Dynamic 8 (religion)


(zodiac mass = Pisces)

33. To Enlighten (or to preach) (rabbit preacher)

env = cartoon like rabbits walking around in frock coats. You preach human sacrifice (to wolves in leather jackets) & sex orgies & end up dying on the cross.
Inc 2 loc = Libya (? or Jerusalem), Pyramid = Montgomery,Ala.
The price of preaching is sacrifice.
To survive is to depend on the faith of others.

Time =

Details: You are a preacher and carry a holy book with you as you go into town. You preach sacrifice to higher purposes. You work 7 miracles. You sacrifice rabbit people to the wolves and less die than before. The usual decline and troubles.


34. To convert (reptile/fish person)

- looks a bit like the creature from the black lagoon); you can evoke heavenly pictures & promote a false religion & even fool the lesser gods (statues) so they think you represent a higher god.

env = seashore & lagoons, very colorful. Coral & multi-colored sand. Giant shells used as boats and temples built on the reefs etc.
Inc 2 loc = Jakarta, Indonesia; Pyramid = S.E. Atlantis
The price of divine revelation is to be fooled
To survive is to depend on the gullibility of others

Time = sun over lagoon (floating houses & fish people)

Details: The people worship god statues (the pilot, mermaid, etc. - generally terminals of other penalty). The statues have cantankerous lesser gods who expect sacrifices and so small favors for much worship. You have the ability to evoke heavenly pictures in the sky. These pictures are scenes from other universes. With this you falsely convince others that you are the agent of a higher god. Even the lesser gods get scared and become propitiative. You perform 7 wondrous revelations, using the pictures to stop wars etc. But you can't really heal the sick or control the weather as the lesser gods can, and they miss your withholds and you get into various troubles and go through the usual decline etc.


35. To connect (female angel)

env= heavenly clouds (later hell on Earth), you get a sexual kick from connecting with God, and later find that you can get the same kick with body sex (forbidden) & get sent down to hell.
Inc 2 loc= Los Angeles (heaven in clouds); Pyramid = Hawaii (inc 2 scene - angel with burnt wings tumbling into a volcano
The price of sensation is defilement
To survive is to depend on others for fulfillment

Time = sun on clouds.
Space = pearly/golden gates & clouds
Energy = golden rays coming down from God on high.
Mass = golden alter in heavenly cathedral.
Ecstasy = angles in cathedral writhing in light of God.

Details: You receive religious & sexual ecstasy by connection with God. You go through 7 divine experiences in various places such as the cathedral & the courtyard etc. generally in a group & the light of God shines on you & you all have a vast religious/sexual experience. Sliding downscale, you enter forbidden places & do forbidden things such as eating of the tree of knowledge & get M/W/Hs from God & you hide this when he sends out a ray of ecstasy making the ecstasy diminish. Sex (forbidden) lets you connect with & have ecstasy with someone other than God & you do this & pervert other angles & have problems etc. The sexual ecstasy gradually decays & leaves you with empty cravings. You are found out, argue with God, blame him, become arrogant, & are cast out of heaven & into hell on the ground. There you are tortured but also seek sexual ecstasy through pain, but it diminishes & you die etc.


36. To worship (knights)

env= castle, you make sacrifices to the God in the cross (who absorbs the soul of people put on the cross) & do holy quests & persecute other religions.
Inc 2 loc = England; Pyramid = China
The price of faith is blindness
To survive is to depend on the blindness of others

Time = sun over forest & castle by lake.
Space = ramparts of castle looking over the meadow.
Energy = knight swinging sword. Mass = walls of castle.

Details: At the start you perform 7 holy quests (like holy grail etc.), smash the god statues of rival religions, become arrogant, etc. It gets a bit like the inquisition, with you as an inquisitor, and then you begin to feel sympathy for the victims and start cheating and betraying your comrades and it goes down from there.