Dynamic 6 (physical)


41. To Locate (Leprechaun (wise fool, human like)

env = rooms interconnected at random. You find various people (symbols) in rooms and try to find your way to the center
Inc 2 loc = Inside a space wheel in orbit (rings of rooms sliding in relationship to each other); Pyramid = Quito,Equ.
The price of being located is to be a target
To survive is to depend on the mis-orientation of others

Time = Grandfather's clock
Space = a room + shadows of rooms in 4th dimension.
Energy = a ray from the center passes into a room & hits someone
Mass = someone pounding on a wall.
Boisterous = a drinking hall.

Details: The "Sun" in the center (in a circular room surrounded by a railed balcony and maybe a control panel) puts out higher dimensional rays which pass through the walls and illuminate the rooms and unlike most people, you can sense the direction of the rays and know where you are even though the rooms keep shifting (as if they are mounted in a series of concentric rings which rotate in relationship to each other). There are also some large halls such as the kings hall, the drinking hall, etc. You are a locator working for the king. The people are reminiscent of medieval tarot card drawings. At the start, you go on 7 missions of locating people and things and are showered with riches etc. Sliding downscale, you hide things and keep the locations to yourself (treasure etc.) and get others lost. Finally you start making mistakes and get lost yourself etc. The kingdom begins to fall and the king blames you and soldiers chase you etc. In the end you wind up in hell in a volcano that is located on the floor of the central room beneath the center sun.


42. To permeate (theta body);

you permeate meat body people & implant orders, at first helpful & then harmful.
Inc 2 loc = Rio de Jenero; Pyramid = Saudi Arabia
The price of pervasion is dissolution
To survive is to depend on the suggestability of others

Time = a shadow moves underwater (?). (or world turning in sunlight seen from low orbit?)

Details: You help the tiger people, fox people, etc. by blanketing crowds and implanting orders to stop riots etc. Then you decay and do sexual blanketing and implant things as jokes (like a bad hypnotist) and inspire people to fight etc. Finally the god, who is a statue of a Centaur, divides you against yourself and you give conflicting orders when you try to implant others, etc.

Note: was previously in 7th dynamic, and had To Solidify in 6D (which is now To Embody in 7D, but solidify might still be another goal and permeate might be in error and actually be part of to energize, note similarity in the body type etc. - needs to be investigated).


43. To energize (thought circles; color flows)
Inc 2 loc = In the Aurora Australis (southern aurora) Pyramid = Kashmir.
The price of motion is pain
To survive is to depend on the unawareness of others.

Time = moving swirl of color.
Space = lines of energy stretching out towards infinity.
Energy= star exploding.
Mass = black hole pulling in asteroids etc.
God = a planet (like the man in the moon).

Details: You permeate mest & sublimate it & it turns into flows of colorful energy which you feed on & play in. at start there are 7 wonderful sublimations where you release the energies of planets etc. Colors reflect energy levels, blue is warm, red is painful, black is death/unconscious. You have problems with stars blowing up and unsettling your stomach, overts of stealing energy from others, overts of destroying pretty places, etc. Eventually a planet god divides you against yourself (black lines in your energy swirly), finally you're drained of all energy & go black & are pulled down to a planet & fall into a volcano.

Note: This one might belong to a higher series


44. To gather (Spacesuit bodies - like radiation suits, but the suit is the body, no face inside),

env = like 3rd Invader force. You go around using a fac 1 like device to implant & take over. Inc 2 loc = Nepal; Pyramid = Atlantis
The price of wealth is to be controlled.
To survive is to depend on the conditionability of others

Time =

Details: At the start, you conquer 7 societies (unicorns etc.) and are hailed as a great leader. Then you make mistakes, get overwhelmed by robots, revolutionaries, etc. Note that you never consider it an overt to conquer the meat body people, your idea of overts has to do with betraying other invaders and your own loss of courage etc. Then comes the usual decline.