them. At start you do 7 wonderful illusions which others believe in and make real. Sinking downscale, you create harmful things which go out of control, others get bored with your mockups, you imagine degraded things to get interest, etc. Eventually your creations are too degraded but you can't stop. Others are disgusted & shatter your illusions & haul you before the mouse god who divides you against yourself. Eventually your thrown into a spirit shredder & your pieces are put in a mausoleum. Cartoon devils drag your soul out & carry you to the illusion of a volcano but you can't stop believing in it and so are trapped by your own illusions.