Dynamic 12: Reason


17. To Reason (clown)

env = big city, human like energy bodies which give off sparks (keystone cops etc.). You point out the irrationality of everyone's games. Inc 2 loc= Manhattan.; Pyramid = capetown S. Africa. The price of logic is to entrap yourself To survive is to depend on the stupidity of others

time = building (like empire state bldg.) with big wristwatch style clock on it. Space = the city at dusk. Turmoil = keystone cops chasing around. Sensation = woman in lingerie (this is street dress) Companionship = woman in checkered apron. Sex = exchanging energy sparks. (note that these are doll bodies with the clothes built into the body).

You are absurdly logical and a comic character so that the people will love you despite your being far more intelligent than they are. You handle 7 difficult problems, solving them with brilliant logic. You use logic to talk people into giving you money, sex, etc. Eventually this catches up with you and the people turn your own logic against you so that you become a tragic figure who must trap and destroy himself according to his own rules. But you rebel and deny your own logic and they hunt you down etc. You are hauled before the energy god who is a crackling cloud in a power plant and he divides you against yourself, etc.


18. To Orient (Wire Man)

The body is made of thick wires which you can bend around etc. There is a shoulder plate and a genital box (with a sort of electric plug). env= building a complex cagelike structure in space. In the end you get it wrong & it collapses. Inc 2 loc = polar orbit; Pyramid = Antarctica The price of orientation is to be stuck To survive is to depend on the confidence of others.

Time = sun/light/shadow moving across a structure in orbit.

At start you are a brilliant genius who can see how to align the wires in the structure for maximum efficiency. The space structure tunes to basic energy in the universe and adding more with better alignment increases the flow and brings great wealth. The crowds cheer you, the priests honor you etc. But your constructions become overly complex. You make mistakes and the wire bodies are shaken by painful bad vibrations etc. Eventually your hauled before god who is a statue of a man and divided. Eventually your broken parts are placed in a metal box with a cross on it to keep you in etc.


19. TO GUIDE (Pilot)

env=1930s barnstorming plus continents in the sky (a la Charles Fort) & guiding Zeppelins to them. In the end you betray everyone & get zapped by a god statue Inc 2 loc = Indianapolis; Pyramid = Lemuria The price of success is to be despised To survive is to depend on the good will of others

Time = dusk on prairie. Space = flying in clouds. Impact = plane crash. Guide = plane (WW1 style) leading a zeppelin through the clouds.

Details: You fly a small barnstorming type plane with fantastic skill & daring guiding zeppelins through the endless clouds to carry goods between different cities & continents in the sky. The worlds are flatlands tumbling around in a space filled with atmosphere. The plane is actually very powerful & long range & only looks primitive because of the double wings & open cockpit. The continents shift around & visibility is poor so the freight & passenger carrying zeppelins need guides. Early on the pilot can levitate somewhat (jumps out of plane without a shoot etc.) but later he has trouble with this. He wears goggles which give him a partial ability to see through the clouds. At start you guide 7 great convoys between flatworlds. Everyone admires you, businessmen pay you large sums, crowds roar at airshows, & you take your pick of girls etc. Then you demand too much money, get married & cheat on wife, act arrogant & put others down, get drunk & loose a zeppelin in the sky, crash a few planes, gets lost & disoriented, starts falling & getting hurt, develops dizziness etc. The townspeople get angry, wife leaves him, businessmen sue him, etc. Eventually he takes a young girl up in a plane, looses control, she dies, he falls badly. So townspeople capture him, & take him into a cathedral where god divides him against himself. Then he tries to fly but crashes etc. everyone avoids him. Finally dies in a plane crash & they bury him in a cemetery with a cross over the grave to keep him inside. Then winged devils tear his soul out of the ground & carry him to a flat earth volcano & throw him in where he is tortured forever by all the people (businessmen, women, etc.) that he betrayed.


20. To Compute (toy bodies)

env=a logic maze constructed of toys, you take a new toy body off the rack every time you judge wrong & get smashed. God is a giant toy Santa who zaps you for cheating & hurting other players. Inc 2 loc= North Pole. Pyramid = Perth,Australia The price of intelligence is self destruction To survive is to depend on the answers of others

Time = a toy clock Trouble = a rolly polly clown

At start you solve 7 difficult problems. You are super bright and pleased with yourself. You help others. You work your way deeply into the maze. Occasionally you loose a body, but not often. You have sex with girl toys etc. You zap troublesome toys with energy. Sliding downscale, you lose more bodies, get worried that you'll never solve the maze, trick others into trying things before you do so that you wouldn't lose a body (and have to resume from the starting point). You get worried about others beating you, so you give out wrong answers, fix puzzles so that the answer is different and the people behind you get broken, etc. You also find that the answers are changing around and you can't get into the maze as deeply as you used to. You feel its unfair, and are worried about running out of bodies etc. so you organize riots. Eventually you're divided against yourself by a toy Santa who is god. Your last few bodies now have black lines in them. You keep trying to start the maze again and getting broken until the last body is lost. Others collect the piece and store them under a machine with rotating crosses that keeps you in there until devils drag you off to hell in a volcano that is under the aerial roadways that connect the machines in the central part of the maze.