Dynamic 9: ETHICS


29. To Purify (Fire People)

you see the impurities in the flames of others, find criminals & toss them into a volcano, etc. Inc 2 loc = Lima Peru; Pyramid = Pompey,Italy The price of purity is the loss of self-determinism (individuality?) To survive is to depend on the bigotry (sins?) of others

Time = sun swings over the fire city (clay slabs and billowing fire and balls of fire).

Details: At the start, you find 7 criminals by seeing the impurities in their flames and capture them and toss them in the volcano. The people cheer you for saving them. Gradually it becomes like the inquisition, with you searching out people with impure thoughts etc. And the you start tossing in good people as well for personal gain and you also make mistakes and toss in the wrong people etc. Then the usual business of captured and divided etc.


30. To Arbitrate (Bull people / minotaur)

CORRECT GOAL MAY BE "TO JUDGE" - to be investigated.

you solve disputes in a Greek style city with other races as slaves Inc 2 loc = Crete; Pyramid = Buenos Aires The price of compromise is universal misery To survive is to depend on the obligations of others

Time = sundial in plaza.

Details: You solve 7 great disputes including one between the king and the workers. You do this by talking to them and shifting their viewpoints until they come into agreement. You are greatly praised and rewarded. But you see that bringing people into agreement and getting them to compromise creates harm. You get the workers to compromise on a point of safety and then a building under construction collapses on them. You get the girls to compromise on being ravished by the bulls etc. Eventually everyone looses by compromising too much and they blame you etc.


31. To Defend (little green men)

env = flying saucers and a planet with many types of people (from other implant universes) ruled by religious zealots who want everyone to be good and follow the rules. The saucer people are the chosen of god and defenders of the faith & civilization etc. Inc 2 loc = Japan; Pyramid = Tibet The price of ethics is betrayal. To survive is to depend on the integrity of others.

Time = saucer in orbit.
Space = ship over city.
Holy = cross on control panel.

Details: You fight 7 great battles against forces of evil including invaders, revolutionaries, heretics, etc. You find out that not all the rebels are bad and regret blasting them but continue doing it because of pride and duty. You become arrogant and lord it over the ground population etc. You blast entire cities of loyal people when the lizard invaders occupy them. Resources run short and you force the cities to supply you while their citizens starve. Civilization crumbles but you keep on defending and wrecking things further. Rebel ships capture yours and haul you before the silver robot god and he divides you against yourself. You're allowed to return to your ship but now the crew despises you and considers you a traitor etc. and tosses you out into a volcano, etc.


32. TO STRENGTHEN (Strong man)

This goal, found late in the research, might belong here instead of To Protect which seems like it belongs in the upper series. This goal requires further investigation.

It is also possible that the gorilla goal "to bring order" belongs here.

Additional note: The upper series might also include the goal To Nurture (guardian of the forest).

Details (?): You pour energy into the weak to help them. (?)


32X. To Protect (colored balls of energy)

you police a city of other body types, zapping wrongdoers.
Inc 2 loc= Tibet; Pyramid=Washington DC.
The price of safety is inhibition.
To survive is to depend on the sins of others

Details: You are a colored sphere of energy which floats around. You handle 7 situations, protecting the innocents by zapping their attackers. You feel very proud and helpful etc. and are rewarded by being fed electricity. You have sex by exchanging energy with other spheres etc. (there doesn't seem to be any male/female polarization). Eventually you zap the wrong people, mishandle things, fight with other spheres, develop perversions (such as drinking in sex flows from bodies). You become viscous and outlawed, no longer fed energy but stealing it, sometimes draining it from bodies and killing them, etc.