Dynamic 13: CHANGE


13. TO COMBINE (Siamese Twins)

environment = separating & combining of male & female to make 3 legged twin. Inc 2 loc= Rangoon; Pyramid = SE. Atlantis The price of harmony is self sacrifice. To survive is to depend on the weakness of others.

time = Siamese clock. space = city with twin buildings (like the world trade center) energy = explosion in a laboratory.

Details: The body type is a pair of Siamese twins which are born separately but must combine to form a complete body. The male has only one leg and needs a crutch to walk as a singleton. Normally a male and a female combine. The male has the inner shoulder which plugs into a gap in the female and he provides the large heart etc. The female singleton has 2 legs but only a lesser secondary heart etc. and can't exert herself. After merging, the skin grows together but can be separated by an operation and the partners changed. You change partners a few times in the incident and end up as a singleton. Sex occurs between 2 sets of twins. In the incident you are a sort of surgeon/chemist. At the start you make wonderful chemical combinations that produce marvelous results and you perform 7 brilliant operations that separate and recombine twins. Sliding downscale you make strange freakish combinations of people and animals etc. Also, you make combinations of more than 2 individuals etc. You take other, non-twin, races and combine them into twins. The lobster people object to this and try to make everyone into singletons. You get worse & worse partners, get blamed by people for riots & blamed for invasion of lobster people etc. and are finally hunted down as a singleton and combined with a dead body. The incident ends with the usual after death sequences etc.


14. TO METAMORPHOSE [ or TO SHAPE or TO BE SHAPED] (clay people)

Body type: Clay people. You are a body shaper, sort of an artistic masseuse / plastic surgeon equivalent who can reshape someone else's clay body and get it to hold the new form (using a faint electric current?). environment = a sort of clay city, like hard earthware built in a monumental form of slabs & blocks etc.

Inc 2 loc = Crete. Pyramid =island off Venezuala/Brazil The price of admiration is to conform (to others opinions) To survive is to depend on the malleability of others.

time = clock on big clay building (which looks like an upside-down pot). space = clay city (pot buildings & cracks in earth giving off fumes etc.). energy = volcano exploding Mass = landslide trouble = fire people Home = big slab building.

Details: At start you perform 7 wonderful shapings of people giving them strength, beauty, etc. You are highly admired & respected. Sliding downscale, you reshape someone you don't like, making them seem beautiful but really concealing an ugliness in the form and hardening it while leaving the surface beauty unfixed so that it fades. Then you convince them that it is their true self showing though despite your best efforts. There are many overts & also mistakes. Your forms begin to unstabilize, bulges popping out etc. This is blamed on a disease plague & people loose control of their forms but its really your fault. Eventually you can't control your own form either. They chase & capture you & you're divided against yourself etc.


15. TO CHANGE (Magician)

Body type = wizard (semi-human looking with wrinkled face etc. - purple skin on 1st pass, then red skin (?), others have green skin etc., cartoon like colors). You can metamorphose into many forms.

env = Arabian nights style (city of minarets etc.). Inc 2 loc = Tunisia. Pyramid= Hati (Dom. Republic) The price of power is insanity. To survive is to depend on the perversions of others

time = Shadow swings across the dome of a palace. space = Arabian knight's style city. energy = a bolt from a wand. mass = city walls falling trouble = genies

Details: At start, you work 7 miracles by changing to various forms (by way of spells) including a winged horse, snake, mouse, gnome, etc. You gain great power and admiration. You battle other wizards and win. Sliding downscale, you abuse & misuse power & are arrogant & begin regretting things. You make mistakes, loose battles against other wizards, trick people, etc. The people come to hate you. You object to the tax collectors and smash them & then smash the police & then have to smash the army & finally you destroy the palace. Because there is no money, the city services fail and there is a shortage of water & food. You abuse & sacrifice young girls etc. The citizens storm your estate. Eventually everyone is against you and you are hunted and captured and divided and killed and tossed in a volcano by snake demons etc.


16. TO BRING ORDER (Gorilla People)

This may be out of sequence. It would make more sense for it to fit under the 9th dynamic (Ethics).

env= village in the snow; getting others to change and align in group efforts. Inc 2 loc = St Petersburg, Russia. Pyramid= Bismarck, ND. The price of order is obligation To survive is to depend on the xenophobia of others.

time = sun/shadows on village in the snow. Space = View of a snow covered mountain slope with gorilla people, moose's, etc. in the distance. Energy = gorilla person fights with moose (wrestles with antlers). Mass = vast wall of snow about to fall. Gods = a totem pole (the faces are alive). Crush = gorilla person under an avalanche. Injustice = individual sacrificed by group.

Details: You solve 7 major problems by getting people to change & align with each other. The village is in a flood area (spring floods) so you get everyone to move etc. People are happy with the changes in general but there is the occasional objector who you overwhelm. Then your changes become more arbitrary or for personal gain & also you make mistakes. There are more protesters who you label as SPs & overwhelm but your justifications begin breaking down & you regret things but carry on anyway to make yourself right etc. You overwhelm by getting others to gang up on the dissenters & argue at them & push at them & beat them up. You see to it that people who try to stop you are murdered by your followers, but your followers also die due to your mistakes & greed. Eventually the people rebel & tear down the villages & hunt you through the forest etc.

I may have two goals collapsed together here. When I ran it, I got a mixture of snow and jungle pictures. Possibly the jungle stuff is gorillas with the goal to bring order and the snow scenes are with gorilla like abominable snowmen and some other goal (maybe To Align). I also had some trouble with this one getting mixed up with the bear people (see first dynamic goal to feel or to experience).