Dynamic 15 Knowledge / Understanding


5. TO KNOW (2 headed dodo bird)

environment = Dr. Doolittle like tropical jungle & beach. Your double heads let you see the pictures hidden behind others backs. The other creatures are terminals of other penalty universes.

Inc 2 loc= S. tip of Argentina, Pyramid=N. Lemuria The price of Knowledge is Terror To survive is to depend on the unknownness of others (or unknowingness of others)

Time = sun swinging through a tropical sky

Details: You see the ghosts that others carry behind them (i.e. cat woman (To Join) has ghosts of the kittens & robots & gods etc. from the symbols of To Join etc.). At start, you perform 7 great deeds, aiding others through your perception (you heal & solve problems etc.), & you gain admiration & respect. But your appearance is ridiculous & you don't want to be laughed at, so you maintain power over others by misusing your hidden knowledge. & occasionally you make mistakes & misread pictures & harm others by accident. You see the evil that each carries around behind them & become terrified of others. You start actively suppressing others to reduce their ability to hurt you. The others discover this & chase & capture you & drag you before the totem gods etc.


6. To Understand (chipmunk)

environment = talking animals in forest Inc 2 loc= Bellows Falls, Vermont; Pyramid = Bermuda. The price of understanding is grief. To survive is to depend on the sympathy of others.

Time = sun over brook. Danger = wolf. Deceit = a 2 headed sheep. Sly = Fox. Drink = penguin drinks from stream. Confuse = one chipmunk talking to another. Sensation = a female chipmunk.

Details: The different animals all have different languages. You're the only one who can understand everybody. You perform 7 noble deeds involving translation including saving the chipmunks from predators etc. Then you translate things others don't want to hear & cause grief & get blamed. You understand problems but can't solve them. You misuse your abilities, alter messages for your own gain, start making mistakes, etc. Conflict breaks out. No matter how hard you explain, the wolf still eats the sheep. Understanding doesn't change the animals nature. You translate for the fox & help him trick people in exchange for his tricking a girl chipmunk for you that you want to seduce. The wise owl (God) discovers your treachery & divides you against yourself; etc.


7. To Absorb (Greek hero, mythology)

You absorb knowledge & the form of anyone you can hold with your enormous strength including the mortal manifestations of the gods. Inc 2 loc = Mt. Olympus; Pyramid = N. Central Lemuria. The price of wisdom is to be despised. To survive is to depend on the gratitude of others.

time = a water clock.

Details: (like a B rate Greek mythology movie). The Gods are large & real & very prominent. They can appear as faces in the sky or can embody themselves in form on the ground. There are also lots of human like people (sort of wax like doll bodies). At start you walk into a series of 7 clearings & wrestle with 7 things (giant snake, seductive woman, etc.) & defeat them & absorb them. You can then become these forms at will. The gods are oppressing & abusing the people & you become the peoples champion & wrestle gods & gain the knowledge & capabilities of their mortal (i.e. lesser) form (but you can't become the faces in the sky or wield their upper powers). You help people gain the knowledge of the gods but this only creates strife & resentment. They blame you for all their failings. & the gods are angry with you. You begin impersonating the gods among men & trick people & gods & make trouble & everyone wants to do you in. In the end, you're captured & dragged before Zeus who divides you against yourself (the black bands prevent your taking on other forms) etc.


8. TO LEARN (Gnome)

environment = library/university. students include body types from other penalty universes (cat people etc.)

Inc 2 loc= Hidleberg; Pyramid = Boston. The price of learning is confusion. To survive is to depend on the respect of others.

Time = a clock on a wall. Space = a library complex (view of central lawn from window). Energy = ? book falling off library shelf? Mass = Huge library shelves full of books. Confusion = walrus person puzzling over a book. Tired = gnome asleep over a book. Sensation = Cat girl. Companionship = lady gnome. Stubborn = bear person.

Details: Data is in books and scrolls and data cubes. Only advanced students can handle data cubes because the data blasts in at you. You are a gnome (a shriveled little creature who wears glasses) & are an advanced student who also teaches (everyone but the dean (god statue) & other god statues is also a student). You are working to achieve total knowledge. At start you solve 7 complex problems for others with great success. You are liked & well respected. Later, you misdirect students to keep them from surpassing you; you sleep with students (female cat people etc.) in exchange for altering grades. The contents of the books keep changing. Exams are done with electric shocks when you answer wrong. You steal forbidden data from the vaults. You start getting knocked out by the heavy data flow from the cubes & made solid by too much data & hide this to keep from being expelled. The students find out about you misleading them & chase you through the halls. You are dragged before the dean & he divides you against yourself. After this you try to use a data cube but the flow jams on the black ridges (divided against yourself) & causes your brain to explode. They bury you in the basement. Later monk devils drag your soul out & toss it into the furnace which leads down to hell in an underground volcano.