Dynamic 11 (Construction)


21. To Construct (beavers)

you build dams and traps for capturing and enslaving fish & skunk & squirrel people etc. eventually you trap your friends because they're scornful and you let the dam break etc.

Inc 2 loc = Bangor,Maine. Pyramid = Perth, Australia The price of industriousness is entrapment To survive is to depend on the labor of others.

Details: You are a beaver person with big teeth, fur, unusual hip joints (you can sit crouched for hours), arms, hands, tail, and wearing clothes (a vest). You have orgies in the mud. Squirrel people act as slave laborer, skunk people work as maids etc. You undertake 7 large construction projects, managing the building of dams and traps and extending the village out on planks (like a dock) over the water. Your traps catch other people who you enslave and put to work. Then you begin building traps for beaver people too. The people rebel, etc. Eventually the god of the lake rises up and divides you against yourself, etc.


22. TO ARRANGE (Blockhead)

The goal To Engineer (below) may belong in a higher goals series. Or possibly To Build (#23) may be the incorrect one. Or maybe this goal (to arrange) which was located late in the research is the incorrect one. None of these three were run thoroughly and one of them is probably some sort of guiding spirit behind a constructive civilization rather than an embodied individual in that civilization. The guiding spirit type of body would go with a higher goals series.


22X. To Engineer (Lobster People)

env=underwater city Inc 2 loc = S. Africa (lake) Pyramid = Ghana,Africa The price of calculation is to be detested To survive is to depend on the strength of others

Time = mechanical clock with exposed gears. Space = an undersea domed city and seabed. Energy = giant machines (pumps with big swing booms, churning water & turmoil on seabottom). Mass = underwater avalanche.

Details: You are a lobster person (walks upright, big claw arms and small manipulative arms - 2 pairs - at sides). You are a brilliant engineering genius who designs 7 marvelous projects including pyramids, a core tap, etc. But you alter designs for your own profit, things collapse, and people die. Power sources fail due to your misengineering. and riots start etc. They find out it is your fault and hunt you down.


23. To Build (snake people)

env = a space city similar to Arslycus which gets too big. Enslaves other races. Inc 2 loc= in orbit & Alaska. Pyramid = Bangkok. The price of havingness is enslavement. To Survive is to depend on the compulsions of others.

Time = sun in orbit. Space = space city (sun orbits the city). Crash = aircar smashes into building. Crush = snake person under collapsing roadway.

Details: There is tremendous exhilaration at the fantastically complex and beautiful construction. You undertake 7 projects to expand the city. You hurt slaves in the process, but its for the greater good. Then you have problems with construction errors, riots, etc. Eventually the part your building gets too big and falls apart and the enraged citizens chase you through the sky.


24. To Structure (Crystals)

levitating gems getting salts from water & energy from sunlight. They can put out energy beams etc. env: a crystal city hanging in the air over a lake, mostly aerial rods with an occasional structure etc. Inc 2 loc = Great Salt Lake. Pyramid = Versallis,France The price of alignment is to be held in place (located) To survive is to depend on the form of others

Time = pulsing crystal. Energy = flow blasts out from a crystal. Shattered = crystal breaking apart. Sex = sides in contact between crystals, rubbing with crackling energy.

Details: You undertake 7 vast projects extending the city further into the sky etc. You are highly admired. Sliding downscale, you make mistakes, begin stealing light from others etc. The poor must float up above the city to get their daily energy because they live deep in shadows but often lack the energy to do so (because it takes energy to climb high) and fall (breaking apart and dying). You help the rich build bigger and higher levels and that makes it worse for the poor. Eventually society fails and the city falls. Mobs chase you etc.