25. To Invent (munchkins)

You are an inventor, sort of like a little old toymaker or shoemaker. env= like an old bavarian city. You invent wondrous devices & then suppressive things Inc 2 loc = Bavaria; Pyramid = Poconos in Pennsylvania The price of ingenuity is entrapment To survive is to depend on the aesthetic appreciation of others

Time = Mechanical Clock. Space = large cluttered workshop.

Details: At the start, you invent 7 wondrous things including a fancy town clock. These are very aesthetic. They work not so much by logic but because they are so wondrous to behold that they gain instant agreement. Then your greed & lust & pride cause you to maintain your position by building terrible but aesthetic devices to gain things. Also building weapons of war & enslavement (for use against the insect people) & control which are then turned against the population. You invent things like devices which inspire lust in women etc. Eventually the mobs chase you etc.


26. To Enhance (Ghost People)

You are a female ghost in a sort of spirit body env=spirit world and an 1890s style city of human and cat people where you enhance their view of things. There is also a ghostly city where you live that partially intersects the real city. Inc 2 loc = Copenhagen, Pyramid = Buenos Aries The price of improvement is condemnation To survive is to depend on the illusions of others

companionship = a male ghost sensation = a living male cat person

Details: You go around enhancing living peoples view of things. You do 7 good deeds by enhancing. You make the guys see girls as more beautiful etc. Without enhancement, the city looks drab, like ashes, but you make it appear beautiful to the living. You receive praise and offerings. You visit living men in the night for sex and take a drop of blood as an offering. This makes you more real and stronger than other ghosts who look up to you etc. But you can never forget that its all ugly under the surface and you are fooling people. They get in trouble because you make things seem better than they are and lead them into mistakes. You become mischievous and trick people and haunt them and demand sacrifices. You do heavy sexual blanketing which harms people. The priests try to exorcise you etc. Eventually you're captured and hauled into a church where god on a cross divides you against yourself etc.


27. To Inspire (muses)

you bring inspiration in dreams but eventually you steal others ideas. Inc 2 loc= Florence, Italy; Pyramid = Ethiopia The price of new ideas is to be scorned To survive is to depend on the dullness of others

Time = sundial. Disaster = Earthquake. You = girl in robe. Sensation = another girl.

Details: You are in a sort of astral body (female), but the knights have flaming swords which radiate heavenly energy that can cut on the astral plane as well as the physical. At the start you bring 7 wonderful inspirations & the people and the dream master praise you. But then you start inspiring people into crimes, degradation, etc. Also, you run out of inspiring ideas so you start stealing ideas from other muses. Eventually you start bringing nightmares etc. When you're thrown into the volcano at the end, you can't escape because you have no inspiration (no ideas).


28. To Beautify (faire godmother / faire queen )

env= storybook land, you make everything beautiful & then kill all the people to keep it that way. Inc 2 loc= Babylon; Pyramid = Orlando, Fla. The price of beauty is suffering (sadness) To survive is to depend on the good taste of others

Time = sun swings over storybook land.

Details: You float around and can wave your wand and make things beautiful. You perform 7 wondrous deeds such as making a poor girl beautiful so she can meet the price (like Cinderella) etc. You make the countryside and cottages and castles beautiful etc. But you see everyone messing up the environment and doing ugly things such as eating each other etc. The Cinderella like girl gets the dress and coach messed up having sex, so you give her a poisoned apple (like sleeping beauty, but no happy ending) etc. The children are starving so they eat the gingerbread houses so you throw them into a furnace (like Hansel & Gretel) etc. Eventually you get items like "To Beautify is to ignore suffering" etc. You depopulate the countryside and become a horror to everyone, so they summon witches and devils to use against you and there's the usual business of being captured and divided etc. Eventually you're dead and buried under a magic circle which keeps you in the ground until witches on broomsticks drag you off to hell in a volcano.