Dynamic 7 (spirits)


37. To predetermine (the soothsayer)

- this is a symbol body which manifests in various forms such as the blind prophet, the wise fool, & the water carrier.

env = flat earth; you see the symbol bodies behind peoples human forms & You insert meanings into things and setup theta machinery and predetermine what will occur. The symbol bodies are like stick figure drawings using lines of fire. The flat earth is old testament/Babylon like.
Inc 2 loc = Turkey; Pyramid = Southern Alberta, Canada
The price of prediction is to be foredoomed.
To survive is to depend on the superstitions of others.

Time = sun shadow far above a pasture on a flat earth.
Space = Mountains in the distance.

Details: You can see the symbol body behind the physical forms and therefor know their fate. You make prophesies based on their symbols and this keys them in and makes it come to pass (because it is the doom that you see waiting for them). You begin with 7 prophecies of doom but help them overcome the calamities. Eventually you become greedy, vengeful, etc., makeup false dooms, preach against the kings, etc. Finally the god who is a mountain divides you against yourself etc.


38. To collect (elves/fairies)

env=fairyland, souls are captured & made into enchanted weapons etc.
Inc 2 loc = Bombay, India; Pyramid = Baghdad
The price of power is corruption
To survive is to depend on the enslavement of others

Time = Sun passes over an elf tree city
Space = field where elves dance.
Energy = bolt from ring of power.
Mass = elves pushing a bolder.

Details: You are a great spellsmith who captures spirits and enchants them into weapons and things. You collect beings. You begin by making 7 great devices in this manner. You raise your arms and let your spirit flow out and surround the victim spirit and crush it down an into an object you have made. When someone dies you try to be on hand to collect the spirit etc. The people at first praise you and then come to fear you and despise you. You become vain and arrogant and hate everyone. The gods divide you against yourself. When you die, you're collected into an object and locked in a vault until demons come to drag you off to hell, etc.


39. To Influence (cupid)

env=greek mythology style space opera; you inspire people to love, hate, etc.
Inc 2 loc = Jacksonville, Fla.; Pyramid = Vermont
The price of excitement is to stay hidden
To survive is to depend on the discomfort of others.

Time =

Details: The cupids live in the clouds as do the angels and demons (who both object to the influence of the cupids, because they have strong purposes whereas the cupids only want interesting experiences). The people in the cities are of various body types including humanoid and wire people etc. At the start you visit 7 cities and inspire people to 7 interesting emotions. You are admired by the other cupids etc. Then you begin inspiring lower emotions, terror and hate etc. and have various fights and problems. Eventually you inspire the people to riot and destroy civilization. The angles capture you and drag you before god (who is on a golden throne in the clouds) and he divides you against yourself. You die and are "buried" in a spirit coffin in the clouds. Finally the devils haul you off to hell in a volcano etc.


40. To Embody (Pan - goat god).

You evoke nymphs etc. out of trees etc. & solidify their bodies by playing panpipes.
Inc 2 loc = Catalina; Pyramid = Greece.
The price of embodiment is suffering.
To survive is to depend on the harmony of others.

Time = sun swings over forest glade.
Space = forest & brook
Energy = Geyser coming up out of a lake
Mass = Dryads melted into a rock.
Invoke = playing pan pipes & calling something forth from a tree
Solidify = dryad outside of tree becoming solid.
Terror = bull like demon rises out of lake by waterfall.
Trouble = Pinwheel of energy around a silver cap.

Details: At first you are alone in a forest glade. You use the panpipes to evoke the spirit of each natural form and then make it solidify into a person (i.e., summon the spirit from the tree and embody it into a tree nymph etc.). You go around and evoke 7 groups of spirits and solidify them. All of them praise and worship you and want their friends embodied as well. You carry on populating the woods etc., but you occasionally bring out a monster or demon (or the energy pinwheels, which are dangerous to you). Also, the embodied spirits have problems etc. and begin to blame you. Also, the nymphs etc. sometimes refuse to give you what you want and so you embody monsters to force them. Also you solidify things for your own gain and demand payment from the solidified spirits etc. and you make mistakes and hide them. You can also embody concepts, etc. And you embody evil as well as good. The trees etc. all start dying because you've pulled out all of the spirits. Everyone blames you for everything and they hunt you down and the guardian of the forest divides you against yourself (Tree God) and devils throw you in a volcano etc.

Note: This was previously To solidify / to Not-Is in 6th dynamic.